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British Conservative Voters Trounce Leftists

Does It Foreshadow Big Trump Victory in 2020?

Mike Scruggs- On December 12, British voters gave Boris Johnson’s agenda and the Conservative Party a substantial 365 seat majority of the 650 seats in the UK Parliament.

Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of the UK. Conservative Party Leader

Their victory over Jeremy Corbyn’s increasingly extreme leftist Labor Party was an astonishing 365 to 203. The Scottish Nationalist Party (SNP) also made a major advance picking up 13 seats for a total of 48. The Liberal Democrats continued their gradual decline to only 11 seats, now considerably smaller than the SNP.

The pro-UK and pro-Brexit Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) of Northern Ireland was next with 8 seats. Eleven of the remaining 15 were separatist Irish and Welsh parties. The extreme leftist Green Party has only one seat. .

The strength of the pro-Irish Republic Sinn Fein Party (SFP) with 7 seats in the Northern Ireland delegation may be cause for some concern over the future of Northern Ireland. The SNP wants another referendum on separation of Scotland from the UK. However, the increase in SNP seats may have more to do with dissatisfaction with the Labor Party alternative than increasing separatist sentiment. Scots have traditionally been more socially conservative than the English.

The population of the UK is about 67.5 million. The population of England is about 57 million, of which 8.9 million live in Greater London. The population of Scotland is 5.5 million, of Wales 3.2 million, and of Northern Ireland 1.8 million. All four major components of the UK share a varying blend of Germanic, Norman, Celtic, and pre-Celtic culture. The Germanic is strongest in England with 50 percent of the gene pool coming from Germanic or Norman sources, with a large minority gene pool from Celts and pre-Celts. The Celtic and pre-Celtic gene pool dominates in Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland with anywhere from 50 to 75 percent.

The population of the UK is currently 87 percent white. Minorities have increased 63 percent since 2001 and now represent 13 percent of the population. According to Wikipedia, the Muslim population is about 4.4 percent (probably a low estimate) but growing fast. Their highest concentration is in greater London. London now has a Muslim mayor. In the December 12 election, all 26 parliamentary seats with at least 20 percent Muslim population voted Labor. Hindus and Sikhs, representing 1.3 percent and 0.4 percent of the population, are strongly inclined to vote against Labor, because of their social status and disposition against Labor’s excessively pro-Muslim policies. About 59 percent of the British population identifies as Christian, but church attendance is low.

The most prominent election issue was Brexit or separation of the UK from the European Union (EU). British voters had passed Brexit on June 23, 2016, by a vote 52 to 48 percent, but multiculturalist liberal-leaning “Conservative” Prime Minister Theresa May had delayed it and tried to derail it. British voters were becoming angry with the delay and sick of the immigration and political correctness problems being forced on the UK. May had become Prime Minister in July 2016, but was forced out by indignant Conservatives in Parliament on July 23, 2019. She was succeeded by Boris Johnson who has promised to take the UK out of the European Union by January 30, 2020.

There were many sub-issues within the Brexit controversy, but the strongest was undoubtedly immigration. The EU policy has been open-door immigration among members, and EU leadership under the influence of German Chancellor Angela Merkel was pushing EU to take hundreds of thousands of Muslim refugees and other immigrants. The large increase in Muslim immigration to the UK was already proving a problem with increased terrorism and crime, and the crimes were mostly being covered up by politically correct public officials and police.

A huge issue was raised, when it was discovered in Rotherham in NE England that over 1,500 young English girls had been sexually abused and exploited by Pakistani Muslim “grooming gangs” from 1997 to 2013. The National Crime Agency (NCA) believes that over 400 men were involved. But according to the Independent, only13 had been convicted as of October 30, 2018. The crimes against these girls, mostly 16 or younger, included repeated rape and false imprisonment. Why was nothing done for close to 20 years? It was political correctness and fear of punishment or social stigma for criticism of Muslims or Islam.

Unfortunately, the sexual grooming operations were not confined to Rotherham. At least 700 girls were exploited in New Castle, and many other English towns have now uncovered Muslim grooming of hundreds of young English girls. The total may be as high as 10,000 in all England. All this went on because public officials and police feared being identified as “Islamophobes.” Making Islamophobia a crime leads to such exploitation and public fear. The English people were sick of it. When political activist Tommy Robinson tried to expose it, he was imprisoned by what most would call a kangaroo court. The BBC and much of the British media participated in the cover up of these crimes. Theresa May was complicit in this totalitarian silencing of free speech and official and media blindness to widespread heinous crimes against young girls.

Hopefully, Boris Johnson, who is frequently compared to Trump, will not tolerate such levels of immigrant crime in the cause of politically correct multiculturalism or the silencing of free speech.

The massive rebellion against leftist extremism and politically correct compliance with criminal and cowardly multiculturalist insanity may very well represent a common trend in the U.S. and Europe. It probably bolsters the probability of an unexpectedly large win for Trump and the Republicans in 2020. In addition, the impeachment fiasco has exposed the terrible dishonesty, unfairness, radicalism, and ethical depravity of Democratic Party leadership.

The Democrat Party’s hope for victory lies now principally on its ability to change the electorate by immigration, which has already proved successful in making it very difficult for a Republican to carry several formerly Republican states—California, Colorado, and Virginia stand out as examples. An amnesty could eventually clinch other states such as Florida, Texas, and North Carolina.

Passing a new amnesty would be a Democrat flanking counter-attack on Trump’s current strength. Its initial advantage to them would be to discourage conservative voters who have put their faith in Trump because of his positions on immigration. Of course, amnesties always result in more Democrat voters over time, and we are already nearing the point of permanent Democrat dominance. Hopefully, Trump would veto such a bill, if it passed the Senate. Otherwise it could decimate his base and cost him the election. But its passage in the Senate would still jeopardize conservative confidence in the Republican Party and hurt Trump. Furthermore, because of this demoralization of conservative voters, Republicans might fail to take back the House and even lose the Senate.

On December 11, the U.S. House of Representatives passed such an immigration bill, HR 5038, “the Farm Workforce Modernization Act,” that would grant amnesty to 1.5 million illegal immigrant farm workers. It would also expand the H-2A guest worker program by at least 20,000 to 40,000 agricultural and other low skilled workers per year normally held by Americans.

It passed 260 to 165. Only four Democrats voted against it, but 34 Republicans voted for it, 17 percent of the Republican members. Importing unskilled workers always costs American taxpayers and is essentially a subsidy to those businesses that use cheap foreign labor. Amnesties also cause more illegal immigration by two to three fold. Amnesties also multiply legal immigration of family members. All this costs billions of dollars per year and hurts American workers. It would also result in a permanent Democrat majority and fairly soon. Could it pass the Senate? There are more cheap-labor and amnesty Republicans proportionately in the Senate than in the House. So yes, big campaign contributions go with amnesties and more guest workers. Passing the Senate is a serious danger.

Boris Johnson’s victory in the UK may have saved the British Isles and much of Europe from destruction by cultural and political suicide. It is a good harbinger for Trump and U.S. Republicans, but it will not save them from making a serious mistake on immigration, which is a torpedo already in motion and capable of sinking the Republican Party and the future of the American Republic.

You may see the list of the 34 Republican House members who voted for the HR 5038 amnesty and guest worker expansion on There were not many from the greater South—just four, one each from Florida, Texas, Oklahoma, and West Virginia. You may be very disappointed by some otherwise courageous defenders of Trump from other states. HR 5038 could destroy everything Trump has accomplished, hopes to accomplish, and the hopes of American workers and conservatives who have supported him and because of him, the Republican Party.

May God in his mercy bless us with truth, courage, and wisdom to save our country.




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