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The party of anarchy has declared war

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If we didn’t know it before the Kavanaugh hearing, we certainly know it now. We are in a 1st tier culture war where the historical rules of political engagement have been shredded.

Thank goodness the nominee rediscovered his testicular fortitude and refused to roll over. Though he sometimes confused being angry with being effective, he did well, and per the facts and testimony introduced, hopefully salvaged his nomination. As regards his antagonists, allow us to suggest three summation words – false memory syndrome.

Before, during and after the last-minute “we found something else” play by the Democratic Party, every standard of dignity, honesty, integrity, maturity and civility was violated with impunity. The paralyzed state of most of the Republicans charged with countering the nonsense was disappointing. If only one side is firing their guns, that side gets the attention no matter how badly they’re shooting.

Don’t look now, but if you’re a conservative, the opposition is out to get you.

They’re not just out to disagree with you, impair you or defeat you – they’re actually out to get you. That’s get you as in abuse you, hurt you, destroy you, or make you go away.

Less one think that’s an overreaction, rewind the Kavanaugh hearings and Brand-X’s campaign to get him. Short of a trained sniper on a building, what haven’t they tried?

By now you’ve noticed it’s always the left claiming the right is pulling America apart with racism, sexism, hate, violence and deception. That defensive claim is called projection, and it’s an amazingly effective way to confuse people. Subterfuge at this level is an act of war – not politics.

One is reminded how the North Vietnamese notoriously exploited American TV by providing films of children “killed by American bombs.” All the while they were busy murdering children and anyone else who got in their way in South Vietnam.

The craziness is not just a Washington thing – it’s happening right here at home.

Remember Antifa – the liberal “anti-fascist” group our local daily happy faced as innocent protestors attempting to counter the excesses of the right? They were wrong – really wrong.

Right wing radicals are finding no traction within the Republican Party. We’re rejecting our extremists. In contrast, Antifa is on a hot streak of anarchistic radicalism that’s broadly endorsed by the Democratic Party.

For confirmation of Antifa’s dark heart, take a journey on the social media sites of their members and fans. It reads like the handbills of Russia’s Bolshevik revolution. Lenin would have been proud and smiled at their propensity for verbal and physical violence.

Take any organized political activity in our community where the conservative view is in play and Democrat antagonists of one flavor or another will appear. It doesn’t matter if it’s a Trump pre-election rally; a political debate; a Town Hall meeting by an elected conservative official; a meeting of a bi-partisan Board of Election; or just a guy wearing a pro-conservative T-Shirt in a downtown bar, the left’s gorilla warriors are on the scene with a license to disrupt.

This may come as a shock, but would you believe one of Asheville’s more prominent Antifa-like activists is a MAHEC-trained physician? Yep, and this person is employed locally by a tax-payer funded clinic. The mission of this inconsistent healer’s confederation is apparently to attack anyone in Asheville with the cojones to demonstrate their conservative leanings. The message is something like this, “This is our town, you don’t belong, and we have the power to make you miserable enough to where you will leave or at the very least dare not reveal yourself.

When looking at local and national liberal anarchists, one is reminded of a quote often mis-attributed to Gandhi – “First they ignore, then they mock, then they attack – then they surrender.” These folks are just arriving at the third phase and they have no plans for surrender.

Don’t mention it, but they’re doomed to failure. Enthusiasm won’t compensate for the fact it’s not possible to get to good places through bad means. Doing good in a hard world is never that easy. Unfortunately, as they rise and fall, they will take a lot of people with them.

Anarchists – in whatever form – should be readily recognized as lazy. They like short-cuts and when they run out of fuels like entitlement, victimization, self-righteousness and anger, their movements collapse.

Pay special attention to that anger thing. Notice that it’s always central to their efforts. The problem for the recipients – us – is it can lead to some temporary misery. The bigger problem for them is that it assures long-term misery. Anger is addictive and destroys the person or organization that contains it. Wherever you find lots of anger, be assured you will find lots of depression. Watch liberal activists for confirmation and don’t confuse the temporary enthusiasm of being on a stage for being happy.

Is there a counter answer to the Democratic Party’s evolution into anarchy? Sure, the normal people of America have to double down and keep doing the hard work of keeping American great. Duplicating their model is not an answer.

Allow us this opportunity to remake a point – the Republican Party remains the only organized political movement capable of countering the growing excesses of the left.

May we suggest you vote accordingly?

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