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America’s real predators aren’t sexual

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Carl Mumpower, Chair – Remember when the kids were little and one got a boo-boo? Any mommy or daddy worth a salt mastered the art of decoy therapy. “Look over there at that butterfly – isn’t that cool!” If the distraction was big enough, it helped make the pain seem smaller.

Social predators use that same technique for something less noble. They rely on it to make adults stupid.

Today’s America is filled with a host of predators using boo-boo politics to prey on the naive, young, fearful and unwitting.  They’re pillaging our culture behind a false banner of virtue and compassion. A patterned dedication – false to the core – is the belief one can get to good places through bad means.

Their latest first-tier application of decoy therapy centers on the unfolding confirmation of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. This time the butterfly comes in the form of a sexual abuse accusation.

The victim has detailed a painful adolescent vulnerability experience centering on bad stuff that stopped short of really bad stuff. She is unable to tell where it happened, most of what did happen or exactly when it happened. She is unwilling to tell anything at all unless she dictates the when, with whom and where.

Kavanaugh’s accuser is a PhD psychologist. That means she has something in the neighborhood of four years of post-graduate training in dealing with things like psychological trauma, situationally provoked anxiety and productive life-event management. She’s apparently forgotten much of what she was taught.

Though she is able to clearly define the life-long harm she has experienced as a result of what happened on an undefined night over three decades ago, she was less successful in applying her training to overcoming that damage. Post-trauma recovery protocols and cognitive behavioral therapy are just a couple of the tools that trained psychologists use to help people move beyond the unfortunate but seemingly inevitable miseries of living on a fallen planet.

Over six-weeks ago, this self-identified victim reached out to a politician, a newspaper and the FBI to share her story. Not always willing to regress to Hoover-like political misuse of our nation’s premier investigative agency, the latter refused to investigate. Neither of the first two chose to introduce her information into the official confirmation hearing process. You know, the one where 70 protestors – many of them paid for their service – were arrested during the early stages of a 5-day reenactment of the Spanish inquisition.

Yes, this was the same hearing where a modern-day imagined Spartacus stepped up with a rubber sword and a phalanx of blue-robed Democrats did everything imaginable to eviscerate the character, background and potentials of the nominee.

They were not successful.

Which brings us to today and a Democrat championed last-minute Hail Mary pass attempt to impair the nomination of their worst nightmare – a justice who actually believes our governance blueprint – the U.S. Constitution – means something.

That this last-minute is action is predatory is further affirmed by the arrogance of the perpetrators. In an unprecedented assault on the rule of law, their demands are extraordinary.

The good doctor in question – a liberal activist with a trackable history of such – is represented by a liberal activist attorney and liberal activist politicians who are telling the U.S. Senate what she will do or not do.


That’s not how it works. The U.S. Senate is an elected body with Constitutional powers and responsibilities – including vetting and approval of Supreme Court Justices. When it comes to those charges, they tell us what to do.

That’s a common problem with predators. The rules don’t apply to them. Ask Bill Clinton and his apologists on the left how they relentlessly minimized factual data on his extensive predatory history. Compare that to how they have suddenly developed a social conscience and are piling on Brett Kavanaugh for someone’s foggy adolescent memory of a painful high school threat experience that – per the accuser – failed.

We are thus witnessing to one of the most predatory political actions in our country’s history perpetrated by a band of brothers, sisters and others united in a central belief – “We are right; therefore, we are free to use any form of mischief and malice we deem appropriate to win.” Every despot and dictator-in-training in history has relied on this same thinking to seize control and power.

The issue before us today is not one of sexual abuse. It’s about power abuse.

Those involved are using the same kind of local thinking that says it’s OK to destroy monuments, block streets, vilify police officers, vandalize businesses, or otherwise lie, cheat and steal to get what they want.

It’s important that you and I not react like children to this latest exercise in Democrat decoy. We have to keep our eye on the boo-boo – not the butterfly.

It’s entirely possible that the future of our Republic rests on the success or failure of this assault on the rule of law.  At no time since the Civil War have we seen such a clash of political opposites.

On one hand we have Republican leaders attempting to honor their oath of office to “Uphold the U.S. Constitution” by responsibly vetting a supreme Court nominee with a life-time track record of Constitutional sincerity.

On the other we have Democrat leaders ignoring their oath of office and attempting to undermine the U.S. Constitution in any way possible. Who do you think stands on the right side of right?

What’s happening now is just a preview of what’s coming if conservatives don’t vote in this mid-term election.

Spartacus and his liberal cohorts clearly believe you won’t…

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