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Large crowd attends Buncombe Sheriff candidate Shad Higgins’ fundraiser

Chief deputy of the Buncombe County Sheriff’s Department Terry Rogers spoke on the roll of the Sheriffs department and leadership. Terry Rogers said, “Shad wants to make sure people are satisfied. He does that in his business, and he will do that in the Sheriff’s department.”

There was a lot of talk in the crowd regarding the opioid crisis in Buncombe County. Sharon Fitzgerald said, “I’m a lifelong Democrat, and I’m here to tell you my party has gone to hell. The people who are running it are the same anarchist’s handing out needles to drug users on Haywood Road. Aiding drug users with needle programs just encourages more drug dealers to sell in Buncombe County. Dealers are coming here in droves. I am supporting Shad because I know he will put a stop to it.”

The Leicester Leader will be at Shad Higgins opponent Democrat Quinton Miller’s next fundraiser to see what his supporters have to say.

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