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Will Sweden survive its immigration folly?

Swedish voters decide on Sept. 9

Sweden’s ruling pundits were blind to the fact that Muslim Imams preach against democracy and against long-term cultural integration into non-Muslim populations. This is based on the teachings of the Koran and Muhammad.

These pundits were blind to Islamic doctrines of Supremacy, Jihad, and Sharia Law that are completely incompatible with cooperative relationships with Christians, Jews, or any other belief system. Islam and Sharia Law must always dominate and Jihad is the way of domination.

They were blind to the traditions of Muhammad and Sharia Law, which relegate non-Muslims and especially non-Muslim women to inferior status and harsh exploitation.

The unfortunate consequences of Sweden’s immigration folly are many. In 1986, when I was last in Sweden, it was among the safest, most peaceful, and most prosperous nations in the world. Now it has become the rape capital of Europe and lags only South Africa in being the rape capital of the world. The Swedish police are no longer allowed to release ethnic statistics on crime, but independent journalists have been able to collect such data indirectly. A recent release showed that 95.6 percent of rapists in Sweden are of foreign descent. This statistic agrees closely with other data from Europe. Recent bombings, grenade throwing, shootings, assaults, and other crimes as well as rapes and gang rapes are rapidly moving Sweden near the top crime rates in Europe. Moreover, 58 percent of Sweden’s already huge welfare budget now goes to migrants.

Most of the 150 auto burnings last week occurred in or near Sweden’s 61 “No-Go Zones.”

A No-Go Zone is one in which even emergency vehicles and ambulances need police escort, often more than one police car. Once safe and peaceful Sweden has at least 61 No-Go Zones!

Most No-Go Zones are at least 50 to 60 percent occupied by migrants, few of whom are employed.

Sweden has one of the most leftist dominated media establishments in Europe. The claim of a Norwegian journalist that there is more freedom of speech in North Korea than in Sweden is beginning to look more like reality than humorous hyperbole. They seem to be keeping discussion of the August 13-14 auto burnings at a low profile both in Sweden and abroad. There has even been some speculation that the auto bombings were orchestrated by the immigration restrictionist Sweden Democrats who are gaining on the Social Democrats. This claim of a conservative false flag is, however, as ridiculous as it is reprehensible. It also shows the Left’s ignorance of Islam.

Muslims follow the example of Muhammad, and Muhammad asserted on his deathbed in 632 that it was terror that had made him successful.

“I have been made victorious with terror.”—Sahih Bukari 4:56:2977

Western ignorance of the importance of Muhammad’s example and sayings has often been costly in war and politics.

There are many examples of the Swedish establishment’s insane political correctness. For instance, returning ISIS Jihadists are being given counseling and many special benefits. Sweden has also appointed a Minister of Culture and Democracy, Alice Bah Kuhnke, who seems to have little affinity for Swedish culture and history and has ordered the destruction of many Viking artifacts. It seems the Leftist coalition that now governs in Sweden is bending over backward to destroy Swedish cultural and ethnic identity. Asking someone where they are from can be interpreted as “hate speech.” Any hint of criticism of Islam or immigration policy can get you fined, shamed in the media, or cost you your job.

The good news is that there is an election September 9, and the Social Democrats of Prime Minister Stefan Löfven are continuing to decline in the latest polls. They now have 113 seats (31 percent) of 349 seats in the Riksdag. As of August 10, they had fallen to 24 percent in the polls. In the past, the Social Democrats usually got over 40 percent and sometimes over 50 percent of the vote. The same poll had the immigration restrictionist Sweden Democrats rising from 13 percent in 2014 to 21 percent in the 30 day average up to August 10. The so-called Moderates have dropped from 23 percent in 2014 to less than 20 percent in the same poll. Eight or possibly 9 Swedish parties should make the minimum 4 percent to receive seats in the Riksdag. A coalition of 175 seats must be obtained to form a government. One August 15 poll showed the Sweden Democrats surging past the Social Democrats to become Sweden’s largest party. Sweden Democrat leader Jimmie Åkesson is also calling for a referendum on the European Union.

The question is whether this lead will be enough to form a coalition with Moderates, Christian Democrats, or the new Alternative for Sweden Party. It is not certain whether the Christian Democrats or the Alternative for Sweden will be able to reach the 4 percent minimum, which entitles 14 seats. The media is, of course, all in for the Social Democrats and extremely hostile to the Sweden Democrats, constantly referring to them as right-wing extremists and heaping slander on them.

Political sentiment is swinging to the right in Sweden, but is it changing enough fast enough? The average Swedish voter may not recognize just how precarious is the survival of Sweden, if a Leftist coalition maintains power and does not halt the deranged immigration and multiculturalist attacks on Swedish culture, heritage, and national sovereignty. The strongest resistance to the Islamification of Europe is occurring in nations that have maintained strong Christian identification. That has been considerably eroded in Sweden by 86 years of cultural Marxist indoctrination by the Social Democrats and their leftist allies.

My prayer is that Sweden breaks the leftist dominance that has it on the brink of social and fiscal ruin. Sweden is running out of time to reverse the effects of berserk multiculturalism and culture destroying immigration policies. Unless there is significant change in Sweden after September 9, it will not be long before we will be seeing Swedish refugees fleeing from tragic social conditions undreamed of a decade ago. The U.S. is by no means clear of the same dangers that face Sweden and Europe.

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