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Buncombe Republicans Add a 4th Point to Our Compass


By Carl Mumpower, Chair- In the mission of standing for something people can count on, the Buncombe County Republican Party of North Carolina relies firmly on our movement’s stated Principles, Platform, and Plan of Organization. We find those three points of our ‘compass’ a great help in keeping us moving in the right direction. But a compass has 4 points – not 3 – and we’ve figured out what’s missing.

On March 26th the BCGOP governing Executive Committee approved a set of individual guiding Practices that we’re asking all Republicans in our community to embrace. Why? Because we’re trying to create an organizational culture of good values versus personalities. There’s nothing wrong with personalities, but in the resulting struggle to assert personal wills over working together – everyone loses.

All this tracks to our 5 core missions: (1) Keeping America Great (2) Functioning as the Political Party of Normal (3) Standing for something people can count on (4) Out working, out thinking and out creating our opposition and – most importantly of all – (5) Being effective advocates for what we call The American Success Equation – Liberty + Opportunity + Responsibility = Prosperity.

We’re excited that unity defined the discussion and vote in creating a model of successful Practices for our Buncombe Republican Party. We know we’ll never be perfect at all of them all of the time – but now we have a clear compass heading for what we’re aiming toward. We’d like to share those Practices with you—

1. We look out for one another.

2. We remember that Brand-X is the real opposition.

3. We challenge actions where necessary, but resist rejecting people.

4. We are cultivating a culture defined by values versus personalities.

5. We face problems with an eye on solutions over blame or division.

6. We believe in normal and stand as a force against those who don’t.

7. We know we all have darkness and light – we aim toward the latter.

8. We win by out working, out creating and out thinking our opposition.

9. We understand growing good grass as the best way to constrict weeds.

10. We uphold our promises, principles, platform, and plan of organization – always.

As with all things human, the devil is less in the details than the execution. Practices inscribed and mounted on a wall are like last year’s trophy – a refuge for dust. To be real, we have to practice our practices and help one another practice our practices. We plan to practice on both of those practices.

That anchors us with four points to our compass – Our Republican Principles (sincere common sense); our Republican Platform (realistic and normal); our Republican Plan of Organization (takes care of the nuts and bolts); and our Republican Practices (helps us stay positive and productive). If one has a good compass, there’s a better chance of getting to good places.

Less you be curious, the opposition has a compass too. As defined by their Principles (decidedly mismatched with their actions) and Platform (scary and filled with promises of something for nothing for just about everyone but Christians, Conservatives and white males) their 4-point compass centers on anger, gender exchange, entitlement & victimization and recreational drugs.

Now you understand why we call Republicans the “Party of Normal” and the other guys “Brand-X.” Not all compasses take you to good places…

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