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Former local resident, Randall Redfield, goes in the Shark Tank Nov 5th

The investors line up to have their initial Dreampad experience, horizontally….in this humorous photo.  Redfield watches while standing.

If you haven’t seen it yet, Shark Tank is a national television show that profiles business owners and their businesses looking for financial investments and/or marketing gains. Randall Redfield is the founder of the Dreampad, a pillow that plays music and has become a popular aid for relaxation and sleep. “The Dreampad’s Intrasound Technology is based on the natural conductivity of the human body. Our bones are natural conductors; in fact, every time you speak the vibration caused by your voice is carried by bone to your inner ear. In the same way, music from the Dreampad travels internally to your ear,” Redfield commented. “The Dreampad was initially designed as a relaxation tool for children with high levels of anxiety, including those with trauma and autism. As parents and therapists used it, feedback came pouring in. The product worked: it helped calm kids of all ages, going to bed was no longer a chore, kids were sleeping better and behaving better. In many cases, a single child’s improved sleep had shifted the dynamic of the entire household.

Dreampad users are especially intrigued with the fact that the music that they are hearing from their pillow, isn’t heard by anyone else, due to the bone-conduction technology.”

The new Dreampad line of four pillows was released in 2016 along with a new music app of ten songs specifically engineered for deep sleeping.

Media reports are numerous, with The International Business Times quoted, saying, “ Dreampad, A Pillow Designed To Help Children With Autism And Anxiety Sleep, Is Now Available For Everyone…” and, ABC News Radio Online was quoted with, “Dreampad is a pillow that comes in a variety of firmness levels — but it’s what’s inside that counts: So-called “Intrasound technology” inside the pillow allows you — and only you — to hear music or other sounds via vibration through the bones in your skull — instead of the traditional speaker.”

The Dreampad segment, that will air on Nov.5th, was filmed earlier this year.

Redfield attended TC Roberson High School, and Appalachian State University, and started Integrated Listening Systems (iLs), Dreampad’s parent company. iLs released the first music and movement program for improving brain function in 2007. Since that time, iLs has trained over 9,000 therapists in more than 30 countries, including therapy teams from Stanford, Harvard, and Duke pediatric hospitals. iLs programs are implemented in both clinic and home, and are applied to help children with learning and developmental difficulties as well as adults trying to say sharp as they age. The home office is in Denver, CO. iLs is currently in use worldwide.

Learn more at and check your local listing for Shark Tank on Sunday, Nov 5th.

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