Erwin club move to national competition


FCCLA chapter President Taylor Brookshire, and sophomore Lane Worley, won gold at state with their project called “Blast Off to FCCLA.”

By Peyton Duckett, senior at Erwin High School – What is FCCLA? It stands for Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America. Many people don’t know what it stands for, and even those that do don’t realize what it means.

The mission of FCCLA helps people understand what it teaches high school and middle school students — it teaches leadership skills like communication, creativity, critical thinking, and preparation for careers that students can carry on into their adult lives.

With all of the students from Clyde A. Erwin High FCCLA that participated in state competition in Greensboro with eight-hundred other members of FCCLA, and advisers, and succeeded in moving on to national competition in Nashville, Tennessee, Erwin has students that excel at all these skills.

Also at the state competition Buncombe County Career Technical Education (CTE) Director, Christy Cheek was awarded the NC FCCLA Excellence in Administration.  Cheek is behind Buncombe County Career and Technical Education programs and continuously supports Career and Technical Student Organizations like FCCLA in all high school and middle schools.

One of Erwin’s FCCLA adviser of 13 years, Lacey Grogan Davis was also awarded the Spirit of Advising from NC; she will travel on to Nashville to receive this award from the National association.

Two Erwin High students, senior and FCCLA chapter President Taylor Brookshire, and sophomore Lane Worley, competed at state with a Chapter-in-Review Display project called “Blast Off to FCCLA!” The two used the theme of NASA astronauts and engineers to soar past the competition and into the stars as they explained the unlimited possibilities of FCCLA and the good that the Erwin High chapter has done throughout the year.

It documented the service projects the chapter took part in, such as wrapping presents at the Asheville Outlets to raise money for hospice patients, and our chapter’s previous trip to national competition in San Diego, California. This project blasted these two students into a gold medal, and a place in the national competition in Nashville.

Another project took “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” to a whole new level. Junior Haley Marlowe competed in Greensboro with a practical Recycle and Redesign project that left everyone in her chapter wanting one of their own. Her project was the Barrel-Bottom-Chair, something she made from cutting a curved shape from an oil-barrel.

Not only was the chair functional, it was stylish and comfortable with a small enough design not to take up too much space. It was creative and usable, and plenty to push her ahead of the competition into a gold medal and a perfect score that sent her high-tailing herself and her Barrel-Bottom-Chair to Nashville along with Taylor and Lane.

Yet another project by senior and FCCLA chapter Treasurer Dillon Ledford, senior and chapter Vice President Peyton Duckett, and senior Rebekah Dover used to wow the judges in their gold medal presentation of their Illustrated Talk on human trafficking, strikingly named “The American Broken Dream.

These students used their intense research on the topic of human trafficking to educate their judges and others on how large a problem that human trafficking has become all around the world, and even in North Carolina itself. They managed to balance out the heavy topic with quips and remarks from popular crime shows such as NCIS and Law and Order: SVU that tied into their theme as special agents (Ledford and Duckett) and a trafficking victim (Dover). They used their detective skills and resources to track down and arrest their spot in Nashville with a gold medal for each.

Final, do you want to do your part in reducing carbon emissions from vehicles on the road? That was what freshman Nate Worley was trying to persuade the judges to do with his project as an Environmental Ambassador, influencing all of the people he spoke to as Captain Earth to “Fly to a Greener World!”

His project was used to explain the impact that cars on the road has on the atmosphere and the world we live in. He saved a gold medal from falling into the wrong hands and is now set to teach people in Nashville how to save the world, using one carpool at a time.

As you can see, Erwin has some real gold-medal students ready to take on the world in whatever way they can to help make it a better place for families in North Carolina, the USA, and all around the world. Wish these students the best on their trip to Nashville in July!

Whether they use their superpowers, detective skills, creativity, or brains that blast them into space, each student it ready to unleash the unlimited possibilities that FCCLA brings out in them. Sounds like a good thing to be involved with, doesn’t it?




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