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Carl Mumpower elected BCGOP Chairman

Carl Mumpower 1/22/2008
Carl Mumpower. Archive photo

Mumpower is no stranger to Buncombe County politics serving 8 years on Asheville City Council and a run for Congress.

Leicester resident Dorothea Alderfer has been a Republican all her life and has held several high-ranking positions within the Republican Party. Alderfer said, “There are just some people who are unique in this world and Carl Mumpower is one of them. Carl is a brilliant man who has studied the issues, who understands what it means to work with people, and his fearless when it comes to taking a stand.”

Others elected to an office are –

Bill Lack as vice-chair, Lisa Baldwin as second vice-chair, Loretta Reynolds as Secretary, Kathy Penland as treasurer and At-large members Andrew Brooks, Timothy Elkin, Jerry Green, Betty Hudson and Jerry Rice.

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