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Gerber Village bounces with new Sky Zone


On the opening day of Sky Zone Trampoline Park in Gerber Village, Jennifer Owens and her daughter Cera (8) were enjoying jousting, trying to push each other into the squares of foam.

There is a jousting area to try to overcome an opponent, as one balances on a half-ball and tries to push the other one off. In addition, there is a the warrior/obstacle course with two levels of difficulty, where you try to get across the course, perhaps dangling on the trapeze then swinging on the ropes. Of course a soft foam pit is below to catch and cushion you, if you should (heaven forbid) flounder and fall. There is even a daunting three-dimensional climbing wall too, which requires upper body skills. And no—no harness are worn as you climb. There is just a soft foam block pit below to catch you. For the smaller younger family members, there is a toddler zone too. An up-to-date dodgeball court is currently under construction, which should be finished for the Grand Opening in April.

Charles Conner, the managing partner, said he and his partners were waiting for a premier location in the Asheville area before they opened this franchise. There are Sky Zone Trampoline Parks all over the world—in the United States, Canada, Mexico and even Saudi Arabia. It took some time before a great location became available. With the closing of Home Depot at Gerber Village at 1836 Hendersonville Road in Asheville, they had the ideal address with many great neighbors—Publix, Char7Bar, Five Guys Burgers, Tree & Vine, Great Harvest Bread to name a few. As parents shop nearby or run needed errands, they can leave the kids to enjoy themselves on the trampolines. The 22,000 square foot space is divided into individual bouncing areas surrounded by netting for safety and allowing for jumpers of different sizes and shapes to be near each other and not cause accidents. The orange and blue color scheme clearly marks and divides each area and the zones, and the activity employees wearing bright orange tee shirts are easy to find and be helpful.

The Trampoline Park requires that the parents sign a waiver before anyone can jump. No exceptions, the parents must sign the waiver before someone gets on a trampoline. To “speed up” registration, this can be done online ahead of time or even on an iPhone. Once you arrive, you get your “sticker” and socks with grippers are handed out as part of the fee. The jump times can run 30 minutes for $11, up to 120 minutes for $22. Of course, there is a snack bar, lockers, and tables for seating, but no changing rooms.

For that special occasion, the facility does have three party rooms. Who wouldn’t enjoy a Sky Zone Trampoline party? When a party package is reserved, a party host/hostess is assigned and will take care of all preparations, including ordering the pizzas and drinks. All parties include either 60 (standard) or 90 (extended) minutes of jumping time. All the parents have to do is bring the cake and ice cream if desired. The host/hostess gathers the gifts and belongings of the party guests and organizes everything in the party room, while the guests are enjoying the trampoline activities. Once the party actually begins, the host/hostess will serve the food to the guests. The parents can just relax and enjoy their own friends.

So now the Asheville community has a convenient place to drop off the kids, where they can exercise and work off some of that boundless energy. The Sky Zone Trampoline Park is now open Tuesday through Friday from 3 pm to 8 pm; Saturday from 10 am to 11 pm and Sunday from 12 pm to 7 pm. The Park is for all ages and abilities. Stop in and enjoy yourself by bouncing through the air on a trampoline. The Asheville Grand Opening is planned for early April.

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