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Trusting Hillary Is the End of Hope


Part 2 of a Series on
Why We Can’t Trust Hillary

America Cannot Survive Further Loss of Government Integrity

By Mike Scruggs- After notice of a Congressional subpoena to investigate Secretary of State Clinton’s using a private computer server to conduct both State Department and personal business, Clinton had her staff and lawyers destroy 33,000 emails that might be used as evidence against her. Destroying evidence while under investigation is a serious criminal act punishable by years in prison. After an FBI investigation lasting 12 months by approximately 100 FBI agents and department of Justice attorneys, FBI Director James Comey, even after reading a long list of serious infractions of U.S. security regulations that may have gravely compromised U.S. national security, calling Clinton’s actions merely “extremely careless,” declined to bring charges against her.

Now we are learning through Wikileak, Judicial Watch, retired Homeland Security agent, Philip Haney (author of the just published book, See Something, Say Nothing, and other sources that many of these emails contained information that would finish the career of any politician not protected by a staggering cabal of establishment media protecting their own self-interests.

Many of these emails raise the question of not only operating the State Department for the benefit of the Clinton Foundation and the Clintons but even selling arms to al-Qaeda and ISIS allies of the Muslim Brotherhood in Libya and Syria. The Muslim brotherhood has declared its intent to undermine American culture, overthrow the U.S. Government, and impose the harsh religious and cultural demands of Sharia Law on the American people. This is closely tied to the Benghazi affair. One cannot read of these things and dismiss the strong probability that Hillary Clinton is a crook with questionable regard for American national security and the safety of ordinary Americans. Newt Gingrich has a new novel, Treason, which may have been inspired by Muslim Brotherhood infiltration into U.S. intelligence and national security agencies.

Now there are also mounting signals that many of the FBI agents and attorneys involved in the Clinton email investigation are highly disturbed about Director Comey’s failure to bring charges against Clinton. One Fox News release quoted an FBI insider that the approximately 100 agents and attorneys, who worked on the Clinton email investigation, unanimously favored charging Clinton. The FBI agents are concerned for both principles of equal justice and the agency’s reputation for integrity. Throwing a suspicious light on Comey’s failure to charge Hilary Clinton with destroying evidence, was the secret meeting of Attorney General Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton before Comey’s decision.

The major news media are engaging in non-stop personal attacks on Donald Trump to cover up the real issues of this election. The most important issue to many, especially those trying to preserve the social and moral character of our country, is the judicial philosophy of new appointments not only to the Supreme Court but for all open Federal judiciary positions, including U.S. District and Appeals Courts With the untimely death of Justice Scalia, a stalwart conservative, this leaves the court divided four to four between conservatives and liberals. Trump promises to appoint conservatives and has named a dozen possibilities vetted by conservative legal, business, and social organizations—the Federalist Society, the Heritage Foundation, and Eagle Forum. Hillary Clinton would continue to pack the court with social radicals pushing the U.S. deeper into President Obama’s fundamental change in society without regard to the original meaning of the Constitution. The conservatives believe in Constitutional Law, while “progressives” believe in politics, that they can mold American society into whatever they want. Just one Clinton appointment would slide the American judicial system dramatically to the radical left. The Left usually works their will through the courts to avoid the scrutiny of the voting public.

So it is true that electing Hillary would start a steep national slide into social, economic, cultural, and government radicalism. She would probably be able to appoint three or four more Supreme Court Justices during a term or two, closing the doors to our former freedoms forever. This would be a terrible blow to every conservative issue—protecting the life of unborn infants, preserving the institutions of marriage and family, the right to own firearms, and the right of free speech, especially in religion and politics.

In the case of Hillary Clinton, her numerous business scandals, for example, the Whitewater real estate development scandal, and her unbelievable luck in cattle futures as a money laundering scheme, while Bill Clinton was attorney general and later governor of Arkansas, indicate a proclivity to dishonest profits and clever cover up schemes. The Clinton Foundation is just the culmination of many schemes for using government to gain personal wealth. A Clinton Supreme Court might be both a liberal Supreme Court and a crooked Supreme Court. Not only your rights but your property could be at risk.

The Clintons’ net worth in 1993, the year they occupied the White House, was less than $1.0 million. According to Money Nation, they are now worth $111 million. The Obama’s net worth has grown from $8 million in 2008 to $46 million at the end of 2015. President Harry Truman packed his family’s belongings into his own car and drove back to Missouri with his wife, Bess, in 1953. Here are a couple of pertinent Harry Truman quotes:

“You can’t get rich in politics unless you are a crook.”

“I never did give anybody hell. I just told the truth, and they thought it was hell.”

This is quite a contrast with Hillary and Bill Clinton. A long time ago, I was a Democrat, but they sure have changed. Trump is a billionaire, but he is for the cause of the common man and the good of all the people, very much like Ronald Reagan. It is the cause of the common man and their good that the establishment Republicans who attack Trump are really attacking. Between Trump and Hillary Clinton, Trump is the one who is telling the truth.

Among Hillary Clinton’s political positions is that the United States should have open borders with the all the countries in this hemisphere, which in addition to Canada and Mexico includes all of Central and South America. The population of the United States in 325 million but opening our former borders would allow another 600 million people to take jobs from American workers and drive down their wages, in addition to sticking taxpayers with a gigantic increase in welfare and structual costs. This would mean a mindboggling debt added to our present record of over $19.0 Trillion in national debt. This she promised to Brazilian bankers, but it was uncovered by Wikileak. This should not be too much of a surprise. She has advocated amnesty and open door immigration for many years. This is terrible for American workers, most of the Middle Class, and taxpayers. But Hillary either knows nothing about business, economics, national security, and the impact of mass immigration, or she is completely dishonest, willing to do anything to get elected or make some big bucks.

She also wants to bring in 65,000 Syrian refugees per year, almost all of them Sunni Muslims. These are unfortunately vetted only by the United Nations, which is not trusted by

Christian refugees and heavily influenced by the Organization for Islamic Cooperation (OIC). The OIC is working hard to make criticism of Islam (Islamophobia) a punishable crime in Westetrn countries, including the U.S. Hillary Clinton takes a cooperative view of them. President Obama is already bringing in more than 1.0 million Muslim immigrants per year under other auspices. Both Clinto and Obama repeat the lie that “Islam is a religion of peace.” This is completely contradictory to sacred Islamic doctrines, 1400 years, of history, and escalating Islamic terrorism in the U.S. and Europe. Yet Hillary Clinton seems to be an ally of the Muslim Brotherhood, a proliferator of terrorist groups and subversive activities in the U.S. Her most trusted assistant at the State Department and now vice-chairman of her political campaign, is Huma Abedin, a stunning an intelligent woman Clinton says is like another daughter to her.

But Abedin’s connection to Saudi Arabia and the Muslim Brotherhood may pose a security risk to the American people.

Psychology professor Kent Baily recently called Hillary Clinton “ the poster girl for post-Christian America” (Whistleblower, September 2016). Wikileak also confirmed Clinton’s demeaning opinion of both Evangelical and Catholic Christians. You will NOT see or hear this on CNN, ABC, CBS, and NBC, or much of it on Fox. The truth about this election must be told by ordinary Americans through emails, Facebook, and Twitter.


Mike Scruggs

Author and Columnist

a.k.a. Leonard M. Scruggs


Mike Scruggs is the author of two books: The Un-Civil War: Shattering the Historical Myths; and Lessons from the Vietnam War: Truths the Media Never Told You, and over 600 articles on military history, national security, intelligent design, genealogical genetics, immigration, current political affairs, Islam, and the Middle East.


He holds a BS degree from the University of Georgia and an MBA from Stanford University. A former USAF intelligence officer and Air Commando, he is a decorated combat veteran of the Vietnam War, and holds the Distinguished Flying Cross, Purple Heart, and Air Medal. He is a retired First Vice President for a major national financial services firm and former Chairman of the Board of a classical Christian school.


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