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Lots of questions go unanswered in Oregon; reminders of Bruingate in NC

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Red Smith

Ten Facts That Point Out LaVoy Was Murdered

By Red Smith- The murder of LaVoy Finicum, a Constitutional activist, late last January has raised the ire of many across the nation. The initial narrative clung to by law enforcement officials, that they did not fire upon Mr. Finicum until he was believed to be reaching for a firearm, has been proven a categorical lie and left tattered in the bloody Eastern Oregon snowbank it originated in. Upon reviewing the hundreds of pages of documents made available by the Deschutes County Sheriff investigation team regarding the shooting, several facts have been made clear, confirmed and a few new ones exposed. The picture that is drawn is troubling to say the least and confirms the worst fears and suspicions of many Patriots since the beginning.

Also hundreds of emails (that will be detailed in further articles) from the Governor Kate Brown’s office draws a picture that extends into the White House itself. Drawing upon those documents and from sources present on the ground at the Occupation and those incarcerated with Ammon Bundy we will now draw you the most complete truthful catalog available of the stop and the command decisions leading up to the murder of LaVoy Finicum and it’s repercussions. We will begin with the traffic stop and botched execution of the members of the Bundy Convoy on that cold, desolate Eastern Oregon 395 Highway.

1st is the revelation of Oregon State Police Officers involved in the planning of the highway ambush that the road block was moved from Grant County, as originally planned by the FBI, to occur within Harney County specifically to insure Grant County Sheriff Glenn Palmer was not involved in the traffic stop. This was done according to the deposition of an Oregon State Police Officer because “I knew going into it there was a Sheriff in Grant County supporting the movement or the ideology behind what they were pushing…was a large amount of community members in Grant County, that supported their beliefs and had similar Constitutional beliefs, and to the point of the Grant County making it clear they are a U.N. Free Zone…” When asked if this is the reason the traffic stop was moved to Harney County that officer replied, “Absolutely”. The FBI originally intended to conduct the operation in Grant county as they believed, with Sheriff Palmer’s relationship with the Malhuer Activists and their trust of him, that the probability of a peaceful resolution was greater in Grant County than Harney County. This decision was overridden by Oregon State Police and the FBI Tactical specifically to reverse that probability. A reasonable person could easily conclude from that fact, that Oregon State Police and the FBI Tactical Team wanted to create the opportunity for violent confrontation.

2nd is the fact, corroborated by video evidence, that Law Enforcement Officials failed to identify themselves or provide credentials when asked by both LaVoy Finicum and Ryan Bundy. In the recently released Shawna Cox video (taken from inside the passenger compartment of Finicum’s truck) LaVoy and Ryan Bundy clearly ask the officers to step forward and identify themselves several times. Law Enforcement fail to do so with each and every request. In fact during depositions in the investigation report officers describe how they adorned “civilian type” clothing to avoid being detected by Patriot members whom Law Enforcement believed was conducting counter surveillance upon them. In testimony by Law Enforcement identified only as “Officer 4” it is revealed that “FBI” team members failed to truthfully identify themselves to even Oregon State Police Officers, and were identified by fictitious first names only. (Pg. 151-152)

3rd, also backed up by the Cox video, is LaVoy’s clear statements that he intended to travel further up Highway 395 to meet Sheriff Glenn Palmer, where he felt safe, and that the officers were welcome to follow him. This is of great importance because LaVoy was within his clear rights to do so unimpeded. The law states; “If you suspect that the person trying to pull you over is not a police officer (for example, he or she is driving an unmarked car), you do not have to immediately pull over. Instead, put your flashers on, indicate that you acknowledge the ‘officer’s” presence by waving at him, continue driving at the speed limit towards a busy, well-lit area, and call 911. Inform the 911 dispatcher that you are worried that someone posing as a police officer is trying to pull you over. Tell the dispatcher your current location and direction of travel as well as the make and model of your car. Do not get out of your car until the 911 dispatcher can confirm that person trying to pull you over is a real police officer. If the dispatcher cannot confirm that the person, carefully drive to a safe place such as your local police station and follow all of the dispatcher’s additional instructions.” Remember Law Enforcement failed to identify themselves, were in “civilian type” apparel, were driving unmarked vehicles and cell phone service to reach 911 was unavailable do to the location of the ambush.

4th, LaVoy Finicum’s vehicle and it’s occupants were fired upon by Law Enforcement at the initial traffic stop. According to Officer’s own testimony, Finicum’s vehicle was struck by a 40 mm grenade round. Ryan Payne, a fellow activist riding in the front passenger seat of LaVoy’s truck who exited the vehicle to identify the individuals conducting the stop, was struck in the left arm also by a 40 mm grenade. Confirming Shawna Cox’s testimony that the side mirror was struck by live fire, copper shards consistent with a bullet jacket was recovered from the remains of the side view mirror. Finicum did not flee the scene until after he and his passengers had been fired upon by unidentified individuals, in civilian clothing, driving unmarked vehicles.

5th, the roadblock established by the Oregon State Police was illegal as ruled by the United States Supreme Court as it did not allow an avenue of egress for the fleeing vehicle nor did it allow sufficient time or distance for a vehicle to come safely to a stop. The term for this type of road block according to the United States Supreme Court is a “Dead-mans Roadblock.” This is appropriately deemed a Dead-mans Roadblock because there was no alternative course of travel and the roadblock was placed at the end of a blind turn in which the driver could not see the roadblock with sufficient time to react and effect a stop before colliding with the components of the roadblock. A roadblock in and of itself is use of deadly force and in some cases unlawful seizure. The Justice Departments own policy on pursuits and roadblocks read; “Fixed roadblocks are extremely dangerous and are rarely justifiable.”, “…When the road is totally blocked, so that even a slow moving vehicle cannot go around—or through—safely, the degree of risk is heightened. When a complete blockage of the roadway is undertaken, officers should ensure that the oncoming suspect has a clear view of the roadblock, and has ample time to stop safely, should he or she decide to do so. This complete blockage usually represents a higher level of control, and could be constitutionally unreasonable unless properly managed.” As seen in the video, LaVoy clearly applied brakes and kept them on until his vehicle came to a stop 40’ past the point of intended impact with the vehicles used to block the roadway. His brake lights come on midway between the two sign posts and stayed on. He simply could not stop and averted a horrific impact which would have injured and killed the other occupants of the vehicle as well as the officials standing behind and around the trucks. This was a completely intentional, inappropriate use of deadly force. It was in conflict with the US Dept of Justice’s Restrictive policies for High Speed Police Pursuits.

6th Finicum’s vehicle began, once again, taking live fire this time from .223 rifle fire at the exact moment the vehicle crested the corner and approached the ambush. Finicum was never provided the opportunity to slow his vehicle before Law Enforcement began using deadly force, .223 rounds were found to have penetrated the windshield, hood and radiator prior to LaVoy ditching his vehicle into the snow bank. This is confirmed by the FBI drone surveillance video, the Cox cellphone video and officer’s testimony. In testimony the officer that discharged his weapon stated he felt justified in using deadly force due to “It was clear to me, the speed the truck was traveling…was traveling at a speed which I knew from my training and experience, it was…it became apparent to me based off my training and experience as a crash, you know, technician, and overall time as a police officer, I knew there was…it had crossed the threshold of being able to stop prior to…that’s when I felt the use of force was my only option…” In short, the officer discharged his weapon, exercising his intent to implement deadly force and justified that action, because in his training and expertise there was not enough time for the suspect vehicle to stop safely. This confirms point 5 that the roadblock was illegal and intended as an ambush.

7th, contrary to initial officer and FBI statements immediately following the execution, Law Enforcement did discharge their weapons prior to the point LaVoy was perceived to reach for a potential weapon. LaVoy Finicum and the occupants of the truck were fired upon for a 3rd time in a sustained manner, almost immediately upon LaVoy’s vehicle coming to rest in the snowbank. As the Cox video clearly depicts, upon impact Mr. Finicum exits the driver side door of his vehicle, his hands clearly, indisputably raised in the air in the universal sign of surrender and almost simultaneously a bullet strikes the door frame near Finicum’s head, followed mere moments by at least one, possibly two, rounds that shatter the drivers side passenger window next to LaVoy. It is at that point LaVoy walks away from his vehicle clearly yelling “shoot me”, “you’re gonna have to shoot me”. Shawna Cox and April Sharp have stated they believe LaVoy did this in an attempt to direct the officers murderous fire away from them and the vehicle. Sometime during this exchange another round, believed to be a larger, heavier .308 bullet, punched through the roof of the cab of the pick up and out a passenger window. It is thought that this was the round that wounded Ryan Bundy in the shoulder. Due to the caliber of the bullet an FBI HRT member is most likely responsible for the shot. With the severe steep angle of the shot, it is obvious that the shooter was in an extreme elevated position and gives credence to Victoria Sharp’s claims of snipers in the trees of the ambush zone.

8th, Law Enforcement had no expectation of the traffic stop to resolve in arrests. Officer testimony clearly states that the ultimate termination of the plan was to conclude, in what they believed to be three vehicles, being driven and pursued into the road block where a final resolution to the incident would be processed. Law Enforcement did not even have arrest warrants for the members of the convoy. Testimony of “Officer 4” and Oregon State Policeman “An had infor-basically knowledge they had um,…uh…an active, uh, arrest warrant for ’em….uh, not warrant, but uh,…um…information they could be detained.” This is confirmed by further numerous depositions of other officers that they were not aware of, advised of or ever viewed any actual arrest warrants or charges to be brought against the refuge occupiers. In point of fact the indictment against the members of the Bundy convoy was not filed until 9:29 the next morning. As well the search warrant for Finicum’s pick up was not issued until a full two days after the incident.

ambush19th, The roadblock was a prepared and pre-scouted ambush. Statements from Oregon State Police show that the location of the ambush that culminated in the execution of LaVoy Finicum was scouted days ahead of time. The location was selected specifically for the blind corner that terminated in the kill zone and the fact that there was no cellular communications possible. FBI operators were at the location two days prior to the stop preparing fighting positions, clearing underbrush and tree limbs for clear lines of sight and creating sniper positions by clearing snow away from tree bases. This can be attested to by the investigation and by a citizen who visited the scene the day after the murder and photographed the evidence of the preparations. The road block was not a procedural Law Enforcement road block, but a standard military style “L-Ambush”.

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10th, The orders for the authorization of this operation leads to the White House and “National Command Authority.” On more than one occasion Oregon Officers indicate that they were led to believe the operation was authorized by individuals outside of the direct FBI chain of command and came from higher up the political food chain. This is includes reference to the Attorney General of the United States Loretta Lynch and in two separate testimonies a “National Command Authority” is alluded to. Normally, “National Command Authority” is a military term referring to the President of the United States. However after cross referencing emails from Oregon Governor Kate Brown’s office regarding the occupation we believe “National Command Authority” in this case to be Valerie Jarrett. Jarrett is the Iranian born Senior Adviser, whose immediate family are acknowledged members of the Communist Party, to Barack Obama. She is as well a notorious United Nations Globalist. Jarrett’s involvement and possible authorization of the murder of LaVoy Finicum will become more clear and telling in a Shasta Lantern follow up article. That article will detail the actions of Governor Kate Brown, her emails pertaining to the Reserve Protesters and Brown’s senior staff, most notably Heidi Moawad head of Oregon public safety, recently identified, by our affiliate Agenda 21 Radio, as a close personal friend of Huma Abedin, long time senior staff member of Hillary Clinton with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.

The evidence herein presented is but a mere taste of the evidence and truth embedded within the investigation documents and the emails of Kate Brown yet to be reported on. Rest assured that truth will continue to be brought to the service through the tireless efforts of citizen journalists and patriot activists across the great nation. Where light shines, darkness cannot exist.

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