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Why vote for Donald Trump?

Justice RS

For decades the Left and the Media have been holding the American Citizen hostage at the point of a Politically Correct Gun. They use several triggers, all of which shut down the conversation and minimize and demonize the person talking. For this reason average Americans cannot get near politics or the media or even get political or media attention because if they tell their story with the wrong words or don’t have a sophisticated message, the media and the left stigmatize them with one phrase or one word. No one under these conditions can be free to speak their mind or tell the truth.

And frankly it works, because no one in the public eye can afford even to be associated with anyone that might be a target of the PC Police. Our politicians have learned this game very well. Their speech is slick, rehearsed, read off a teleprompter, and been reviewed by a staff of well trained ‘political science’ graduates. How nice.

In the meantime, average Americans are drowning in the costs of a huge, overbearing government. No one will fight back because on each issue comes an accusation from the left that they are mean, greedy, insensitive, racist, or stupid. But these problems are real. We want to secure our border to protect the safety of our country. We do not value an environmental impact statement that protects rodents over our own sons and daughters opportunity to get a job.

We don’t want to give bureaucrats the power to ignore our freedoms, our rights to due process, or the power to decide the value of our livelihoods. We do not want the media to devalue our concerns or categorize our opinions as ‘hate speech’. The reality is what the Left wants is nothing like what most Americans value: A government in check, free from barbarism and totalitarianism, an economy full of opportunity to make any persons individual goal a reality, a country respectful of individual opinions and rights. In our current political climate we Americans cannot defend these values, because according to the Left normal simple Americans don’t hold correct views.

Donald Trump defies all of this. He doesn’t sound ‘right’; he doesn’t act ‘right’; he doesn’t have the right ‘background’; but he honestly tells us what he thinks. Even more when he is attacked for it from the Left, and the media and the GOP, and the ‘pundit right’, he continues to fight for it. What we know in our gut when he opens his mouth, unfiltered, is that he is speaking for us, taking the hit, and moving forward unashamed.

Is he Conservative? On some issues he is very conservative. Is he Libertarian? On some issues he is very libertarian. Is he a Liberal? On some issues he is a liberal. But he is definitely not a Leftist. What does it matter if we get our perfect platform in a candidate if that candidate cannot operate without being shut up and shut down. In fact it should bother us more when the other Republican Candidates past and present use the same minimizing, demonizing characterizations of the Left to shame us from supporting him.

Donald Trump said last week in both an interview and on the debate stage that we have to face issues, we cannot solve a problem until we see it realistically, and we cannot do that until we are willing to tell the truth.

If they shut him down they have shut us all down. And for this reason we must vote for him, and he must win.

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