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Unwelcome Naïve Political Correctness


Illegal Immigrants, Amnesties, Fairytale Islam, Naïve Foreign Policy, Political Correctness

George W. Bush and Barack Obama both hold to the fairytale that Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance:

“The face of terror is not the true faith of Islam,” said the president, escorted by Islamic clerics into the ornate mosque full of Turkish tile, Persian rugs and Egyptian paintings. “Islam is peace.” G.W. Bush, 9-17-2001.

“Islam brings hope and comfort to millions of people in my country, and to more than a billion people worldwide. Ramadan is also an occasion to remember that Islam gave birth to a rich civilization of learning that has benefited mankind.”—G W. Bush, 12-4-2002

“There are thousands of Muslims who proudly call themselves Americans, and they know what I know — that the Muslim faith is based upon peace and love and compassion.”—G.W. Bush, 9-28-01

“The world sees a nation at prayer — Christian, Jew and Muslim, alike — praying for strength to an almighty and merciful God.”G. W. Bush, 9-27-2001

“The Islam that we know is a faith devoted to one God, as revealed through the Holy Quran. It teaches the value and the importance of charity, mercy, and peace.—G.W. Bush, 11-15-2001.

Many of President Obama’s quotes on Islam are similar. There is even a quiz on PBS Newshour online, dated February 19, 2015, entitled, Who said it? Bush vs. Obama on Islam. Here is an Obama quote that seems to be a continuous theme for both of them:

“This great religion in the hands of a few extremists has been distorted to justify violence.”—Barack Obama

Here are a few condensed quotes from Obama, one of which sounds a bit threatening:

“The future must not belong to those who slander the Prophet of Islam.” “The sweetest sound I know is the Muslim call to prayer.” “Islam has a proud tradition of tolerance.” America and Islam are not exclusive and need not be in competition. Instead, they overlap, and share common principles of justice and progress, tolerance and the dignity of all human beings”.

I hope George W. Bush has changed his mind on Islam. Otherwise, what Bush believes about Islam is hardly distinguishable from what Barack Obama confesses to believe about Islam. Unfortunately, this politically correct version of Islam is contradictory to the Quran, the teaching and example of its Prophet, Muhammad, nearly 1400 years of violent Muslim history, and bloody conflict wherever Islam touches the West today. Islam does not mean “peace,” as Bush and Obama have often stated, and it is certainly not a religion of tolerance. It means “submission, surrender, or to resign oneself.” The Arabic word “salaam” (peace) shares three consonants with Islam. My opinion is that Bush has been duped, while Obama is being deceptive. Islamic Law (Sharia) dominates every part of the Muslim life. Radical Islam is the real Islam of the Quran, including its doctrines of Jihad (holy war against all unbelievers) Islamic Supremacy (world domination), Hijra (immigration for conquest), and Takkiya and Mudarat, doctrines of deception. It is completely incompatible with and extremely dangerous to Christianity, Judaism, or any belief but Islam. Not every Muslim is a Jihadist, despite the 109 verses in the Quran that make Jihad compulsory. One in every 7.9 verses in the Quran condemns both unbelievers and unfaithful Muslims to hell. According to numerous surveys, only about 25 percent are sympathetic enough to Jihad to pose some future threat to non-Muslims, but substantially more than half would impose Islam and Islamic law on Western countries, if they became a majority Most of the rest are silenced and held captive by fear of militant Sharia. The penalty for criticism of Islam can be death. You cannot be familiar with Biblical Christianity and the Quran and hold that Allah of the Quran and the God of the Bible are the same. We ought to be rescuing people from Islam, not praising lies about it.

I believe Bush did the right thing by striking back at al-Qaeda bases in Afghanistan after 9/11. He also did it with minimum manpower and risk. His misunderstanding of Islam, disregard of the difficult demographics of the pseudo-nation of Iraq, and naïve ideas about nation building and making democratic republics out of predominantly Muslim nations, however, quickly mired the U.S. in a difficult and costly situation to solve without long-term commitment.

Bush’s multiculturalist mindset also played into making the U.S. more vulnerable to the 9/11 terrorist attacks. During his 2000 presidential campaign, Bush was duped into making a high-ranking member of the Muslim Brotherhood his campaign coordinator for Muslim outreach.

Following his victory, key Muslim Brotherhood members became gatekeepers for Bush’s understanding of Islam and the Middle East. In June 2001, Bush’s plan to give amnesty to three million Mexicans had already passed the House, and immigration controls were being relaxed.

Responding to political pressure from Muslim Brotherhood front groups and liberal Senate Republicans, the Bush Administration relaxed airport screening standards to ensure Arabs would not be profiled or disproportionately searched or detained at airport security stations.

In 2005, Michael Tuohey, the U.S. Air ticket agent who checked in Mohammad Atta, leader of the nineteen 9/11 airline terrorists, surfaced on the Oprah Winfrey show. He was later interviewed by David Hench of the Portland Press Herald (Maine). Here is one of Tuohey’s statements:

“I said to myself, ‘If this guy doesn’t look like an Arab terrorist, then nothing does. Then I gave myself a mental slap, because in this day and age, It’s not nice to say things like this.

When I looked at their tickets, they had first-class, one-way tickets, $2500 tickets. Very unusual. I guess they’re not coming back. Maybe this was the end of their trip.”

You know the rest of the story. Political correctness trumped common sense and public safety, and thousands died, just as we are now taking in suspicious and unvetted Syrian refugees and putting American lives and national security at risk.

Rubio’s Plan Would Destroy Job Prospects for American Science Students

Mark Thies, Professor of chemical and bio-molecular engineering at Clemson University, wrote an op-ed in the Greenville Online that disproved the idea that there is a shortage of American STEM workers available and he argued that bills such as the I-Squared Act, which Sen. Rubio supports, would destroy the already limited opportunities for American STEM students to find jobs in their fields.

As a professor, Mark Thies, noted that while STEM class sizes have increased over the years, wages for these jobs remain stagnant.

“Clemson’s engineering enrollment has reached almost 5,300 students – an 80% increase since 2008! In my 30 years of teaching, I’ve never seen classes so large – and so many bright students! Equally compelling data are stagnant STEM wages, with increases averaging a tiny 0.4% per year from 2000-2012.”

The Immigration and Innovation (I-Squared) Act, co-sponsored by Sen. Rubio, would increase H-1B visas from 65,000 to around 245,000 and offer foreign STEM students a lifetime work visa (a green card) that would displace American workers and keep future STEM wages low. It would essentially allow foreign student to “buy” a green card by attending an American University.

Mr. Thies made the case that increasing H-1B visas is all about providing corporations with a cheap labor market, not because there is an actual shortage of skilled STEM workers.

“Contrary to popular belief, there are no worker protections to prevent companies from firing American workers, replacing them with H-1B’s, and even forcing them to train their replacements (e.g., Disney). As pointed out in Trump’s on-line immigration plan, 87% of current H-1B holders are paid wages in the bottom third. Imagine what a quadrupling of these visas will do to wages! So this is all about cheap labor – not about top talent.”

Professor Thies said he would give Sen. Rubio an “F” for supporting corporate donors at “the expense of our own citizens.”

“Rubio was originally elected by the tea party, but this bill shows him now to be totally in the pocket of corporate donors. His second attempt to destroy the job prospects of America’s STEM students (his first attempt was in the now infamous “Gang of Eight” bill in 2013) earns him an “F” in my class anytime.”

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