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Buncombe County Courthouse Hosts First Veterans Amnesty Day


Buncombe County District Attorney Todd Williams announces the first ever Buncombe County Veterans Amnesty Day to be held Friday, November 13, from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at the Buncombe County Courthouse. The purpose of the event is to provide veterans with an opportunity to make a fresh start in undisposed traffic and non-violent misdemeanor cases without fear of arrest.

All current and former members of the military will be eligible to reset court dates, remit unpaid fines, and resolve and/or reschedule minor traffic matters and non-violent misdemeanors without fear of arrest. To be eligible veterans should bring proof of discharge such as a DD214 form on November 13.

“Supporting Veterans whether it be by giving them a second chance in Veterans Treatment Court or a fresh start in Veterans Amnesty Day is the right thing to do,” said District Attorney Todd Williams.

There are over 100 operational Veterans Treatment Courts in the United States today and three are presently operational across North Carolina. Veterans Treatment Courts strive to support veterans in sobriety, recovery and mental health stability through a coordinated response of court personnel, veteran support groups and the resources of the Veterans’ Administration.

Buncombe County Veterans’ Treatment Court Coordinator Eric Howard said, “Vets often return home with serious mental and emotional problems. In response, the Buncombe County justice system has established both a Veterans’ Treatment Court and now a Veterans’ Amnesty Day. These efforts are focused on addressing the profound stress many veterans have experienced when returning home. We hope vets who have undisposed nonviolent matters will take advantage of these programs to clear their records and get appropriate treatment.”

Buncombe County Veterans’ Treatment Court supports military personnel by addressing the underlying causes of criminality and focusing on treatment and rehabilitation. Participants are closely monitored as they engage in treatment, search for employment or educational opportunities, find stable housing and complete a minimum of an 18 month probationary program.

“We are pleased that Clerk of Court Steve Cogburn and his staff, Chief District Court Judge Calvin Hill, and Superior Court Judge Marvin Pope have all lent their skills and resources in support of Veterans in creating both Amnesty Day and Treatment Court,” said District Attorney Williams.

For more information about Veterans’ Treatment Court and Veterans’ Amnesty Day call Eric Howard at (828) 259-6601 or District Attorney Todd Williams at (828) 259-3410.

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