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Truth and Realism versus Happy-Clappy Balderdash

President Obama’s speech on November 20, overriding the Constitution, its separation of Federal powers, and the will of the American people was filled with arrogant disrespect for truth and law. It is a blatant attempt to exercise his will as law over the nation. His primary objective is a breathtaking colossal evil. It is to change the American electorate to establish irreversible one-party rule dedicated to radical economic, social, and cultural changes to remake America into a totalitarian materialist state. In this endeavor, many of his most powerful allies are ruthless commercial interests and political donors that hope to protect and expand their unlawful cheap-labor advantage at the expense of American wage earners, taxpayers, public safety, national security, and the common good.

The President’s short speech made use of his many radical rules for deception, unfortunately now a mainstay of liberal persuasion. Rather than broad substantiated truth and realism, he conveyed the usual train of emotional anecdotes, happy-clappy idealism, discredited myth, and deceptive spin. There was no hint of the calamitous consequences of his edict, to which rational analysis must shout alarm.

We must beware of the myths, social fallacies, mercenary deception, and political balderdash that characterize so much of the debate on immigration issues.

Beware of overly optimistic projections that free enterprise will turn low-skilled and poorly educated immigrants into instant Republicans or conservatives.

The average illegal immigrant has only 10.5 years of schooling. Various studies available from the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) indicate the tendency for under-education lasts at least three generations, which makes imported cheap labor a fiscal liability for at least three generations. Anecdotal accounts of wonderful exceptions do not make a dent in the statistical reality that impacts the nation. We do not have a flood of dentists, engineers, and accountants sneaking across our Southern borders. We have a flood of poorly educated, low-skilled labor, for which there is little genuine need—we have over 18 million Americans who want a full-time job and cannot find one. Low-skilled labor will be even less needed in the future because of rapid technological advances. Again, according to a recent Heritage Foundation study, the average unlawful immigrant household receives $14,387 per year more in benefits than all taxes paid. Legalizing them with work permits increases that liability to $27,900 per year because of their increased eligibility for government benefits and low tax bracket.

Beware of baseless descriptions of unlawful immigrants as patriotic and law-abiding paragons of virtue.

Contrary to the President’s claim that the five million illegal immigrants he is attempting to legalize are patriotic paragons of virtue, according to CIS, 75 percent of illegal immigrant workers use false or stolen social security numbers. Fifty percent do not report income at all. Identity fraud and theft and income tax fraud and evasion are felonies. How probable is it that amnesty will convert those who live by lawless expedience into good neighbors and good citizens?

If a candidate for political office campaigned to increase crime rates, would you vote for him? How about those who apprehend the danger and suffering but react with moral blindness or politically correct denial?

Despite politically correct resistance to publishing any hint that illegal immigrants bring higher crime rates, there are plenty of statistics that demonstrate it. Texas Governor Rick Perry recently pushed political correctness aside to clarify a formidable public safety issue plaguing America. According to the Texas Department of Public Safety, in the last six years, 642,000 crimes were committed by illegal aliens against Texas citizens. Of these, 302,000 were incarcerated in Texas county jails. The crimes included 3,070 murders and 7,964 sexual assaults. The most common crimes, over 77,000, involved the distribution of dangerous drugs.

On November 1, North Carolinians for Immigration Reform and Enforcement (NCFIRE, ncfire.info) released a report documenting 4,317 separate charges of child rape by 803 confirmed or highly probable illegal aliens during the last 12 months. This is a moral outrage in itself, but the fact that this gets little attention by North Carolina media multiplies the civic outrage.

Beware of unrealistic assertions that Republican backed amnesty will improve Republican electoral prospects.

Proponents of amnesty, usually Democrats or Republicans heavily financed by cheap-labor business associations, often assert that Republicans must endorse amnesty and huge increases in legal immigration to survive.

The myth of Hispanic social conservatism is often cited to encourage Republicans to back amnesty. According to a November 2014 Pew Research poll, a majority (53 percent) of Hispanics oppose abortion. Yet according to a 2008 report by the Guttmacher Institute, the abortion rate for Hispanic women is 28 percent versus non-Hispanic whites of only 11 percent. Out-of-wedlock births have soared to 43 percent for Hispanics versus 23 percent for non-Hispanic whites. According to Pew, Hispanics now favor same-sex marriage 46 percent to 34 percent. Claims of Hispanic social conservatism are at least three generations out of date.

In economics, a 2012 Pew poll revealed that 75 percent of Hispanic voters prefer bigger government, and only 19 percent prefer smaller government. Only 41 percent of the general public prefers bigger government. A recent Pew poll indicated that Hispanics prefer stricter gun control by 62 to 36 percent. Only 45 percent of the general public prefers stricter gun control. Hispanics prefer higher minimum wage by 84 to 13 percent, while only 25 percent of the general public prefers it. A November Pew poll found that 56 percent of Hispanics lean Democrat, while only 21 percent lean Republican.

Amnesty and increases in legal immigration hurt American workers and taxpayers. Several CIS studies strongly indicate Republican backed amnesty and new immigration surges are foolish Republican suicide.

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