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Editorial: Microphones kill people’s careers

During Sunday Night Football, Bob Costas always makes a halftime statement. It’s usually sports related and inspirational, pushing for a better tomorrow. This week however, he stepped outside of his realm of knowledge, and it may have been a huge mistake.

In light of the recent NFL tragedy of a Kansas City player murdering his girlfriend before killing himself, Costas crafted his speech around this. Instead of giving tribute to the player, he proceeded to give a two-minute gun control statement.

Quoting columnist Jason Whitlock, he said, “[guns] tempt us to escalate arguments and bait us into embracing confrontation rather than avoiding it.”

A quick look at the statement will reveal an imbecile quoting a fool. Here Costas is stating that an inanimate object forces people to make bad decisions. As the old saying goes, do spoons make you fat?

In all seriousness though, what is happening with this sentence is the removal of responsibility. The gun owner is no longer responsible for their actions as long as the gun itself can be blamed for the action. Once again, the liberal ideology is to remove personal responsibility and consequences for actions. Babies are choices, debt is caused by credit cards, and murders are caused by pieces of metal.

What is completely absent from this is human nature. People tend to ignore that evil is imbedded into the very fabric of humanity. People have been murdered since humanity began, and it wasn’t due to the availability of firearms. Failing to address the core of the situation here is the greatest tragedy. The gun didn’t kill the player’s girlfriend, the player did. The evil in him committed the act, and is responsible for that.

Being a gun owner, in fact, could have saved the girlfriend’s life. This is true in everyday life when Americans are allowed to protect themselves with gun ownership. Once you realize that evil will continually exist as it always has, you must then take the logical approach of allowing good people to protect themselves as best they can from evil. Removing guns from good people, doesn’t remove guns or evil from those wishing to do them harm. How many victims must there be to prove this age-old theory?

In closing, Costas said, “If Jovan Belcher [the NFL player] didn’t possess a gun, he and Kasandra Perkins [the girlfriend] would both be alive today.”

That assumption is beyond ignorant. A famous NFL wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, fell victim to death, and no gun was involved. Many girlfriends and wives have met untimely fates with ropes, knives, and much more heinous means of death. To imagine that the removal of the gun would’ve prevented the death is just ignoring reality. There is always a means to an end, and that cannot be legislated out of society.

Bob Costas used his platform to interrupt an American pastime and perpetuate a liberal agenda. Ignorance became the halftime show. Perhaps Costas should stick to what he knows best. Though by his own logic, the microphone made him make those ill founded statements. If Bob Costas didn’t possess a microphone, his garnered respect would still be alive today.

If Bob Costas didn’t possess a microphone, his garnered respect would still be alive today.

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