Mike Scruggs

Obama’s Hate Crimes Agenda: Outlawing Islamophobia, Free Speech, and Religious Liberty

By Mike Scruggs –

Just a few days ago on October 27, Abdullah bin Abdulaziz, the King of Saudi Arabia, demanded that the United Nations pass a resolution condemning insults against monotheistic religions. As to which monotheistic religions, he made this obvious by further remarks:

“I demand the UN pass a resolution that condemns any group or country that insults religions or prophets…It is our duty and that of every Muslim to protect Islam and defend the prophets.”

The UN had already passed a resolution condemning “Islamophobia” in March 2011, but King Abdullah was aiming at making it a United Nations hate crime, enforceable in the United States and other Western countries, to criticize Islam or its Prophet, Muhammad. He was capitalizing, of course, on the now famous amateur YouTube video that was based on some historical narratives of Muhammad’s life and teachings. Most Muslim scholars accept these narratives as historical truth, but they are presented in ways more sympathetic to the teachings of the Koran and the character of Muhammad. The YouTube version of the events was not in my judgment false, but its amateurish presentation undermined its credibility even in the West. Perhaps because of its amateurish nature, it had not stirred many Muslim clerics to fury by the time of the planned assassination of our Libyan ambassador on the anniversary of 9-11. However, there were some who looked at it as an opportunity to advance the cause of Islam by getting the United Nations to be more aggressive in its sanctions against criticism of Islam or Muhammad. The next step would be making criticism of Islam an enforceable hate crime in the United States and other Western countries.

Passing “Hate Crime” legislation is a favorite means by which “progressives” restrict free speech and limit clear and logical thinking in Western countries. Hence the amateur video opened up an opportunity to suppress any opposition to Islam in the West. Political correctness has already built some strong social restrictions against criticizing Islam, but that falls far short of being able to throw someone in jail or confiscate their property for criticizing Islam.

King Abdullah saw an opportunity to advance Islam by use of hate crime laws in the United States and other Western countries. So did American President Barack Obama, whose many pro-Muslim and anti-Christian executive actions are matters of record. The President called the Benghazi attack terrorism the day after the attack but then launched a two-week campaign connecting the YouTube video to the attack. This was when he already knew it was a planned strike by Islamic terrorists.

In a recent article, David Barton itemized 16 Obama acts of hostility toward Biblical Faith, 9 Obama acts suppressing Biblical Faith among U.S. Military personnel, 17 acts hostile to Biblical values, and 8 acts preferential to Islam over Christianity and Judaism during his current presidential term. A second Obama term will surely attempt to implement hate crimes that bar criticism of Islam and thereby suppress Christian beliefs and values.

The Organization for Islamic Cooperation (OIC), a 56-nation political powerhouse often

operating under UN auspices, initiated a resolution in 2005 calling for a ten-year plan to counter “Islamophobia,” a propaganda term invented by the Muslim Brotherhood. The plan called for all UN States to enact legislation to punish any criticism of Islam. This eventually resulted in the March 2011 UN resolution against Islamophobia. In December 2011, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was working with the OIC to implement corresponding Hate Crimes Laws in the United States and other Western countries to criminalize criticism of Islam and exact punishment against those who violate them.

Most intelligent Americans and politicians with any backbone would consider such laws suppression of religious liberties and free speech. But how much have you heard of this shameful work by Hillary Clinton in the mainstream media—probably nothing. Yet this effort has clear anti-Christian implications, especially for those churches and individuals that view the Bible as authoritative in its teachings. A degree in rocket science is not necessary to connect the dotted line between Obama’s two weeks of blaming the Benghazi attack on the amateur YouTube Video and future U.S. hate crime laws against Islamophobia. The further extension of that dotted line to more forceful anti-Christian government policies and actions under a second Obama presidential term is also easy to discern. It only takes common sense and the courage to buck politically correct fashion to see where Obama wants to take country in regards to making Islamophobia a hate crime and to understand the terrible consequences for free speech and religious liberty.

The aftermath of the Benghazi attack reveals more than foreign policy and national security incompetence. It reveals an Obama agenda that is breath-taking in its planned religious tyranny and suppression of free speech and traditional American values. Will anyone dare say it is anti-Christian and anti-American? Yes, anyone with discernment can see the truth, and those with courage must start speaking the truth.

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