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Letter to the Editor: Vote clean slate candidates

Dear Editor,

As a strong supporter of education, I want to see our public school system be the best it can be. Going from good to great means challenging our students with high academic standards and offering options for all kinds of learners.

Don’t we want all of our Buncombe County students to have the best educational opportunities possible? Opportunities like a second language for all elementary students and a comprehensive arts program in all middle and high schools. High achieving and intellectually gifted students need appropriate challenges and accelerated learning . Teachers need time to prepare and collaborate with colleagues. All students need equal access to new technologies. How can we accomplish this? By electing school board members who will ensure tax dollars are focused on teaching and learning.

So join me in voting for school board members who will place the interests of Buncombe County families and students above their own. Vote for a clean slate of candidates – Jerry Green, Brian Freelan, Dan Hale and Amy Churchill.

Dr. Judy Sullivan, Ed.D.

Asheville, NC

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