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Letter to the Editor: Says Reisinger playing loose with budget numbers

Dear Editor,

It’s always amusing to hear Drew Reisinger put his own spin on the budget numbers from the Register of Deeds Office.

His latest claim is that the office “spent $600,000 less in fiscal year 2012 than in FY11,” but he conveniently omits the reason for that decrease. As reported in the Mountain Xpress on March 18, 2011, eight employees retired when Reisinger took over. Those one-time retirement benefit packages, paid out in 2011, constitute the “savings” of $600,000 in FY12 claimed by Reisinger.

The “$100,000 more” in income for FY12 over FY11 that Reisinger takes credit for further underscores his lack of business sense and inability to properly interpret financial data. That office is economy-driven. Reisinger doesn’t have superpowers that encouraged more people to marry or buy property in FY12 than in FY11 in order to increase his revenue by a hundred grand.

In the excitement to manipulate the numbers to suit his own purposes, it apparently didn’t occur to Reisinger to disclose that the office fell $143,000 short of its budgeted revenue goals of $1,521,855 in FY12. But Reisinger logic can no doubt explain those numbers with yet another dizzying spin.

Budget information is available to the public upon request. See for yourself.

Susie Wright

Asheville, NC

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