Mike Scruggs

By their fruits ye shall know them

By Mike Scruggs –

In a July 19, 2009, article in the Russian online newspaper, Pravda, Stanislav Mishin, boldly remarked:

“It must be said, that like the breaking of a great damn, the American decent into Marxism is happening with breath-taking speed….”

Yet Mishin wrote this when Barack Obama had only begun his ”fundamental transformation” of the American economy and American society. He noted the unprecedented steps Obama had made in firing the president of General Motors, a non-government stockholder-owned corporation and in the Federal Government takeover of General Motors. In this swift robbery of General Motors stockholders and bondholders, he also put the company in the hands of the United Auto Workers Union, a de facto branch of the Democrat Party. Mishin predicted that under such Marxist leadership, America would wind up at best resembling the German Weimar Republic of the early 1920s, which suffered a hyperinflation that ruined the middle class, the elderly retired, and anyone on a fixed income. The left-leaning Keynesian socialism of the Weimar Republic, through irresponsible and excessive social spending, destroyed the hopes and work ethic of the German people and demolished their confidence in political democracy. This opened the door to a harder-nosed brand of National Socialism under Adolf Hitler. By 1945, Germany was a flaming ruin, half enslaved to brutal communist masters.

Within months of Obama’s inauguration, he had appointed 33 Federal Government czars answerable only to him, each in charge of some issue facing government, such as green-jobs, energy, climate, and many others. This placed $1.7 trillion of the U.S. economy directly under Obama without Congressional authority. His Green-Jobs program has so far resulted in a half billion-dollar loan loss to a now bankrupt solar energy company friendly to Obama and Democrat Party interests—Solyndra. This is the greatest business scandal since the Tea Pot Dome bribery scandal in 1922-3, yet the American media pays little attention to it.

Since Mishin’s perceptive article, Obama has continued to defy the Constitution and Congress in even bolder terms. Obamacare threatens to put at least another one-sixth of the U.S. economy under Federal control. The 2,700-page Obamcare bill is not just about healthcare. It is a deceitful quagmire of hidden taxes and Federal Government coercion.

Perhaps Obama’s boldest defiance of the Constitution and Congressional authority has been his recent administrative amnesty for over one million illegal immigrants. Many predict that deliberate laxity, already discovered in the U.S. Citizenship and Immigrant Services Department, will result in another one to two million amnesties at a heavy cost, at least a half trillion dollars, to U.S. taxpayers. Meanwhile, 23 million Americans are out of work or have been forced to part-time because of the absolute failure of Obama’s Keynesian stimulus gimmicks. Government consumer spending stimuli are for fooling voters. They do not fool intelligent business owners and managers and only interfere with rational investment and real economic recovery. Many of them are essentially a redistribution of wealth to political friends and other forms of corruption and corporate welfare. Long-term confidence in a favorable business climate unhindered by excessive government spending, taxes, and regulation is what is needed for economic recovery, jobs, and prosperity. Obama and the Democrats don’t get it! There can be no recovery until they are out of office. Obama’s job program is essentially for illegal immigrants, who will soon swell his political constituency.

President Obama is also running up another trillion dollars in deficits every year. Nearly 40 percent of our budget has to be borrowed from Communist China. Our $16 trillion debt now exceeds the annual U.S Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Yet he continues to charm the press and his clueless supporters, who are going to be the most devastated victims of his misguided Marxism and economic and business ignorance.

The Democrats were once a conservative party upholding Constitutional principles. How far they have fallen! Keith Davies, writing for Walid Shoebat’s Forum for Middle East Understanding, believes the shameful actions of the Democrat Party Platform Committee in Charlotte reveal that the difference between an Obama-Democrat and a communist is becoming hard to detect. He writes:

“It appears that the Democrats are just one step away from an admission that they are a full-fledged communist party. The Democrat party removed from the convention platform the mention of God (it is rumored that Allah will replace God at the next Democrat convention’s party platform) and it also removed the policy statement that Jerusalem is the capitol of Israel which also happens to be God’s capitol, too. When government replaces God we have tyranny. The Soviet Union and Nazi Germany both denied the existence of God, and they are no more but not until millions perished under the yoke of their oppression.”

The convention managers were booed by a strong majority of delegates, when for political expediency; they tried to put God back into the platform. The delegates were overruled in an obvious sham of parliamentary order. In an indirect but revealing way, a large majority of Democrat Party convention delegates were booing God. Their shocking rejection of the God of Scripture, however, is in harmony with President Obama’s increasingly anti-Christian executive orders such as his efforts to push any mention of Jesus out of our Armed Forces, even attempting to ban Bibles in military and naval hospitals. His recent endorsement of homosexual marriage shows his contempt for Biblically based moral values. Those who defy God in such militant terms should take Psalm 1: 4 into fearful consideration:

“For the LORD knows the way of the righteous, but the way of the wicked will perish.”

Voters should consider the consequences to themselves and our country if we continue to walk in the counsel of the wicked. We must throw off the yoke of godless tyranny before it destroys freedom, justice, prosperity, and even the safety and future of our families.

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