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Mr. Obama, your bills are overdue

Dear Editor-

As a female OB/GYN physician and supporter of women’s rights, I am once again unsettled by the liberal and narrow-minded views of the ever-left bent entertainment community. For Ms Eva Longoria, actress to boldly state, “There is no way women can vote Republican.” I respectfully retort that Republican is the ONLY way that women should vote.

Historically, women and other minorities have “knee-jerk” voted for the democrats as their social agenda seemed in sync with their own, but the modern woman and other minorities are finding out that with some research and thinking outside of the mainstream liberal mantra, things are not working so well for them.

In the Obama White House, women are paid less than their male counterparts, struggling legal immigrants are paying for all the freedoms and bills of their illegal counterparts, and the US Preventive Services Task Force appointed by the Liberal Obama administration effectively deems women over 63 not important enough to maintain their health with necessary medications.

The teen pregnancy rate is still deplorable and according to statistics, teen pregnancy can guarantee poverty; however, our liberal media canonizes, (I say further victimizes) these unfortunate females on reality TV. (And the liberal Obama administration throws punches at Ann Romney when we should be holding her up as our beacon of hope.) Obama loudly denied that Obama Care was a tax and that he would not raise taxes on the middle class.

The Supreme Court just declared Obamacare constitutional by calling it a tax. This tax is not limited to the ever-changing definition of wealthy but includes middle class single mothers who have to work two jobs to stay ahead. Additionally middle class females who own small business will feel the effects of Obamacare not only at the tax level but also with the added weight of keeping their employees employed. Obama wants us all to be more and more dependent on the government, squashing our drive to succeed by denouncing capitalism.

I for one applaud Governor Romney’s success in business and politics. I am proud that I am a physician who can afford my children a good life. I am proud that we are not a socialist society that has to wait weeks for medical care. Having a doctorate in medicine, understanding statistics and being able to operate and think for myself, I believe that we should cut out the cancer of mediocrity that Obama is spouting, stop listening to our entertainers except to entertain us, and support the legacy of the American Dream to which all Americans can aspire.

Think for yourselves and for your children and support the candidate that can balance a budget – not ignore the fact that there isn’t one and that one is needed – the candidate that can run a fortune 500 company -not run it into the ground – and the candidate that allows women and their children more chance through fiscal freedom to attain the American dream.

Where I grew up, if you can’t pay the house bills, it is time to move out. Mr. Obama, your bills are overdue.

Dr. French earned her medical degree from Tufts University Medical School in Boston, Massachusetts. She completed her internship and residency at University Medical Center in Jackson, Mississippi. Dr. French is board certified and has been on staff at Ochsner since 2001.

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