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The Muslim Brotherhood in America-4 Part Series

Part 1 of 4-

Jihad by Deception and Infiltration-

By Mike Scruggs-2011,

In 1979, Abdurahman Alamoudi immigrated to the United States from Eritrea, a small nation on the Red Sea, just north of Ethiopia.   Eleven years later, he founded the American Muslim Council (AMC) with the help of the Muslim Brotherhood. He became a U.S. citizen in 1996.  His involvement with nearly two-dozen other Muslim organizations in the U.S and Saudi financial resources soon thrust him into prominence as an influential spokesman for Muslim-Americans.

This was his entry into the Clinton administration. In 1995, he helped President Clinton and the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) develop federal guidelines for “Religious Expression in Public Schools.”  During 1995 and 1996. Alamoudi and 23 other Muslim leaders met with President Clinton and Vice President Gore on several occasions. Later, Hillary Clinton asked the AMC to help her create a guest list for a Ramadan dinner at the White House.

This led to Alamoudi taking the lead role in establishing a Muslim Chaplain Program for the Department of Defense. Subsequently, he became the final certifying authority for Muslim chaplains serving in the U.S. Armed Services. He retained this influential position until 1998. One of his appointed Chaplains, James Yee, was arrested in 2003 for supporting the jihadists imprisoned at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

Alamoudi’s influence did not stop with the Clinton administration. In 1998, he provided $20,000 to help Republican Grover Norquist, the founder of Americans for Tax Reform, establish the Islamic Free Market Institute (better known as the Islamic Institute or II). Norquist served as Chairman of the Board, while Alamoudi’s chief deputy, Khaled Suffuri was made its Executive Director. The Islamic Institute thereafter quickly became a Muslim Brotherhood front organization. Despite Norquist’s early reputation as a conservative, he has since distinguished himself as an advocate of amnesty for 12 million illegal immigrants.

As a further result of Alamoudi’s connections to Muslim-Americans and his connections with the Islamic Free Market Institute, he and several other  Muslim Brotherhood operatives were invited to meet with then Texas Governor George W. Bush in the governor’s mansion. Suffuri was designated as Bush’s Coordinator for Muslim outreach for the Bush presidential campaign of 2000.

Following the election, Suhail Khan, a member of the Islamic Institute’s board of directors—with many Muslim Brotherhood connections—was made the gatekeeper for the Muslim community and the White House Office of Public Liaison. This put the Muslim Brotherhood in a position of considerable influence in shaping the Bush administration’s understanding of  the nature of Islam and U.S. defense and foreign policy following the 9/11 attacks on New York and the Pentagon in Washington.

In October 2000, however Alamoudi was filmed at an anti-Israel rally where his support for the terrorist organizations  Hamas  and Hezbollah was recorded. .  In 2003, Alamoudi was arrested at the Heathrow Airport near London, carrying $340,000 given to him by Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi for the assassination of Crown Prince Abdullah (later King) of Saudi Arabia and Jihad against the United States. Further investigation after his extradition to the United States revealed that he was a senior financier of al-Qaeda. He is now serving a 23-year prison sentence.

Following Alamoudi’s sentencing, responsibility for Muslim Chaplain selection and training was transferred to the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA)—the largest Muslim Brotherhood front in the United States. Khaled Saffuri was also active in Muslim-support operations is Bosnia and was a partner in Jack Abermoff’s’ firm that lobbied for Islamic banks. Although he claims innocence, Norquist’s reputation was also damaged by the scandal. Abvermoff is now serving a prison sentence on criminal felony charges. Suhail Khan is presently the Senior Fellow for Muslim-Christian understanding at the Institute for Global Engagement. Although he has been a prominent member of the American Conservative Union, he and Norquist were recently accused by conservative activist Pamella Geller of close associations with the Muslim Brotherhood.

Suhail Khan, Grover Norquist, and his Kuwaiti born wife, Samah Norquist, were prominent advocates of building a mosque near 9/11 ground zero. In the Islamic Law doctrine of “Sacred Space” this would have been a symbol of Muslim dominance.

The Muslim Brotherhood is the most powerful Muslim political organization in the world. Its motto is “Allah is our objective; the Prophet is our leader; the Koran is our law; Jihad is our way; dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope.” Their modern operating philosophy is often called “civilization” Jihad or stealth Jihad. They typically work by deception and subversion until they are strong enough to take power and enforce their dominance by the sword. Hamas and Islamic Jihad are two of their terrorist branches. They have also had considerable influence over al-Qaeda. Oil money, especially from Saudi Arabia, is one of their most powerful resources for propaganda, bribery, and corrupting political, civic, business, and church leaders.

The words of many American political and academic leaders indicate that their understanding of Islam is extremely flawed and heavily influenced by the deceptive practices of the Muslim Brotherhood’s stealth Jihad. Anyone who calls Islam a religion of peace and tolerance has been terribly misled. Scores of Muslim Brotherhood front organizations, such as the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), are involved in promulgating subversive deceptions and providing financial support to Hamas.

The influence of the Muslim Brotherhood on the Clinton and George W. Bush administrations is embarrassing, but the Obama administration’s deliberate blindness to the connection between the Islamic doctrine of Jihad and terrorism bodes ill for American security. As to stealth Jihad, the Obama administration’s dedication to mindless multiculturalism and political correctness leaves us defenseless.


Part 2 of 4-

Eliminating and destroying Western civilization from within-

By Mike Scruggs, 2011

Hassan al-Banna started the Muslim Brotherhood with only six members in 1928. Ten years later the Ikhwan (the Arab word for “brethren”) had 200,000 members. By the end of 1948 and the birth of Israel, the Ikhwan had 2,000,000 members in Egypt, about 10 percent of the total population, including women and children. The Brotherhood was established as a Muslim revivalist organization with the goal of bringing Egypt and eventually all other Muslim nations back to the pure Islam of the Koran and the teachings of Muhammad. As purists, they also advocated expanding Islam over the whole world by peaceful or violent means, whichever is required. Their primary stated objective is to bring the whole world under Sharia (Islamic Law). Hence they believe in traditional Islamic fundamentalist Jihad, holy war against all who resist Islam. Spiritual Jihad, a concept embraced by far more deceived non-Muslim academics than Muslim imams, gets little attention in the Koran and the teachings of Muhammad. To the Brotherhood and almost all Muslims, Jihad means to impose Islam and Islamic Law by the sword. The Muslim Brotherhood has basically the same religious and ideological tenets as jihadist terror organizations like al-Qaeda, Hamas, and Hezbollah. In fact, Hamas was created by the Brotherhood as a Palestinian terrorist organization, and al-Qaeda’s leadership has been heavily influenced by them. There is even a cooperative relationship between the Ikhwan and the Shiite Hezbollah terrorists sponsored by Iran. The difference between the Muslim Brotherhood and al-Qaeda is in strategy and tactics. The Brotherhood’s strategy is to build their organization quietly until they are certain that they can overcome non-Muslim nations by a final thrust of violence. They make lavish use of the Islamic doctrine of Taqiyya (deception). Under this doctrine, blatant lies are permissible to deceive non-Muslims about the nature of Islam, Jihad, and Sharia. This may be used defensively or offensively. The Ikhwan advance in Western countries by living peacefully while their numbers are small and escalating their militancy and violence as they establish greater numerical presence and infiltration into the host society. They also advance through charitable organizations and benevolence to Muslim families. This is highly effective in both increasing political support among fellow Muslims and in convincing non-Muslims that their objectives are peaceful and benevolent. The Ikhwan’s mandate for America includes these words: “Make every effort for the establishment of educational social, economic, and scientific institutions and the establishment of mosques, schools, clinics, shelters, (and) clubs.” The Brethren create and make use of numerous front organizations to accomplish what they call “civilization” Jihad — the infiltration and eventual destruction of the host society. Their first in North America was the Muslim Student Association (MSA) in 1963. MSA chapters all over the United States worked primarily on presenting Islam as an acceptable alternative to other religions. Their revolutionary ideology was never revealed to non-Muslims. Almost every Muslim organization in America was formed through the Muslim Brotherhood controlled MSA. In 1973, Saudi members of the Brotherhood created the North American Islamic Trust (NAIT) that funded and now controls more than 80 percent of the property owned by Muslim mosques, schools, and other Islamic organizations in the U.S. Along with huge sums of Saudi oil money come militant Wahhabi trained imams, textbooks, and jihadist literature. The Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) was created in 1980 and is now the largest Muslim Brotherhood front in North America. Muslim Brotherhood infiltration into American government, educational, business, and religious institutions, and even U.S. intelligence services has increased at a rapid pace since then. The ISNA even controls the hiring and training of Muslim chaplains in the U.S Armed Forces. Besides the huge advantage of enormous sums of Saudi oil money, Muslim Brotherhood infiltration into critical American institutions has been considerably enabled by the advance of post-Christian philosophies such as multiculturalism, relativism, and postmodernism. These errant philosophies have generally been endorsed and reinforced by public and university education. In addition, political correctness has tightened the chains around analytical thinking and free speech, making defense against outrageous lies and subversion difficult. Many in the FBI and CIA had long been aware of this dangerous ongoing infiltration of American society by those who intended to destroy it. However, their reports were not well received by higher political leadership levels that continued to embrace a counterfactual understanding of Islam. There was a breakthrough in 2004, however, when the FBI’s Washington Field Office discovered a basement full of Muslim Brotherhood documents and plans in an Annandale, Va., home following a suspicious videotaping of the support structures of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. In addition, the September 2008 Holy Land Foundation trial provided boxes of incriminating evidence that the Muslim Brotherhood front organization was raising funds for Hamas terrorist activities. Six members of the Muslim Brotherhood were sent to prison. Many Muslim organizations like the NAIT and ISNA were listed an un-indicted co-conspirators. One of the documents discovered in the Annandale FBI raid was an explanatory memorandum on general strategic goals for the Muslim Brotherhood in America. It contains this revealing statement: “The process of settlement is a “Civilization-Jihadist Process with all the word means. The Ikhwan must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and ‘sabotaging’ its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and Allah’s religion is made victorious over all other religions.”


Part 3 of 4-

Egypt and the Muslim Brotherhood? Not 1776-

By Mike Scruggs- 2011,

Many Americans have the impression that the protestors in the streets of Cairo are “the people” and are comparable in motivation to the American patriots of 1776. There are some authentic political grievances being voiced by the protestors, but these grievances are not really central to their larger objectives. They are only the froth on top of a deeper brew of tumultuous agitation for power. Beneath the froth are violent ambitions to establish, not democracy, but totalitarian forms of socialism and Islam. The vast majority of these protestors have three things in common: hatred of Hosni Mubarak, hatred of Israel, and hatred of the United States. Their hatred of Mubarak is strongly linked to his cooperation with Israel and the United States in keeping Middle East peace. Mubarak is still popular with ordinary non-activist Egyptians who value stability and remember his war record. The protestors also fall into three main organizational loyalties: the Muslim Brotherhood, the National Association for Change, and several socialist organizations, the most prominent of which is the April 6 Movement. The April 6 Movement is named for their support of a workers’ strike on April 6, 2008. However, it is the Muslim Brotherhood that is orchestrating the protest and mobs. The Muslim Brotherhood (MB) is thought to be the largest single opposition to Mubarak’s National Democratic Party (NDP). At least one-third of the voting population is thought to be sympathetic to MB political and social objectives. The Brotherhood is officially outlawed, but 88 members were elected to Parliament’s lower house running as independents in 2005. This was nearly 20 percent of the 444 elected members of the People’s Assembly. The NDP got the other 80 percent. Mubarak got 89 percent of the Presidential vote the same year. Voter turnout, however, was a mere 23 percent, but according to a Pew Research poll, only 59 percent of Egyptians prefer democracy to other forms of government. Mubarak cracked down on the MB following the 2005 election, and most of the MB independent candidates were swept out of office in the 2010 parliamentary elections. The Muslim Brotherhood has kept a low and deceptively peaceful profile until recently. Their objectives are, however, stated in writing. They believe in the universal dominance of Islamic Law (Sharia), Holy War (Jihad) against all who oppose Islam and Sharia Law, and the destruction of Israel. They are strongly anti-American, anti-Western, anti-Christian, and anti-Jewish. In October 2010, their leader, Mohammed Badie, called for Jihad against Israel and the United States. The Muslim Brotherhood is the political mother of the Islamic Jihad and Hamas terrorist organizations and has been a guiding influence on al-Qaeda. In fact, al-Qaeda’s deputy commander is Egyptian Ayman al-Zawahiri, who still has political ambitions in Egypt. The National Association for Change was founded by Mohamed ElBaradei and a group of opposition leaders in February 2010. ElBaradei, until recently, was Director General of the United Nations-sponsored International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and was awarded a Nobel Peace Prize in 2005. He only returned to Egypt on Jan. 27, 2011, but has made himself available as a spokesman and possible presidential candidate for the opposition parties to replace Mubarak in the 2011 elections. ElBaradei supports legalizing the Muslim Brotherhood and recently stated that “they are as much a part of the Egyptian movement as the Marxist Party or any liberal party.” With Muslim Brotherhood backing, he could emerge to negotiate an interim national salvation government. As head of the IAEA he seemed to favor Iran and believes that Iran or any other nation has a right to nuclear weapons. The April 6 movement is a Facebook-connected coalition of students and young professionals skilled in the latest internet and cellular communication innovations. They number about 70,000 and are often the most visible protestors on television. Like their clinched fist symbol on a red and black background, they tend to be militantly socialist. They are concerned about free speech, jobs, Mubarak’s nepotism, and Egypt’s stagnant economy — which they seem unable to relate to Egypt’s socialism. They are also anti-Israel and anti-American. The protest activities of April 6 and several similar socialist organizations are being orchestrated by the Muslim Brotherhood. The revolutionary coalition of Islamist and militant socialist organizations was not visible to most of the Western media until the fall of the Tunisian government on Jan. 15, 2011. The fall of Tunisia was a catalyst for similar protests in Egypt. However, the underlying Islamist agitation really began with the fighting between Hamas and Israel in Gaza in 2008 and 2009, leading to a continuing naval blockade of Gaza by Israel and Egypt, Egypt’s cooperation with Israel in the blockade outraged the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood. The issue was causing widespread unrest when President Obama spoke in Cairo in June 2009. The recent Pew Foundation Research also revealed some other results that shed light on the possibility of Islamist revolutionary success in Egypt. A huge 85 percent of Egyptians view Islam as a positive influence on government, but only 48 percent believe its current influence is large. A shocking 49 percent have a favorable opinion of Hamas, and 84 percent believe apostates from Islam should face the death penalty. Meanwhile, the Obama administration misrepresents and soft peddles the influence and militancy of the Muslin Brotherhood.


Part 4 of 4-

Egypt and the Muslim Brotherhood: Can the Army stand?

By Mike Scruggs- 2011,

The struggle for Egypt is not over. Egypt’s Ruling Military Council has dissolved Parliament, suspended the Constitution, and promised new elections and a new Constitution in six months. To the Western world’s great relief, the ruling military government has promised that they will continue to honor the Egypt-Israel peace treaty. So far, there has been no disruption of shipping in the Suez Canal. The Military Council is headed by Field Marshall Mohammed Hussein Tantawi. Second in command is Army Chief of Staff Sami Anan. At least 12 other high-ranking Army, Navy, Air Force, and Security Forces commanders are members. The most powerful arm of the Council is the Army with an active strength of 325,000. As in Turkey, Egypt’s officer corps consists principally of secularist nominal or cultural Muslims. However, about two-thirds of Army personnel are conscripts. Judging from a recent Pew Poll, we can expect that close to 84 percent of these younger and more fundamentalist soldiers support Sharia laws such as the death penalty for apostasy. Other active Security Forces number about 300,000 and were largely loyal to Mubarak. The Military Council has already made several concessions to resistance leaders. The most important was to legalize the long-outlawed Muslim Brothers and to negotiate with them. During the last week of demonstrations, the Council had an internal debate on whether to support Mubarak until the September elections or to act immediately. They chose to act immediately in order to safeguard their own power. This is a strong indication that they do not discount the possibility of eventual Muslim Brotherhood dominance of the Egyptian Government and society. Meanwhile, five political parties are forming in Egypt to participate in the promised elections. The Muslim Brotherhood announced that it was forming a party to be called the “Freedom and Justice Party,” a name reminiscent of the hippie-left anti-war party in 1960s California. A Brotherhood spokesman said that the new party “envisions the establishment of a democratic civil state that draws on universal measures of freedom and justice with central Islamic values serving all Egyptians regardless of color, creed, political trend or religion.” Surely some former Acorn propagandist or Chicago community organizer helped them come up with “Islamic Values.” Islamic Values may sound comfortable to naïve Americans accustomed to hearing politicians covering their real positions with vague and undefined terms like “Mountain Values,” or “North Carolina Values,” but Islamic Values are readily definable by Islamic Law (Sharia). Sharia is a complete worldview based on the Koran and the teachings and actions of Muhammad. Unfortunately, Sharia is not compatible with democracy, constitutional government, peace, freedom, or the Western concept of justice, but justifies using such terms to deceive non-believers. Another party, Al-Wasat (Center) is a Muslim Brotherhood faction! The Revolutionary Youth Party and the 25th of January Party are brimming with socialist rhetoric. The Hosam Badawi Party is the reform wing of Mubarak’s National Democratic Party. In short, the likely result of Egyptian elections is a strong showing for both Islamic and Socialist revolutionaries. The great question is whether the Army will have the will to stand up to demands that would advance Sharia or radical socialism. The political and negotiating tactics of Islam and totalitarian socialism are nearly identical. Muhammad, Stalin, and Saul Alinsky (Rules for Radicals) seemed to be reading from the same page of the same rulebook. 1. Whatever advances Islam or totalitarian socialism is the truth. 2. Whatever advances Islam or totalitarian socialism is right. 3. Treaties, truces, and cease-fires are valid only as far as they continue to advance Islam or totalitarian socialism and are used primarily to gain time to strengthen forces or positions against enemies. 4. In negotiations, never stop demanding until your enemy has surrendered everything. If your enemy yields to all your demands, make more demands. 5. Demonizing and marginalizing your political enemies are the first steps to defeating them. 6. Effective subversion and propaganda on your enemy’s home front are just as important and often more important than victories on the battlefield. 7. Never give up. Thus violence, cruelty, deception, and undemocratic means are justified by the ultimate dominance of Sharia Law or totalitarian socialism. These doctrines were used very effectively by the Communists in Korea, Vietnam, and the Cold War. They can also be found in various forms in the Koran and Teachings of Muhammad and are being used by the Muslim Brotherhood and radical socialists in Egypt. Sharia actually demands deception of non-believers to advance Islam. Hence, many American academic, media, and political leaders have been terribly deceived about the true nature of Islam. Unfortunately, this includes many high-ranking U.S. intelligence officers and diplomats. Will the Army demonstrate sufficient resolve to resist the steady stream of Muslim Brotherhood and revolutionary socialist demands? Eventually the mobs may demand an end to the Egypt-Israel Treaty and Western use of the Suez Canal. A second important question is whether the Army will have the resolve to use the necessary force to halt mob violence and prevent violent overthrow of the government. The world media may make things complicated by painting violent revolution as peaceful demonstrations. But if a government cannot use force, even deadly force, against lawless violence, it is doomed.



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