Lynda Bennett for Congress representing U. S. House District 11

By John McNabb- My friends, we are getting ready to return to our North Carolina mountains and great friends and we are excited!! And our Republican District’s runoff is June 23. This afternoon I had a telephone call like I have never had before.

John T. McNabb, during his service in Vietnam.

The background: I received a text message today calling our great friend Lynda Bennett, a Never Trumper. Not knowing the origin I placed a call to Cawthorn campaign headquarters. And spoke with a nice young man. I believe his name is Stephen. Very quickly after, I received a call from Madison Cawthorn and it was unsatisfactory. I had a difficult time getting a word in edgewise. He told me point blank that I was “agitated and uninformed”.

All this from a 24 year old. He and I have had totally different backgrounds. When I was his current age I was flying out of Takhli Royal Thai Air Force Base with the 355th Tac Fighter Wing completing combat sorties over North Vietnam, Laos and the Gulf of Tonkin. Learning leadership and making the right decisions. Young Cawthorn made the wrong decision by calling me back so quickly.

That’s what I call a self inflicted wound. That’s also what I call immaturity and lack of judgment. The young guy isn’t ready for prime time or representing our North Carolina citizens in Congress. And I’m one of them.

I actually can’t remember anyone of substance interacting with me as Madison Cawthorn just did. I am approaching my 76th birthday and my interactions with my friend President Donald John Trump and my friend Vice President Mike Pence have always been civil and thoughtful. So have all of my conversations with Mark Meadows, Jim Jordan and Steve Scalise, Rick Scott (my former attorney), David Rouzer who helped us win North Carolina in 2016 for POTUS and my golf partner Lindsay Graham. And many many more including world leaders all over the globe when I was running a $2+billion international energy company with 14,000 great employees.

President Trump is a great listener as are all great leaders. Young Cawthorn is neither. President Trump has endorsed my great friend Lynda Bennett. My friends let’s make this happen. We need serious people in Congress who have been there and done that. Darlene McNabb and I are voting for Lynda Bennett.

Most of you know I cofounded the Trump Leadership Council in 2016 with my great friend Harold Hamm. Mr Hamm is a member of the Horatio Alger Society the “Rags to Riches” American dream. Harold grew up with 12 brothers and sisters and his parents in a two bedroom house without running water or electricity.

Now Mr Hamm is America’s richest oilman. Harold and I helped another great friend Donald Trump win the Presidency. Harold Hamm through his PAC at Continental Resources, where I am pleased to serve as Lead Director, is supporting Lynda Bennett financially and Darlene and I are supporting Lynda Bennett financially as well. Remember President Trump has endorsed Lynda Bennett in this Republican runoff.

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