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Turkey, Trojan Horses, and Jihad

Is the Ottoman Empire Rising Again?

Mike Scruggs- Perhaps the Turkish Ottoman Empire did not receive fatal blows with their defeat by Allied Powers in World War I in 1919 and the formation of the Turkish Republic in 1923. Moreover, Western Civilization seems enamored with multiculturalist suicide.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan, President of Turkey since 2014.

According to German government statistical estimates, there are about 2,600 Islamic mosques in Germany. About 1,750 or two thirds of them are Turkish mosques. Of these, 900 are directly financed and controlled by the Turkish government’s Directorate of Religious Affairs.

The Muslim population of Germany is estimated to be between 4.4 and 4.7 million, but some claim the number may be as high as 7.0 million of the German population of 83 million. Using what might be a conservative estimate of 4.55 million Muslims in Germany, they are about 5.5 percent of the population, but growing much faster than the native German population. Of the total Muslim population in Germany, approximately 2.8 million or 62 percent are Turks. Of the 1.9 million Muslims who are now citizens of Germany, 1.5 million or 79 percent are Turks.

The European Union (EU) and thus Germany grants dual citizenship to naturalized citizens, and even children of naturalized German citizens may claim dual citizenship until age 23. Effectively, almost all of the 1.5 million Turkish born citizens of Germany hold dual German-Turkish citizenship. Recent population statistics reveal that only 76.4 percent of Germany’s population are native Germans.

In March 2017, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan called upon Turkey’s citizens in Europe to step up their rates of procreation to have five children each, saying a booming Turkish population would be the best answer to the European Union’s “vulgarism, antagonism, and injustice.” Turkey has long sought membership in the EU, which would open the doors of much of Europe to massive Turkish immigration.

Speaking in Turkey, Erdogan urged “his brothers and sisters in Europe” to begin a baby boom in their new countries. “Have not just three but five children,” he told a Turkish-flag waving crowd.

Continuing to address Turks in Europe, he spelled out what is the first step toward Turkish dominance in Europe.
“The place in which you are living and working is now your new homeland and new motherland. Stake claim to it. Open more businesses, enroll your children in better schools, make your family live in better neighborhoods, drive the best cars, live in beautiful houses.”

To those who are unfamiliar with Islamic doctrines, some of Erdogan’s language may sound like merely a wish of good fortune to Turks in Europe. However, Erdogan is placing increasing emphasis on the importance of following Islamic doctrines to Turks at home and abroad. To Turkish migrants and potential migrants at home, he is speaking of Hijra, migration that is the first phase of Jihad, leading to the complete religious, social, cultural, military, and government dominance of Islam and Islamic Sharia law. All this is the imitation of Muhammad and his early followers.

Erdogan’s AKP ruling party is backed by the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), and his actions and speeches increasingly reflect the revivalist ideological doctrines of the MB, which are generally termed “salafism” or a return to the fundamentalist teachings of the Koran and the example of Muhammad. Since he came to power, Erdogan has built 17,000 mosques in Turkey, increasing the number of mosques there by 25 percent. He plans to turn the Hagia Sophia, before the Muslim conquest of Constantinople (now Istanbul) in 1453, the largest church in Christendom, from a museum into a mosque and celebrate the Turkish domination of Christianity.

He has increased the huge Turkish Directorate of Religious Affairs from 72,000 to 120,000 in just five years to expand operations worldwide, especially in Europe. He prides himself in building the biggest mosques in each country as a sign of Turkish and Islamic future dominance. The largest mosque in West Africa, built by Erdogan, is in Accra, Ghana. The biggest mosque in Europe will soon be in Strasbourg, France, and Erdogan is planning Turkish schools in France. Erdogan-established mosques and schools teach salafist Islam that emphasizes the duty of Jihad and future Islamic Supremacy. They follow Sharia Law in forbidding assimilation into non-Muslim nations except for purposes of deception, infiltration, political influence, and ultimately Jihad and Islamic Supremacy.
Besides Germany, Erdogan has great influence in the Netherlands, France, Belgium, and the UK, which are obviously future targets of Turkish Islamic dominance. Turkish journalist Abdurrahman Dilipak recently wrote than Erdogan “has earned the title of Caliph.” Muslim Brotherhood political influences have recently been curtailed, perhaps to make way for a new Ottoman Islamic Empire dominated by Turkey.

According to Raymond Ibrahim, writing for the Gatestone Institute on November 3, Erdogan’s spread of terrorism may not be limited to Syria and Iraq. On a recent Egyptian TV news program, the host declared:
“Leaked information confirms that Turkey is a terrorist state; it supports terrorists—including with weapons. It supports terrorists with weapons. [by giving them weapons].

This time, however, not in Syria…Today’s leak confirms without doubt that Erdogan, his state, his government, and his party are transferring weapons from Turkey to—this is a shock, to where you may ask—to Nigeria, and to whom?—the Boko Haram organization.”

The host then played an audio tape, allegedly a conversation between Turkey’s present Minister of Industry and Technology, Mustafa Varank, and Mehmet Karatas, an official at [the National] Turkish Airlines. The gist of the conversation was that weapons were being transferred from Turkey to Nigeria—and there was a concern that Muslims as well as Christians might be killed. Islamic law forbids the killing of fellow Muslims unless they are “heretics.” A heretic in salafist Islam is anyone who does not comply with the teachings of the Koran and the example of Muhammad, which would include secularized Muslims.

Please see my Tribune Papers article dated July 16, 2018, titled “Growing Christian Genocide in Nigeria.” Boko Haram is a Muslim terrorist organization operating in West Africa that is extremely fundamentalist and similar to ISIS in its ruthless style of terrorism. Nigeria is about 52 percent Christian and 47 percent Muslim. Since 1998, more than 30,000 Christians have been murdered in attacks by Boko Haram. They have also kidnapped about 3,000 women and girls. About two-thirds of their murdered victims are women and children. In one eight-month period alone ending in July 2015, they burned 171 churches and killed over 1,400 Christians.

Recently, on October 11, an American lawyer, Emmanuel Ogebe, filed a petition to the United States via Congressman Chris Smith (R,NJ)protesting the actions of Turkey and the Turkish National Airline in supplying arms to Boco Haram terrorists.

In other developments, The Turks are now allying with the “Free Syrian Army (FSA) ,” now renamed the “Syrian National Army (SNA), to defeat the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and the Syrian government armed forces (Syrian Arab Armed Forces (SAAF) of Bashar al-Assad. Both the SDF and the SAAF include Syriac and Armenian Christians. The FSA/SNA is an al-Qaeda and Muslim Brotherhood backed military force that also spawned ISIS. The FSA/SNA and some of their ISIS spinoffs were supplied with arms by the Obama Administration, including Hillary Clinton.

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton essentially got the U.S. on the wrong side of the Syrian Civil War, supporting Muslim Brotherhood terrorists. Even many conservative American Journalists and politicians were and are still misled on the nature of the Syrian Civil War. The “Arab Spring” was a continuation of long-term ambitions by the Muslim Brotherhood to overthrow religiously moderate or pro-Western Muslim leaders in the Middle East and replace them with hard-driving salafist/ Islamist fundamentalists.

This started by replacing long-time U.S. ally Hosni Mubarak in Egypt with Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohamed Morsi in 2011. This spread as planned to their long-time target of Bashar al-Assad in Syria, whose religious heresy was demonstrated by his protective stance toward Syrian Christians and moderate Alawite Shia Muslims. Obama’s foreign and domestic policy was predictable, because it usually favored Muslim Brotherhood positions. This leaning still prevails in many of the “Deep State” holdovers and appointments, seriously eroding our national intelligence assessments and national security.

What would happen to Europe and NATO if Turkey becomes a member of the EU and millions more new anti-Western immigrants pour into to Europe. Islamic doctrines prohibit assimilation into non-Muslim nations except for the ultimate purpose of deception, infiltration, Jihad, and Islamic Supremacy. (See Modern Day Trojan Horse, by Solomon and al-Maqdisi, for details of Islamic anti-assimilation doctrines details.) Are we seeing the multiculturalist suicide of Western Civilization and the rise of a new Ottoman empire?

Hosea 4:7 ESV: My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge…”




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