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The Businessman’s Minutes-a-Day Guide to Shaping Up


By Dr. Franco Columbu- The ladder to success is a lot easier to climb without the excess baggage of flabby arms, chests, and waist. Furthermore, the increased stress that arises from increasing business responsibilities can be more readily overcome by a man who is in peak shape than one who isn’t.

Just as hard work in the business world can be its own reward, so is working out. In fact, shaping up not only ensures robust health and a longer life, but it improves a man’s ability to bring about and enjoy business success by looking good, feeling good, and making good impressions on business colleagues.

The Businessman’s Minutes-a-Day Guide To Shaping Up is more than another book of exercise and diet tips.

It addresses the problems a businessman faces in finding time to exercise, in setting goals for training, and in changing eating habits that make gaining or losing weight difficult.

The Businessman’s Minutes-a-Day Guide To Shaping Up includes:
• exercise programs developed for a variety of needs and body structures
• knowledgeable recommendations on training equipment and on training at home, at a gym, or on the road
• training programs for improved sports performance
• expert advice on the prevention and treatment of training injuries, jet lag, stress and anxiety, and even eye strain
• a primer on the basics of nutrition, proper food combining, and vitamin and mineral supplementation
• an account of one businessman’s training under Dr. Columbu’s direction that provides valuable insights on sticking to a training program, managing time, and setting goals.

About the Author: Franco Columbu
Dr. Franco Columbu, internationally known bodybuilding champion, has written a book that provides a commonsense approach to this much-misunderstood sport. He discusses in detail such diverse aspects as nutrition, attitude, and actual physique-contest preparation, along with complete bodybuilding programs at beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels.

Exercises to develop every major muscle group in the body are described and illustrated (in sixty-five stunning black-and-white high-definition photographs). Columbu includes the why as well as the how of these championship techniques, points out common mistakes and misconceptions, and offers’ practical advice to potential bodybuilders on training for personal rather than contest purposes.

For bodybuilders at every level of achievement, for athletes of every persuasion, and for all people interested in the science of the body in action and the art of the body in repose, Winning Bodybuilding shows that bodybuilding is the ultimate challenge in athletics.

Dr. Franco Columbu is considered the world’s strongest bodybuilder and has been a repeat winner of virtually every prestigious title, including Mr. Universe, Mr. Europe, Mr. World, and Mr. Olympia. Columbu is the author of Coming On Strong, Weight Training for Young Athletes, Winning Weight Lifting and Powerlifting, and Franco Columbu’s Complete Book of Bodybuilding.He is also a Doctor of Chiropractic and has a successful practice in West Los Angeles.

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