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Thoughts on the NC Constitutional Amendments

By Fremont Brown, I was looking at some Facebook posts and came across the following statements about the six proposed amendments to the North Carolina Constitution that we all hopefully have or will be voting on this election season.

Amendment #1 – Voter Photo ID. What the statement claimed was the amendment would suppress DEMOCRATIC votes (I am not making this up, it is what it said) and that the Photo ID requirements would be decided after the election. First off what BULL – if everyone would need a photo ID how would it stop JUST DEMOCRATIC votes?

Are they claiming now that DEMOCRATS are dumber then their last claim that BLACKS are too dumb to know how to get an ID? Don’t you think that a NC Drivers License would be the number one requirement on the list?

Surely, a Free NC STATE ID that anyone that is a NC Citizen can get for FREE will be on the list. We all know that you need an PHOTO ID to go to the Doctor, buy alcohol, buy cigarettes, open a bank acct. apply for food stamps, for medicaid, drive a car, rent a car, fly on an airplane, rent a hotel room, buy and set up a cell phone account, and on and on it goes.

I have not heard anyone state they can go the Doctor or any of the others listed above because they don’t have a Photo ID. Why would anyone think people are so dumb they would buy it would stop DEMOCRATIC votes? Or any votes for that matter. Yes, I know there is a joke there waiting for you to comment with. But, this is SERIOUS, we need Voter Photo ID to make sure we all can trust the winners of the election are THE WINNERS.

#Amendment 2. – Income Tax Cap, lowers cap to 7% from 10%: They state that this amendment benefits the wealthy. Seems to me it benefits all tax paying citizens by letting us keep more of the money WE earn. They also claim that it cuts the education budget and limits state’s ability to respond to emergencies! Well, guess what it DOES NOT as it is a proven fact that LOWER TAXES INCREASES revenue to the Government therefore MORE MONEY for education and emergencies. To the tune of 2 Billion dollar surplus. Remember the Democrats left us with a 2.5 Billion dollar debt when voted out in 2010.

Amendment #3. – Judicial Appointments, removes Governor’s power to appoint judges when vacancies are in between elections. They state that by shifting the appointment to the General Assembly, which has 170 members, undermines independence of the courts.

Really, appointments by 1 person as opposed to a committee of 170 people undermines the independence of the Courts? Seems to me there is less chance of favoritism to me and a better chance of appointing a judge on merit.

Amendment #4. – Ethics and Elections Boards, removes Governor’s power to appoint state board members. They state this gives the legislature exclusive control. As if defeated it would not give exclusive control to the Governor. In my book its better to have a committee of 170 people as opposed to 1 person choosing.

Amendment #5. – Victim’s Bill of Rights, expands rights of crime victims. They state it undermines due process for defendants and has potential to delay justice for all parties. What the VICTIM’S BILL OF RIGHTS (MARSY’S LAW) IS ABOUT: Would expand the constitutional rights of victims of crime and their families.

While protecting the rights of victims, the bill makes sure that those rights do not infringe upon the rights of the accused. Expands the offenses that trigger victims’ rights to include crimes against the person, felony property crimes, delinquent acts against the person, and delinquent acts equivalent to felony property crimes.

Guarantees victims the right to: be present at any proceeding, to be heard at certain proceedings, to receive restitution in a timely manner, to receive information upon request, and to confer with the prosecutor. Creates an enforcement mechanism for victims to file motions with the court if deprived of their rights.

Marsy’s Law makes clear that none of its language is to be construed as a restriction upon the inherent rights of the court or the district attorney handling the case.

Amendment #6. – Right to Hunt & Fish, Creates a constitutional right to hunt and fish. They state it is a right by law, and is only on ballot to pull more Republicans to the polls. Here is what the amendment states: The right of the people to hunt, fish, and harvest wildlife is a valued part of the State’s heritage and shall be forever preserved for the public good.

The people have a right, including the right to use
traditional methods, to hunt, fish, and harvest wildlife, subject only to laws enacted by the General Assembly and rules adopted pursuant to authority granted by the General Assembly to promote wildlife conservation and management and preserve the future of hunting and fishing.

Public hunting and fishing shall be a preferred means of managing and controlling wildlife. Nothing herein shall be construed to modify any provision of law relating to trespass or property rights. Seems pretty clear to me. How about you?

Remember, the early voting days that are left are: 11/1 7am to 7pm, 11/2 7am to 7pm, and 11/3 8am to 1pm. And finally the last chance to Vote is on Election Day, Nov. 6th, 6:30am to 7:30pm. Please vote- it does make a difference.

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