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For Such a Time as This

The Weinert Family

Special to The Tribune

Glenda Weinert – Glenda P. Weinert is an Alexander resident and is now a Republican candidate for Buncombe County Commissioner in District 2.

Glenda and her husband, Clint, moved to Asheville in 1995. They wanted to start a family in the hometown where Glenda grew up and grow the family child care business.

Glenda quickly embraced the new career in early childhood education by working with families and the community. Most recently, she served as Chair of the NC Child Care Commission and has served on that commission for four terms.

Glenda believes her professional experience in both the for-profit and nonprofit sectors, along with decades of volunteer work in the community, have prepared her to serve the people of Buncombe County. “There is opportunity to increase the dialogue between residents and the Buncombe County Commission, and to be a better steward of the funds entrusted to the County by the taxpayers.”

Glenda has worked most recently to build collaboration between local community partners to make NC Pre-K more accessible in our community.

As the Chair of the NC Childcare Commission, she worked to address many of the challenges facing early education, collaborating with other childcare professionals to balance State requirements with the provider’s business model to meet the needs of children and families.

“I believe I can bring expertise to the Commission to aid in evaluating and finding solutions to these barriers.”

Recent events in our County have highlighted the need for county officials to closely scrutinize our financial transactions. It is our responsibility to ensure that our taxpayers’ hard-earned money is spent wisely and on the type of expenditures it was intended to be used for.

“As a County Commissioner, I would bring the experience and expertise necessary to assist the Commission in this endeavor. I have both an accounting and financial background and know how to balance resources.

I am a small business owner and I have also worked on numerous Boards and understand the need to work together, as a team, to resolve and manage financial issues. I have managed multi-million dollar budgets both professionally and as a volunteer on community boards.

I have worked cooperatively, with many groups, to manage and provide oversight for financial management.”

“Transparency” is almost a cliché’ these days. However, it is the root of public service. “We have a responsibility to let people know what we are doing with their money as well as why we are doing it. I want to be a part of the team that builds better transparency and accountability.”

We must work to find the money that has been misappropriated and even taken from our taxpayers. As a Commissioner, it is imperative to understand the budget process and also know where the numbers come from and what is used to determine the amount for each item allotted in the budget.

The current commission voted to implement COSO (AICPA recommended internal control process). This has not yet been done. I will see to the implementation of COSO and also work with the budget and finance Director and the CFO to insure knowledge and accuracy of the taxpayer’s money.

The future requires that we assess where we have been, where we are now, and where we want to go. Sometimes, we have to ask hard questions to get to the bottom of any issue.

We struggle to be willing to stop where we are, evaluate our issue, and consider that there might be a new path. We live in a great community and we all want the best for our home.

The future looks brightest when we all work together to find the best solutions. “As a member of the County Commission, I will listen to all concerns and opinions so that all feel heard. It is one of my strengths to be able to listen and hear all viewpoints.”
Glenda earned her B.S. in Accounting, and in the decades working as an employee and then as owner/operator of Little Beaver Childcare Centers, she continued her education to earn an MBA and a Doctorate in Business Administration with a focus on Leadership.
Glenda’s service on local nonprofit Boards has ranged from Treasurer to Board Chair, and has included the NC Education Advocacy Council, Children’s Welfare League of Asheville, Junior League of Asheville, and the Asheville Tourist Children’s Fund.

Currently, Glenda is a small business franchise owner and an adjunct professor at both UNC Asheville and AB Tech where she teaches courses in accounting, business, and human resources.

She and her husband of 28 years, Clint, have a family with two sons and their rescued dog, Chewey, who runs the house.

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