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Clowns, pencil pushers, and a coup de e’tat in the USA

John McNabb, in 1969, with the 355th Tactical Air Wing at the Takhli Royal Thai Air Force Base.

By John McNabb, Special to WorldTribune.com- The leftist media headlines read like the Funny Papers in the old printed media lexicon.

Hurricane Florence is President Trump’s fault? In fact, all hurricanes are his fault due to his leadership in extracting the United States from the Paris Climate Treaty which wouldn’t have helped the environment but would have saddled America with exorbitant debt while allowing China to continue to pollute to prosperity.

We also learn from the leftist media that Barack Obama is responsible for the current economic boom under Trump, despite in Obama’s last year as President the American economy was barely growing at an annual 1 percent rate. That is what Donald Trump inherited, and the economy is presently growing at well above a 4 percent plus growth rate. Forget the fact that Obama is worst performing economic President since the Great Depression, almost ninety years ago. The leftist media ignores facts unless they fit their agenda.

President Trump’s achievements continue to multiply. In Barack Obama’s parlance, obviously Donald Trump does have a “magic wand” as his administration is continuing to rack up financial benefits for all Americans. And in addition the international moves that Trump has made including the Jerusalem Embassy, which the Democrats espoused until Trump did it resulting in the normal hue and cry from the Left and their media.

The breakthroughs on North Korea and the improved or eliminated Obama international trade agreements and the withdrawal from the one-sided Iran Nuclear Pact. All under President Trump’s Leadership.

After the United States embassy move to Jerusalem was announced the Left predicted an impending Middle East war, which of course didn’t happen.

The Trump economic plan was claimed by the Left to bring certain economic demise to America, which of course didn’t happen. The leftist media has continued to attack Donald Trump since the 2016 presidential election campaign.

Please recall that while Barack Obama’s was on his worldwide “Apology Tour “and literally bowing down to foreign dignitaries, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, John Kerry, John Brennan and James Comey, the Obama lap dogs, or his “pencil pushers” were bowing down to Obama as was the leftist media.

Barack Obama could do no wrong. The “Apology Tour” created an international environment spawning the Libya/Benghazi disaster, culminating in the murders of patriotic Americans, the Muslim Brotherhood’s overthrow of the Egyptian government, and Vladimir Putin’s illegal takeover of the Crimean Peninsula. Domestically the Obama Tax, Spend and Over-regulate economic policy cratered an already weak economy.

All of which were approved by his pencil pushers and the leftist media. The Hollywood airheads and the leftist East Coast and Left Coast wealthy elites deferred uncritically to their celebrity head of state, the least-vetted president in American history.

Leadership isn’t easy. It requires focus and commitment to a plan. Leadership is all about “We” and making a positive difference.

Speaking of Barack Obama, he was back in the news recently in Cleveland, theoretically supporting two Ohio candidates but like usual he was stuttering and stumbling through a forty-minute speech where he talked about himself seventy-nine times! And the media gushed. Unbelievable!

The leftist media is unhinged and has totally lost any semblance of journalistic integrity. The New York Times, Washington Post, CNN and MSNBC are all vying to one up each other in the fervor of their partisan narratives.

Then there’s Kamala Harris and her manufactured Senate hearing quotes, Michael Moore’s pasty face and nonsensical rants, and Cory Booker’s Spartacus moment. What has happened to the Liberal Left? Adding insult to stupidity is Jim Carrey’s push to transform the United States into a socialist nightmare akin to Venezuela. Socialism hasn’t worked anywhere in my lifetime.

Carrey of course is no student of economic history but will always be known for his epic contribution to society in his poignant role as the “Pet Detective”. A fellow to be taken seriously?

And then there is Robert De Niro who does presume to be taken seriously. He is after all a successful actor who has played a series of tough guy roles: a Vietnam War veteran, a professional boxer. So he must be a tough guy, right?

No, Mr. De Niro is a coward. We learned that when he used a bully pulpit to fire up a brain-dead audience of pampered group-thinkers at the 2018 Tony Awards.

The world was his stage as he cursed the president of the United States with a cheap, adolescent schoolyard taunt. His apparent lack of formal education would have disallowed him from being a colleague of mine in the two Fighter Wings in which I served from 1969-1971. He play-acted the hero but didn’t suit up to fly combat in a real war.

A well-paid blow-hard. An empty suit.
While the clowns, the leftist media, the pencil pusher bureaucrats curse the president, they also enable more sinister forces putting a literal curse on his presidency.

The plot against America emanates from the very pinnacle of the unelected sector of government in Washington DC. American governance has deteriorated to a point where elections aren’t valid unless they fall within a suitable ideological band of liberalism.

America needs to wake up!

Maxine Waters is preaching violence against conservatives. This is both disturbing and extreme. I was with Congressman Steve Scalise recently.

The Bernie Sanders socialist loonie who opened fire on a Republican Congressional softball practice session one year ago was there to kill. And there were children practicing as well. A close friend of mine has a son who was an Emergency Room physician on duty when the critically injured congressman was wheeled in. I was made aware that Steve Scalise is very lucky to be alive.

The malfunction of a switchblade knife recently saved a California Republican candidate from a life-threatening situation by another idiot leftist and follower of Maxine Waters.

So is Maxine a “clown”? Absolutely, but consider the consequences. She is inciting violence” to this day with impunity.
For the Left, sad to say, human life is expendable but political power is not.

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