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Six Amendments and Four State Wide Judge Races to consider

by guest columnist, Fremont Brown III-

The Following are the six constitutional amendments that you will be asked to vote on in the upcoming mid-term election. Right to Hunt and Fish What the ballot will say; “Constitutional amendment protecting the right of the people to hunt, fish, and harvest wildlife.” ”Protects North Carolinian’s’ right to hunt, fish and harvest wildlife using traditional methods. If passed, NC will be the 23rd state to adopt such an amendment.

We are experiencing intense urbanization from areas that are unfamiliar with our hunting and fishing traditions, with seeing trucks with guns in their rear window, or observing citizens walking along a roadside carrying a firearm and they are offended by these types of traditions.

This amendment ensures for future generations that these types of actions are normal and that they remain part of our heritage. Victims’ Bill of Rights What the ballot will say; “Constitutional amendment to strengthen protections for victims of crime; to establish certain absolute basic rights for victims, and to ensure the enforcement of these rights.

”So many times victims of crimes do not receive notice of their hearings, nor are they included in pleas or sentencing. This amendment ensures that victims of crimes have rights, as do criminals. Income Tax Cap What the ballot will say: “Constitutional amendment to reduce the income tax rate in North Carolina to a maximum allowable rate of seven percent (7%)” Currently our constitution caps the income tax rate at 10%. This amendment will help ensure that North Carolinian’s can keep more of their hard earned money by insisting that future legislators and governors meet our fundamental government needs and sustain fiscally responsible budgets.

Voter Photo ID What the ballot will say: “Constitutional amendment to require voters to provide identification before voting in person.” Like 38 other states, this is needed to protect our citizens’ vote and the integrity of our state’s election process.

Judicial Vacancy Appointments What the ballot will say: “Constitutional amendment to change the process for filling judicial vacancies that occur between judicial elections from a process in which the Governor has sole appointment power to a process in which the people of the State nominate individuals to fill vacancies by way of a commission comprised of appointees made by the judicial, executive, and legislative branches charged with making recommendations to the legislature as to which nominees are deemed qualified; then the legislature will recommend at least two nominees to the Governor via legislative action not subject to gubernatorial veto; and the Governor will appoint judges from among these nominees.”

Currently, in NC, the defacto method to fill judicial vacancies is that only one person, the governor, will make decisions that ordinarily would be left up to the people. History tells us that about 40% of all judges in our state might be seated by only one individual over two gubernatorial terms, and that horrific practices have taken place by both political parties.

This amendment will reduce the number of positions that are vacated early and will create a broader and more inclusive body to fill vacated judicial positions.

Bipartisan Board of Ethics and Elections What the ballot will say: “Constitutional amendment to establish an eight-member Bipartisan Board of Ethics and Elections Enforcement in the Constitution to administer ethics and elections law.”

It is simply not right that this board currently is controlled by one person who could and has come under ethical scrutiny on which the board must rule. This amendment instead would create an eight-member bipartisan board much like Federal Elections Commission to administer ethics and election laws that would be free of the influence of any political party or branch of government.

Nominations will come from the leaders in both the majority and minority parties of the legislature. Judges The following candidates for Judgeship’s are candidates and sitting Judges that DO NOT WRITE LAW, they rule according to the Law. Keep in mind a Judge that writes law violates his oath of office.

The legislative power of the State shall be vested in the General Assembly, which shall consist of a Senate and a House of Representatives. NO LAW MAKING POWERS ARE GIVEN TO THE JUDICIAL SYSTEM. JUDGES CAN NOT MAKE LAW.

So, when you consider who to vote for as a Judge check out which candidate states they rule according to what the law states and that their RECORD of RULINGS shows exactly that. You do NOT want a Judge to make rulings as they wish the law to be or they think it should be. THEY CONSTITUTIONALLY DO NOT HAVE THE AUTHORITY TO DO SO.

Be sure to vote the Complete Ballot as in 2016 about 800,000 North Carolinian’s did not vote for the Judges. Remember thanks to the Republicans: Your income taxes go down again Jan. 1, 2019 to 5.25% and the standard deductible goes up to $20,000. By cutting taxes 99% of NC residents will pay less or NO STATE INCOME TAX.

Yes, Republicans Care about you and wish for you and yours to prosper. Fremont V Brown III, VP Mountain, North Carolina Federation of Republican Men, Member of Buncombe County Republican Men’s Club, NCGOP District 11 Member-at-Large

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