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Things to Consider before Voting

I know we have all heard the following from friends or others when asking which party they are registered with – “Well, my Daddy and my Granddaddy, etc. have always voted for the so and so party.” Well, think about that folks.

They are not the same parties your Daddy or Granddaddy, voted for. And hopefully, your Daddy raised to you to think for yourself. The Democrat Party is going Socialist more and more everyday. They wish and have shown by past actions they are willing to take YOUR MONEY and do as they please with it plus increase the State debt. The North Carolina Republican Party is becoming more and more conservative.

The Republican Party is working hard to conserve your money by cutting regulations and taxes thereby lowering your expenses of your households and businesses. Saving you money while still giving you the services you need from the State. Which should be a good thing in everyone’s book.

Are you sick and tired of the Judges making law with their rulings? I know I am. Well, guess what the Constitution of the State of North Carolina has to say about that. Article II Legislative, Section 1. Legislative Powers.

The legislative power of the State shall be vested in the General Assembly, which shall consist of a Senate and a House of Representatives. NO LAW MAKING POWERS ARE GIVEN TO THE JUDICIAL SYSTEM. JUDGES CAN NOT MAKE LAW. So, when you consider who to vote for as a Judge check out which candidate states they rule according to what the law states and that their RECORD of RULINGS shows exactly that.

You do NOT want a Judge to make rulings as they wish the law to be or they think it should be. THEY CONSTITUTIONALLY DO NOT HAVE THE AUTHORITY TO DO SO. I would suggest checking out the following judges: Justice Barbara Jackson, Jefferson Griffin, Andrew Health and Chuck Kitchen.

The only Republican legislator we have in Buncombe County is in Senate District 48, Chuck Edwards. Republicans hold the majority in both the Senate and the House. We will be voting for 2 Senate seats and 3 House seats in the coming election.

You should seriously consider voting Republican as the Democrats will not be able to past any bill they wish to pass unless it is a bill the Republicans wish to pass also. In other words the Democrats that are now elected from Buncombe have NO POWER to help you. They are useless to the people of Buncombe. So, is it not best to vote for someone that can get something done for the people in Buncombe while in the Legislature? Do you not want some say in how your state functions? Isn’t that what you elect them for?

It is very doubtful the Democrats can retake the legislature at this point. The Republican Party holds a 75–45 majority over the Democratic Party in the House.

In the Senate Republicans hold 35 seats and Democrats hold 15 seats. Check out Chuck Edwards for Senate District 48, Mark Crawford for Senate District 49, and for House 114 Kris Lindstrom, House 115 Amy Evans and House 116 Marilyn Brown.
Are you upset that the Democrat controlled Buncombe County Commission did not keep a more watchful eye on the County Manager and her staff?

I know most of you have been keeping track of their doings in the paper and on TV. I know it would have been nice that the Commissioners ran the County and told the County Manager what they and people wanted done. Wouldn’t it be nice, if the Commissioners ran the show?

I would suggest you look at the two Republicans running for Commissioner seats in Districts 2 and 3. Both run successful businesses and know what questions to ask. They are Glenda Weinert in District 2 and Robert Pressley in District 3. To help you decide who to vote for check out some of the Candidates Video interviews at:

Fremont V Brown III, VP Mountain, North Carolina Federation of Republican Men

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