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By Carl Mumpower, Chair- Buncombe’s Republican leadership has been working hard to unify our local party. As a personal observation, we’re halfway home. As the only political movement capable of stopping the excesses of the left, it’s important we push all the way. We can’t impair the opposition’s efforts to reset America’s Doomsday Clock by fighting against ourselves. It helps when we remember unity doesn’t require uniformity and that perfect people and politics rarely operate in the same room.

Thank goodness, in the absence of our fullest potentials, there are other conservatives also doing their part to counter Brand-X. We call these folks “Our Partners in Good Governance,” and we’re glad we have them.

Though we may not always agree 100% with the mission or methods of the Tea Party, Freedom Works and action groups like the new Angry Buncombe Taxpayers coalition, we recognize their crucial importance as part of the thin red line standing against the increasing absurdities of the left.

Today, we’re especially pleased to bring attention to the latter band of organized conservative thinking folks – the Angry Buncombe Taxpayers group. As Buncombe’s systemic corruption unfolds with seemingly weekly revelations of taxpayer abuse, we believe their mission of accountability merits our support and encouragement.

It’s important to note this is not a party affiliated action. It’s leadership is comprised of Democrats and Independents as surely as Republicans. That’s because the new Angry Buncombe Taxpayers group is addressing an issue that impacts all of us who pay taxes in Buncombe County – systemic abuse and lack of accountability by a governing elitist majority.

We’re impressed with this unique body’s efforts to challenge a clearly self-serving machine of good old boys/girls recklessly ignoring financial oversight while indulging liberal special interests with abandon. Wisely, these folks refuse to ignore a glaring reality of the Wanda Green, Inc. scandal – this was a donkey tale that unfolded under Democrat control – decades of it.

Think back to the changes that have occurred on their watch over these many years. For those of us who have grown up here, retrospection reveals our Asheville has been stolen and replaced with something far less normal, noble and nice.
Where we might part ways with these good folks a tad is on the issue of a forensic audit. Right now it might make more sense to sit tight and let the state and national agencies who’ve been triggered work their magic.

You haven’t been audited until you’ve had the FBI scanning your six. They can do things an auditor – even a forensic auditor authorized by country leaders – can’t do. One of those things is access personal tax filings as a means to identifying abuses. You may have noted an example when agents were able to identify expenditures in a clothing store using county resources. That revelation came from Ms. Green’s personal taxes, not information available in the country books.

When you’re able to pull up years of T.J. Maxx receipts, that’s auditory authority times ten.

Our take on a forensic audit is let’s wait until the very engaged authorities complete their investigation and charges. There’s little reason to spend the energy and time now – especially if it’s read as cover for the political machine who’s been controlling county government for decades. They”re wringing their hands and racking their brains for a way to dodge this accountability.

What we very much agree with is the reality that our opposition has been in full control of city and county government for a long time and they’ve been given a pass by our mass media outlets. Pretense our daily did the best they could is just that.

The extravagant salaries, nepotism and profound resistance to information requests associated with having something to hide have been a visible warning for years.

There have been others, but the C-T has been so busy beating up on conservatives and the Republican Party while accolading the left and the Democrat Party, they’ve drastically neglected their profound responsibility as a source of light crucial to our Republic. Instead of light on wrong-doings, they provided shade for wrong-doers.

In the face of media bias and a continued refusal to put the accountability where it lies, one of the plans of the Angry Buncombe Taxpayers group is to put the banner up above all over Buncombe County. They need your help to make it happen.
If you have property near a roadway, please get on their web page ( and contact these folks as a partner in good governance.

The mission – raise awareness in Buncombe County that there is an alternative to business as usual by the liberal-progressive-socialists hiding behind media bias, indifference and a smiling face of deceit.
In government, we get no better than we earn. Now’s the time to earn something better…

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