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Law enforcement officers say reporter being targeted by Buncombe County sheriff candidate

Chad Nesbitt is a contributing journalist for the Leicester Leader, the Weaverville Tribune and the Asheville Tribune.

First Officer

The first officer pulled Nesbitt to the side at Cracker Barrel and told him he overheard Quentin Miller had run the tags on Nesbitt’s Prowler sports car and Nesbitt had a revoked driver’s license.

Nesbitt said, “The officer told me APD police officers, friends of Quinton Miller, have been looking for me driving the Prowler and were going to pull me over and harass me. I told the officer I haven’t driven my Prowler in two weeks. I guess that’s why they couldn’t find me.”

Nesbitt asked the officer if he could run his driver’s license number and see what came up and he did. Nesbitt’s driver’s license came back clear and not revoked.

Nesbitt said, “I told the officer my driver’s license expired June 5 2018. When I went to the DMV to have it renewed, they told me my license had been revoked for an insurance lapse of which I was unaware. I explained I had changed insurance companies and there was no lapse.

The DMV officer told me that an FS1 form would need to be sent to the tag office and I needed to speak with the district attorney. I called my lawyer and showed him proof of insurance of which he showed the district attorney and my license was reinstated within 24 hours.”

Second Officer

A second officer pulled Nesbitt to the side at the Asheville Mall. Nesbitt said, “The officer told me I needed to be careful because Quentin Miller’s police officer friends were coming after me. The officer told me that if I was pulled over to keep my doors locked, stay in the car, ask the officer to call for his supervisor, and I should dial 911 and ask for assistance.

I asked why? The officer said because they can put something in my car that doesn’t belong there.”

Nesbitt continued, “I asked the officer why Quentin Miller has it out for me. The officer told me Miller doesn’t want me asking questions about his past, his foster kids, his suicide attempt and why his sister was fired from the sheriff’s department.”

Complaint filed with the APD

On June 28, Nesbitt filed a complaint with the Internal Affairs Division of the Asheville Police Department.

In the complaint, Nesbitt explained two officers warned Chad Nesbitt of possible harrassment from APD officer Quentin Miller and asked for an investigation to see if Chad Nesbitt’s name had been run in the DCI database and why.

On August 2, Sergeant Russ Crisp replied with a form letter. The letter said the information regarding the outcome of the investigation is not available to the public or the complainant. In order for it to be available, the employee must be dismissed, suspended or demoted for disciplinary reasons.

Nesbitt said, “Quentin Miller retired July 1. If the findings of the internal affairs investigation say that Quentin Miller targeted me then there is no way he could be dismissed, suspended or demoted because he had already retired from the police department before the conclusion of the investigation.”

Nesbitt is currently seeking legal ways to see the results of the internal investigation.

Nesbitt said, “Just imagine if a police officer told you to call 911 if another officer pulled you over. The only way I can protect myself and my family is to bring everything out in the open. When I find out the contents of the internal investigation I will know the truth.

If the contents say I was not targeted, then Quentin Miller will have my sincerest public apology. If the contents say I was targeted, then Quentin Miller and the City of Asheville will meet the wrath of my attorney. Meanwhile I will continue to report credibly, truthfully, and factually.”

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