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When the box is opened – remember who was in charge!

By Carl Mumpower- Power is a drug. Like most drugs it’s also addictive, invariably linked with denial and highly toxic. In the very near future we are going to have a front-row seat to powerful people crashing into their addiction.

This outcome is not a cause for celebration. Good people don’t delight in tragedy, waste and destruction. What we do want to do is learn from the experience.

There’s lots to absorb from the drama we might be tempted to call The Wanda Green Story. In truth this this is a conspiracy tale, not a biography.

Have you noticed how so many of Buncombe’s usually collegial staff and political players have – excepting soundbites of denial – clammed up? One is reminded of a flock of chickens attempting to avoid the attention of the cook with the hatchet.

Such silence is especially uncharacteristic for the normally ready and willing public figures who have been running Buncombe County for decades. Of whom do with speak – why of course it’s the central players of the Democratic Party. You know, the folks currently being micro-managed by Asheville’s progressive-liberal-socialist movement.

When the lid comes off the investigator’s box of information, expect to see some very familiar names who’ve ridden Buncombe’s Democratic dominance into the ground. In that mix there’s a possibility of an elephant gone rogue, but the herd will reliably be donkeys dressed in blue.

Why does that matter? Because Buncombe County residents have too long naively accepted the smiling assurances and something for nothing promises of the dominant party. It’s important to remember that Democrats have been in control of County governance longer than most can remember and that power monopoly has precipitated this conspiracy of abuse.

Please also note the culpability of our mainstream media outlets. They’ve spent so much time bashing conservatives and painting happy faces on the left’s agenda that sincere investigative political reporting has all but disappeared. The power abuse signals have been visible for years and all our local daily has managed is to ignore those flags and mock those attempting to turn on the lights.

Worse, they haven’t learned. Asheville’s perpetual 7-0 progressive-liberal-socialist lock is challenged with the frequency of a solar eclipse. Balance is apparently a concern to our community’s liberal advocacy journalists only when their side is not in control.

A box of woe is about to open on some powerful people who’ve been lost in their denial. When it all goes down, will the left’s ‘anti-everything but what we want’ activists be prying off plaques honoring those who participated in the ruse?

When the truth comes out, please remember this isn’t The Wanda Green story – it’s A Donkey’s Tale…
Buncombe’s Republicans have an affordable housing problem!
For proof positive our community’s Republicans are not part of this high dollar corruption mix you can do two things – look at the plethora of run-down cars at our Executive Committee meetings and check out our bank account.

Though the new leadership team has raised a good chunk of change in an unfriendly local environment, we need that money for supporting our candidates with billboards, signage and poll workers come election day. Paying for a commercial HQ amidst Asheville’s market realities is not within our current means.

In short, we have an affordable housing problem.
It may be news that a review of the books for the past 15 years or so reveals that candidates, the RNC, NCGOP, and/or generous benefactors have carried the lion’s share of the costs of a GOP campaign headquarters. We’re not looking for help from candidates or state or national organizations – we like to carry our own water.

That said, we do need the help of local conservative-minded folks who understand the importance of a roof from which we can help our candidates distribute their materials, secure our phone bank and otherwise help elect Republicans.

We’ll do what we have to, but clearly having a place to hang our hat between next month and the election is in everyone’s best interest but our opposition’s.

We’d appreciate your help as we work to come up with a creative and realistic solution to our “affordable housing” problem. That’s how we’ve handled a parade of hurdles over the past year. We’ll do it again – with your support…

Each week the editors of The Tribune are selecting a communication from the Buncombe County Republican Party we feel will be of interest and value to our readers. You can learn more about your local Republican Party’s efforts at

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