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South African strategic and humanitarian concerns: Will black empowerment socialism make South Africa great?

South Africa ranks first in production of several rare minerals critical to U.S. national security: chrome, manganese, platinum, vanadium, and vermiculite. It is second globally in palladium, zirconium, and the titanium minerals rutile and ilmenite.

The ANC is an extremely left-wing party that has dominated South African elections with over 62 percent of the vote since the election of Nelson Mandela as President in 1994. Mandela was, in fact, a Communist leader during the struggle against Apartheid and often used typical Marxist agitation tactics. Combined with the even more radical EFF, the two extreme leftist parties have a 69 percent dominance of national elections. The leaders of the EFF Party openly call for exterminating whites who resist black confiscation of farm or other properties. Both the ANC and EFF represent a brand of traditional Marxist politics married to strongly anti-white black nationalist sentiment.

A feature of ANC dominance has been a set of employment and property laws called Black Economic Empowerment (BEE). This officially discriminates only against whites but in reality also discriminates to a lesser extent against mixed-race Coloured, Asians, and the original Khoisan inhabitants of South Africa. The Khoisan are now only a small minority of 400,000, less than one percent of South Africa’s present population of 55 million. Many Khoisan men belong to the oldest known male DNA group in the world, found chiefly among themselves and in the Nile Valley in Southern Sudan. The currently dominant black Bantu tribes, such as the Zulu, did not begin their massive migration into South Africa from central Africa until the 1780s, 130 years after the Dutch settled on the South African Cape coast in 1652.

The employment feature of Black Economic Empowerment limits whites to 8 percent of jobs in companies of 50 or more employees, despite the difficulty of filling many technical and other jobs requiring high-knowledge, skills, and training needed by these companies. Thus not only are skilled and highly educated whites suffering more unemployment but the success of South African companies is hindered and limited. BEE also requires increasing black ownership of these companies as employment grows. Thus company owners must surrender more and more ownership if their enterprise grows. This is a serious barrier to both domestic and foreign investment. The latest unemployment figure (2017) for South Africa is a whopping 27.6 percent, with youth unemployment at 50.1 percent. Although President Nelson Mandela’s government elected in 1994 was hailed around the world as a great hope for the future of South Africa, it was actually characterized by government nationalizations of industry that resulted in economic disaster. The ANC and its allies have continued and expanded Marxist economic policies of which BEE is a prime example and confiscation of white property without compensation is the next step to further disaster.

One political lie that is being used to justify farmland confiscation from whites without compensation is that whites stole the land from blacks. Actually, the Bantu tribes did not start showing up in numbers in the main farmland areas that later became the Orange Free State and Transvaal Boer republics until the Dutch-German-French Huguenot Boer farmers were already settling there and experiencing little competition in farming. .

In addition to South Africa’s soaring crime rate, holding the title to the world’s highest murder and rape crime rates, an incredible 18.9 percent of its adult population has HIV/AIDS. This amounts to 7.1 million people. In 2016, 110,000 South Africans died of AIDS.

Except for Genocide Watch, Fox News, and smaller independent news agencies and reporters, most Western media is giving little attention to the potential white genocide, civil war, and economic disaster that is brewing in South Africa. There is some white flight and with it a “brain drain.” Most Western European and U.S. politicians probably fear that taking on white South African refugees will get them branded as “racists.” In addition, the Boers in general also hold conservative Christian views that would not be welcome by political parties that are trying to supplement their election advantage by importing more reliably left-liberal voters. Canada, however, is actively recruiting white South African doctors and medical personnel who will agree to serve in areas of Canada where there is a shortage of medical care.

Australia is considering issuing fast track visas to 10,000 South African farm families. The Russians are actively recruiting white South African farmers and claim they might take 16,000 farm families. One advantage to both Australia and Russia is that South African farms have a well deserved reputation for innovative and highly productive farming in relatively arid climates.

If the recent example of Zimbabwe holds, confiscation of white owned farms in South Africa will prove an economic disaster. Although Communism has never been successful for the common people anywhere, the leaders of the South African ANC and EFF parties believe all it needs is a heavy touch of black leftist statism.

In view of South Africa’s vast natural resources, civil war, genocide, or economic chaos could also make South Africa vulnerable to takeover or economic control by ambitious foreign nations or alliances. It could simply be a trade of economic and agricultural support for exclusive interest in critical resources—a new more sinister form of colonialism. Because of South Africa’s dominance in defense-critical minerals, this would not be good for the U.S. or our allies.

South Africa has an army of 40,000 and its other three branches—the Air Force, Navy, and Medical Services—bring the total South African National Defense Force (SANDF) to about 70,000. According Suidlander sources, the combat arms of the SANDF are being purged of whites. This could make them a potential instrument of genocide, but internal conflicts could also push them to foreign military agreements exchanging advice, equipment, and “training” personnel for exclusive access to critical and rare mineral resources.

Former President Obama spoke in South Africa a few days ago commemorating the life and 100th birthday of Nelson Mandela (also called Madiba). The nature of the event was not appropriate for a critical assessment of Mandela or the ANC, of course. I will only say that Obama is good at glossing over uncomfortable truths. He did ironically manage to hold both U.S President Trump and Russian President Putin up for scorn as twin enemies of what the ANC, Marxists, and Obama preach is democracy.

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