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Protestors enjoy blaming someone else

They simply make up their own cheers and signs and go at it. (Not to mention that – at least for many – it’s a rather sexy way of showing off. It was during the Woodstock Days and it probably still is. Hormones don’t change much except in the minds of a few.) Facts don’t seem to matter much.Frankly, it seems that their biggest protest in a number of cases is simply the fact that they themselves are not being recognized for anything and that this is a way they can stand out. Kind of like cheerleaders at a sports event, but this is cheerleading at a street event.

For instance, one of the recent themes of the immigration protestors in downtown Asheville and elsewhere was ‘these people are starving in Mexico, and have no choice but to come here.’ ‘What kind of a heartless racist would want to prevent a father from putting food on the table to feed his starving children’?

The truth of the matter is that the nation of Mexico has one of the highest obesity rates of any nation in the world.

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) warned about the need to change eating habits in Mexico, where 73% of the adult population is overweight or obese.

Unfortunately, Mexico is one of the leading countries in obesity, including men, women and children. It is a problem of great seriousness,” said Julio Berdegué, regional representative of FAO, within the framework of the 35th FAO Regional Conference for Latin America and the Caribbean, which took place recently in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

According to data from the National Health and Nutrition Survey (ENSANUT), in 2016 73% of the adult population in Mexico was overweight or obese: 7 out of 10 adults, 4 out of 10 teenagers and 1 in 3 children.

So, no the “starving children in Mexico” argument flat out doesn’t work as a justification for mass (illegal/legal) Mexican immigration in to the US.

Hopefully these protestors wouldn’t think of blaming the police for separating a father from his kids if the dad were caught, arrested and jailed while stealing a car or robbing a clothing store. Seems like it just might be the dad’s fault, not the cops.

Blame the right people.

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