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Illegal immigration: Enabling is not compassion

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While it’s true that American’s care, fake love that enables people to be dumb, destructive, disruptive or diabolical isn’t love. It’s called enabling – and the left is masterful at confusing the difference.That’s all recycled nonsense. Thank goodness most smart Americans get the difference in revealing truth and distractive drama. The traditional American heart is grounded in reality, reason, responsibility and right. Being conned by the left, our southern neighbor, and a gazillion people seeking to abandon their country for ours has nothing in common with any of those agendas.

Got a drug problem? It’s not your fault – you have a disease and/or chemical imbalance. That bad personal choices got you started and keep you going has no part in the pretend love of the enabler. Those thus programmed don’t understand that when personal choices and responsibility are removed from the treatment equation, the patient gets worse. In the case of drugs, worse until they die.

Are you homeless? It’s not your fault. You are a victim of a capitalistic culture that discards people. That you have a criminal background, chose the street over more demanding lifestyles, refuse mental health interventions, or otherwise embrace this option as a matter of choice gets lost in the tricky mind of the enabler. Those wondering why our homeless problem is growing can look to the fact we’re making it easier to check out than to check in. That’s enabling – not compassion.

Had 3 kids you can’t take care of? Are they the product of flings, partying, or bad choices on the kind of man you chose to spend time with? None of that matters. Though the learned capacity to raise a baby is arguably more crucial than the natural capacity to make one, enablers have licensed uninformed single-parenting as a social norm. That the absence of a dad is a number one predictor of future problems for our offspring isn’t a factor. That we’ve perfected birth control to the skill set necessary for a five-year-old requesting their daily vitamin gummy bear doesn’t count either.

Human beings license stupid stuff less out of concern than a chance for the enabler to play Batman. It’s fun to be a benevolent rescuer – even if their actions kill the hostage. Think of bombing a town into dust in order to save it.

On our southern borders are a host of people with kids in tow as a means to stealthing their way into America. Most succeed – some get caught. Conservatives get why they come – we’re less patient with their willingness to use children as a shield.

Under those circumstances, border patrol is the least of one’s worries. An air-conditioned tent city won’t kill you or your kids. The worse that happens is a short-term separation until the authorities can pull the family back together and legally send everyone home. It’s the heat, the snakes, lack of water, sex-trade, bandits and the heartless drug cartels that are the real danger.

The left is having a hay day focusing on the children of the people attempting to illegally come into our country. The left’s mission of illuminating immigration drama is shameless opportunism. Why? Because they’re dodging genuine solutions.

Brand-X knows that anytime anyone with kids is arrested for breaking the law anywhere in our country, it results in a family separation. Violating our borders without legal license is breaking the law. When do we start focusing on the lawbreaker’s accountability for the risks to their children? The left doesn’t want to fix this problem – they want to milk it.

The fix is simple – close the loopholes that give false hope, build the wall, hold unscrupulous employers accountable and improve the path to legal citizenship. As our President has persistently stated – that’s all doable – when we really decide that’s what we want to do.

Our Republicans in DC are actively trying to find a positive point of action on our immigration problem. Brand-X (all the factions of the left including the Democratic Party) is satisfied with exploiting the victims.

It’s time to make it clear to our neighbors that we are done with their human export programs. Building the wall will do that in a way that nothing else can. It’s also time to tell left to hush and stop trying to take a bath without getting wet.

Don’t like the way America is handling things on our border? For clarification, try jail-time in Mexico, Columbia or Nicaragua.

We might also want to remind one another that children are a gift and a responsibility – not a ticket…

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