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One more reason for district elections

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Carl Mumpower, Buncombe County Republican Party Chairman – Asheville’s police officers have been taking a beating lately. City leaders, administrators, mainstream media outlets and community activists are echoing a common message – “Our police department is broken and we’re going to fix it even if we have to destroy it.” The reality it’s impossible to make something good through bad means seems to have been lost in the rush toward condemnation. Time will reveal the holes in this ill-advised strategy.

In the interim, we wanted to bring something to your attention. This past week is National Police Week. It’s a time across the country where those of us who appreciate our law enforcement officers step up to say thanks. And if there is any group who need and deserve a little wind under their wings, it’s Asheville’s police officers.

These men and women are surrounded by craziness. They’ve got politicized administrators on one side – opportunistic politicians on another. Then comes the social activists whose idea of cultural improvement is to discard the rule of law for the rule of personalities. How about that slow, inefficient and ineffective court system that does only one thing well – fund the legal community. Our APD officers are simply surrounded in stress and you’ll note that we haven’t even mentioned the other folks they face – criminals.

Asheville’s City Council met last on May 15th. We checked to see if there might be some sort of proclamation or resolution recognizing what is a pretty big week for police officers. There was nothing – and when we checked the minutes from recent meetings, there was nothing there either. Our 7-0 ultra-liberal council either chose to ignore this event or missed it. It matters either way.

Amidst the four proclamations on the agenda was one real attention getter – “Tick-Borne Disease Awareness Month.” We get the tick thing, but may we suggest a formal proclamation to such while ignoring National Police Week is the equivalent of celebrating “National Buzzards Keep Our Highways Clean Month” on Mother’s Day?

Looking for more flags on our city’s governing body? Consider the top of the next Council agenda – a proclamation highlighting ‘Vegan Challenge Week.’

Don’t look now, but things are about to get even more squirrely with our city and country law enforcement agencies. That matters, because these are the men and women who stand between us and the bad guys.

Shame on our city council for defaulting to ticks as a priority proclamation over endorsing our officers.

That’s just one more reason that Senator Chuck Edwards has been so right in standing up for broader community representation through Districts. When everyone is coming from the same place, things get lost.

Turkey is a Tough Place to be in Prison

It’s not every day a local person captures the eyes of the world, but such is the case with Reverend Andrew Brunson of Black Mountain. You may have heard that this gentleman has become a retaliatory target for Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. These are tough days for Reverend Brunson and recent weeks have brought a trial that is fraught with intrigue and discouragement.

We’re sharing this with Buncombe Republicans and our partners in good governance for two reasons: (1) This gentleman needs your prayers and support and (2) to note the proactive engagement of Senator Tillis and Representative McHenry in trying to aid Reverend Brunson.

We applaud them both and add a note of thanks to Congressman Meadows for joining with Congressman McHenry’s support letter initiative. Importantly, President Trump is equally involved in this matter.

Why is their engagement necessary? Because Erdogan is facing an American leadership that is not responding well to his attempts to manipulate and bully. In contrast to past years, we are fully involved, not backing down and unwilling to play nice with people who are playing bad.

There’s something to be proud of in all this – and we wanted to bring that to your attention. It heralds a better day for America’s beacon of light.

The President’s recent actions in opening our Embassy in Jerusalem and nixing an unsigned, unratified and shamefully hollow Iranian nuclear arms agreement puts an exclamation point on a fact – America’s leadership is back in the real world…

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