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President Trump was right to pop Obama’s fantasy

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Republican President Donald Trump made the extraordinary decision to pull out of the Iranian nuclear accord. Predictably, he was attacked from all sides and – excepting Israel and Saudi Arabia – found his administration once again walking the lonely road less traveled.

The Buncombe County Republican Party would like to applaud our President’s decision. Would you like to know why? Here’s a quick list.Prognostications of catastrophe and disaster were immediately forthcoming. See picture above for an example of an earlier real disaster that was largely ignored. More on that later

1. Iran’s support for the verification process has been persistently deceptive and fraught with intrigue.

2. Iran persistently verbalized their commitment to undo and/or ignore the agreement.

Iran’s promise to “annihilate” Israel has remained firmly in place.

Iran has accelerated their role as the world’s largest terror export county.

Iran’s has maintained a persistently hostile relationship with the US since the accord.

Iran is actively and militarily asserting its position in Libya, Syria, Lebanon and other middle east countries and their missile development program is on after-burner.

This was never a Senate verified treaty of law – it was an Obama treaty.

Israel just revealed Iran’s pattern of lying on their weapons grade stockpiles, nuclear actions and ambitions.

The two historically adversarial middle-east countries (Israel and Saudi Arabia) with the most to lose if Obama is right about Iran’s sincerity have been united in affirming he is wrong.

World leaders with a pattern of placating aggressive nations are repeating the same postponement sentiments with Iran. Speaking of postponements, did you know that Iran never signed the agreement?

President Trump has been clear – “The Iran deal is defective at its core – one sided, horrible and disastrous.” Once again, he demonstrates a level of courage and realism that perplexes antagonists. We live in a world where image has become the standard over reality – but that doesn’t mean we have to participate in the ruse. He doesn’t.

The BCGOP has another reason we appreciate the President’s action. It is an appropriate response toward the nation that served as the chief importer of IED’s during the Iraq war. A startling number of allied personnel were killed and maimed by Iran’s dark touch – and there was never accountability.

Last week our President spoke up for the men and women impacted by passive indifference to Iran’s earlier actions in Iraq. We thank him for effectively saying, “No, my administration will not support an agreement that opens the door for Iran to develop and one day apply an IED of catastrophic proportions.”

In contrast to his predecessor – our President understands the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior.

Update: Now the real work begins…

The often unpleasant and divisive strains of the primary season are behind us. Now it’s time to lay aside accumulated animosities, hurts and disappointments and step toward our real advisory – Asheville’s liberal-progressive-socialists.

That sort of re-set doesn’t occur by accident. Letting go of negative feelings, attitudes and experience demands conscious thought, effort and maturity. Nobody can make us do it. It’s sort of like recovery from surgery. Initially one has to force themselves out of a comfortable hospital bed.

We have a solid pool of candidates for the upcoming election. They need our help. Importantly, they also need to feel they represent a positive political movement people can embrace. Republicans have a great set of principles and a strong political platform – locally we also need the attitude, unity and positivity to bring those values to life.

There are a lot of undecided, confused, turned-off or discarded voters in Asheville, Buncombe and WNC. It’s our job to work together to nudge them in the right direction. To succeed – you and me have to start with you and me.

Want an example of a good unity effort? How about 15th District Republican candidates Amy Evans and Nathan West having breakfast together on election day.


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