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Hundreds attend National Day of Prayer event

Brookstone Pastor Jim Dykes

Several well-known evangelists spoke at the event among them were Randy Shepherd of Crossfire Ministries, Pastor Jimmy Dykes of Brookstone Church (North Asheville Baptist Church), president of the Western Carolina Rescue Ministry Micheal Woods, Kayce Lewis Pastor of River of Life International Church, and representatives of 106.9 The Light. The Jay Christian and Team band played music throughout the event and encouraged the crowd to sing with them.

Attendee Jordan Scott said, “Everyone of these pastors gave a great message on different topics.” Scott said, “The music was inspiring.”

Organizer Marilyn Biddix read scripture between each speaker. Speakers prayed for our nation, the president, families, young people, the city of Asheville, our military, the nation of Israel, pastors, and our political leaders.

Congressman Mark Meadows

Congressman Mark Meadows, Senator Sanders, and Commissioner Joe Belcher attended and spoke to the crowd.

Another organizer Karen Brooks asked the pastors in the crowd to come to the stage and pray for congressman Mark Meadows and other national leaders. When she did Congressman Meadows stood up and kneeled below the stage. The pastors came down, laid their hands on him, and prayed for him and our country!

Attendee Janice Morgan said, “When Congressman Meadows kneeled I broke out in tears. I felt so proud that we have leaders that put God and country first.” Morgan said, “We need more leaders like Congressman Meadows.”

William Cole, another in attendance said, “We were not part of the prayer thing, but saw Mark Meadows walk in and we could hear the music in the hall. We thought we would peek in and this lady asked us to join them.” Cole said, “Neither one of us, (Cole’s brother), are big church goers, but we are Christians. When we saw Mark Meadows kneel and all the pastors prayed over him, my brother and I went to our knees. There was something in the room that just moved us.”

Communion was led by Pastor Jimmy Dykes where attendees gathered to remember the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

Former president of the North Carolina Women Aglow Margaret Smathers said, “I’m proud of these young men who stand up for God and his Commandments.” Smathers said, “Everybody needs to stand up and testify boldly.”

The National Day of Prayer is always the first Thursday in May, and organizers say this was the largest attendance yet. Brooks said, “We had representation from the local, the state, and national branches of government.” Brooks said, “I believe people want God to be in their lives. Through him our country is in unity.”

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