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I felt pride to see our local sheriff sitting next to the U.S. Attorney General giving input to our President to make schools safer. I can’t remember another time in Henderson County history when such an honor was bestowed. Thanks to Sheriff McDonald, Western NC is making a difference for the nation, not just for our county or our district.

However, I was shocked to read the vicious attacks leveled at Sheriff McDonald’s honor – attacks on Facebook leveled by his primary challenger, Lowell Griffin. Dishonest in content, and sour grapes in smell. Sure, this was bad timing for anyone running against the Sheriff, but let’s face it, McDonald earned the honor. His tireless service to making Henderson County safer and the metrics that prove his success are hard to run against.

But, none the less, Lowell, please try to keep this clean and run on your record without intellectually dishonest attacks against your opponent. We all know the only time folks tear down their opponent is when they have nothing to run on themselves. END 174

Jane Bilello

Wall of Honor Heritage Sentinel

FreedomWorks Super Activist


Asheville Tea Party

Asheville Tea PAC


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