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America’s Debt is on Republican Minds

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By Carl Mumpower, Chair- Conservatives, with our devotion to nature’s relentless call for accountability, understand that nothing good comes easy in a hard world. That includes governance.

Our affirmed dedications to the lessons of time and reason mark why we sometimes find ourselves conflicted with the actions of our elected officials. Last week’s budgetary vote was one such time.

By now you’ve heard all the arguments supporting the bi-partisan budgetary initiative. There’s merit in most all of them – including the need to rebuild our worn-down military; keep the government’s doors open; and find a point of compromise with the opposition that allows forward movement.

Still, it remains that we have taken a path of least resistance we have been on for years – spending tomorrow’s money today.

We get the fact that when the ox is in the ditch it’s prudent to pull him out. But if that happens over and over, when do we ask the question about why the ox keeps falling into a ditch?

The national budgetary process is beginning to feel a lot like a private household juggling so much credit card debt they can’t ever get on their feet and plan ahead. That latter scenario doesn’t usually have a good outcome. It’s been 20 years since we’ve had a normal budgetary process in Washington.

Then there’s that other nagging issue that Republicans and our partners in good governance keep running into. The Republican Party needs to stand for something people can count on.

President Trump’s unprecedented victory tells us why. He won because people believed he had a positive vision and would do what he promised – and the other side would too, but with disastrous consequences.

If you’re a conservative, smile as you take note of how hard our President tries to match his words with actions. His style may be up for debate – his sincerity of effort in standing for his commitments is beyond authentic reproach.

As Republicans, we share a passion for fiscal sensibility. That this mission remains in our party’s platform and stated principles is telling. May we get specific?

NC Republican Party Platform: Article II – Section (3) Government should tax only to raise money for its constitutional functions. We support a thorough review of expenditures each year… – Article V – Section (2) We believe that government at all levels should not spend money it does not have and avoid passing on debts to future generations. Then there are the Principles of the North Carolina Republican Party to include No. 4 – “We Believe government must practice fiscal responsibility…”

We’ve got the words down, but looming in the background is a conflicting reality check – the numbers. In 2008 our national debt was roughly ten-trillion. It is now twenty-trillion. Per actions last week, going forward we have a budgetary arrangement that is likely to add a half to a full trillion a year to that figure – and that’s if everything goes as planned.

The BCGOP is not into bashing our Republican elected officials. We recognize that no matter how imperfect some Republican leaders may be, they are infinitely preferable to the progressive-liberal-socialism enthusiasms of Brand-X.

We also get the thought that the perfect shouldn’t be the enemy of the good. We understand that it’s the pattern, not the isolated instance, that marks the man.

In terms of patterns, we acknowledge the Republican Party has a persisting history of imperfectly reaching for the right thing. Importantly, we recognize the opposition is equally persistent, but more alarmingly perfect in reaching for the wrong thing.

If the mission is preserving America’s beacon of light, the choice on which side to take is crystal clear.

America’s debt is on Republican minds. It’s on the radar of the leadership of the Buncombe Republican Party and we wanted to let you and our elected officials know.

Going forward we will be doing more to raise our concerns when Republican talk is not matched with Republican walk. With believe the future of our country will be best served if we keep a keep focus on the promises of our elected officials and our party’s principles and platform – all in a positive and persistent manner.

The recent budgetary vote, and the resulting additional debt, has provided us this opportunity to raise a flag of concern. We appreciate your patience and help as we continue to build on the good – without ignoring the not so good…

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