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Pouting is Not a Productive Path to Progress


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By Carl Mumpower, Chair- Just in case you missed it, may we suggest that congratulations are due to President Trump on an exceptional State of the Union Address? Though you wouldn’t know it from the antagonistic media chatter, from start to finish, he was on his A-game.

Per his grace under pressure, Republicans – and all Americans with a sincere interest in preserving our country’s beacon of light – had a great evening. For others – not so much.

The behavior of Brand-X (progressive-liberal-socialists) was remarkable. The parade of open hostility, immaturity and narcissism was starkly awkward – and revealing. When, on your worst day, have you ever felt like being mean, negative and adversarial was a path to anything good? Imagine giving yourself or a colleague implied permission to behave like that at work or church or in a social gathering. You wouldn’t – and no one else would unless they had some kind of hidden license.

Actually, the left does have a license. It’s the same one that all addicted people use to permit bad behavior – denial.

The relationship between denial and addiction is, well, undeniable. They come packaged together ounce for ounce. How else would you imagine a sex-addict transitions to preying on children; an alcoholic drinks and drives; or a religious zealot beheads his fellowman in Iraq?

One other thing is clear about addiction – we can become addicted to about anything. In the case of Brand-X the addiction patterns are pretty clear. Here’s their top ten – (1) Elitism that tells them they’re more enlightened than the rest of us. (2) Confusion on love and compassion versus imposters like enabling, lust and dependency. (3) The self-granted right to act out anger based on a perception of personal exceptionalism. (4) Ends justified the means thinking. (5) Misery – see Nancy Pelosi – because they don’t understand that anger and depression go hand in hand. (6) Bullying licensed by middle-school thinking as an antidote to insecurity. (7) Using racist methodologies to accuse others of racism. (8) Arrogance framed in an unwillingness to admit one can be wrong. (9) Embracing and acting out hate as an antidote to assumed hate in others. (10) A careless indifference or antagonism toward inconvenient truths.

All of these patterns were in view during the President’s address. The contrast between his positive approach and their negative message could not have been better illuminated. That’s sad, but good. The left’s mean-spirited script stands as an eye-opener for those who pay attention to who they follow. Negativity is not a road to political empowerment – pouting is not a path to progress.

The State of the Union Address offered a great recap of our President’s successes in his first year in service. His growth in office and sincerity to his campaign promises were validated in spades. Of equal importance, his vision for the future was brought into sharper focus and most Americans liked what they heard. They understood that this President – uniquely – translates words to actions.

It’s not a stretch to recognize that we are sometimes taken aback by President Trump’s style. Thankfully – and in contrast to so many politicians of smoother demeaner – his substance is solid and value driven.

The State of the Union Address demonstrated we have a President who walks his talk – and that the other side has a leadership team stuck on pout.

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