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Local art dealer exhibits paintings in Raleigh

w vance brown at GalleryC

W. Vance Brown II, local art collector/dealer and step-grandson of artist Wladimir de Terlikowski, has assembled a comprehensive assortment of the Polish painter’s works in Raleigh.

By Dasha Morgan – The breathtaking paintings from the estate of Wladimir de TerlikowskI (1873-1951) are being shown at Gallery C at 540 North Blount Street in downtown Raleigh for a few more weeks. Charlene Newsom, gallery owner, has chosen thirty-two paintings from the Estate to exhibit in their original custom hand finished frames made by DELF in Paris. There are large and small paintings in striking colors and palettes including portraits, fruits and flowers, chateaux, and scenes from Paris, Venice, Morocco and European landscapes. This stunning exhibit will be at the gallery until February 13th.

Terlikowski was intrigued by the varied shapes of natural objects and buildings and the variances of light. His work, primarily in oils, immediately brings to mind the renowned Impressionists. The paintings have a strong textural feeling brought on by the artist’s captivating palette knife technique. Bennard B. Perlman’s book, Wladimir de Terlikowski, His Life and Art, can be purchased through W. Vance Brown (see below). Perlman relates that Terlikowski was a great admirer of Van Gogh, thought highly of Gauguin’s colors, admired Matisse’s palette and respected Cezanne.


Almond Trees in Springtime, Wladimir de Terlikowski (1873-1951) 

He steered clear of trends like Cubism, Dadaism and Surrealism. An earlier biographer Arséne Alexandre wrote, “He cannot be attached either to Impressionism nor to any kind of painting ‘ism.” His emotion is his own and his way of working belongs to no one.” His work was exhibited alongside Matisse, Utrillo and Bonnard in Paris, Rome, Venice, and Warsaw. In later years there were exhibitions in Dallas, Chapel Hill, the Asheville Art Museum in 1976, and Charlotte in the ’80’s.

Old_Walls_in_Besse-en-Chandesse_with_Snow_1912 SM

Old Walls in Besse-en-Chandese with snow, 1912

The preservation of this impressive collection of Terlikowski’s paintings is primarily due to Jeanne, TerlikowskI’s wife and W. Vance Brown’s grandmother. During World War II she managed to move the paintings from house to house across France, saving the collection from destruction or confiscation—the wartime fate of many works of art. W. Vance and his mother, Loula Rockwell Brown the artist’s step-daughter, have traveled far and wide over the years to collect the paintings, and to ship them to Asheville. Local art collector, dealer and step grandson, W. Vance Brown II, has assembled a comprehensive assortment of this Polish painter’s works of art to be seen and purchased. They are certainly strikingly beautiful and would brighten any room. If you wish to contact him, perhaps to learn more about the paintings or the artist, just email W. Vance Brown at

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