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Higgins has first fundraiser


Buncombe County Sheriff’s candidate Shad Higgins talks with some of the attendees at the fundraiser.

Along with the food there was a singing group entertaining the supporters of Higgins, who owns Weaverville Tire and Wheel. He is also a youth coach and supporter of youth sports in the North Buncombe area.

Among his supporters at the event was Jarrett Farms owner Forest Jarrett, a well-known Leicester resident who said of Higgins, “[As a] old wore out pistol toter I’m 100% behind him and he’s the right kind of people. Anything we can do for him count us in the park.”

“[He’s] a good solid conservative stance. He pays a great deal of attention to the children and that’s a very necessary thing,” said Mike Bustle,a former candidate for sheriff, when asked why he was supporting Higgins. “He’s very strong in the business community. A lot of good contacts. Just a fine individual I’ve known him a number of years…he’s a good guy”

“I just met him [Higgins], but I’ve had a lot of people tell me about him. Things that I like and I think it’s time we had someone of his character in office in Buncombe County,” said Bob Penland, a Candler resident and member of US Representative Mark Meadows’ staff.


While Higgins is running as a Republican, he made it clear that the Buncombe County Sheriff had to be a sheriff for all county residents. “When you call the sheriff’s department, they don’t ask you if you’re Republican or Democrat,” said Higgins. Asked what he wanted voters to know Higgins said, “That we’ll be transparent. We’ll have an open door policy and be very approachable.”

“I think Shad Higgins is a common man with common sense,” said Jimmy Fox, a North Buncombe resident who was there to support Higgins’ candidacy. “I think he stands for the right morals, and he has great leadership. He’s a proven businessman in our community and he treats everybody fairly.”

Also attending the fundraiser were Buncombe County Commissioners Mike Fryar and Robert Pressley. Fryar likes Higgins for a lot of reasons including that he believes that Higgins will watch “the people’s money.”

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