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DACA: Déjà Vu the 1986 Amnesty: Into the Trap and Over the Demographic Precipice

Illegal and excessive legal immigration hurts American workers by reducing job opportunities and significantly suppressing their wages, $494 billion annually. In addition, it costs federal, state, and local taxpayers an estimated $172 billion in government benefits and services. See my August 10 article on “Fixing the Immigration Swindle” for substantiation.

President Trump promised during the 2016 campaign and in his inauguration speech to end DACA. Ten states are now suing the Federal Government to end DACA. Many conservative organizations who are pro-enforcement and realize the immense dangers of amnesties, such as NumbersUSA, FAIR (Federation of Americans for Immigration Reform), and the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) have been disappointed and concerned by Trump’s unexplained delay in stopping DACA. One reason for their concern has been the departure of Steve Bannon and other conservatives from Trump’s advisory staff and that Trump is now surrounded by advisers who may favor keeping DACA. Some of these are said to be his son-in-law and daughter, Jared and Ivanka Kushner, Gary Cohn, General McMaster, and General Kelly. Attorney General Sessions and Senior Presidential Policy Advisor Stephen Miller, formerly on Session’s Senate staff, strongly oppose DACA. General Kelly, however, is reportedly blocking Miller’s recent contact attempts with Trump.

Trump is also being encouraged by House Speaker Paul Ryan to keep DACA. No surprise! In the Senate, Thom Tillis and the usual RINO suspects would like to trade important Trump agenda approvals, such as Trump’s RAISE Act (See my August 10 article) and funding the border wall for a “conservative amnesty.” The history of amnesties, however, indicates that they multiply illegal immigration and additional amnesties, reduce American wages, and send fiscal costs soaring. A “conservative amnesty” is about as credible as a painless abscess tooth. The big cheap-labor users, the U.S. Chamber, and the ethnic immigration-increase lobbies may celebrate, but most Americans would be hurt, and this time we are near enough to a demographic precipice to destroy any future possibilities of conservative national government.

Besides the precedent of ignoring the U.S. Constitution to exercise “compassion” to illegal immigrants at the expense of lawful immigrants, American workers, and taxpayers, DACA would set a terrible precedent for immigration policy. It would be birthright citizenship exploded by a factor. We are the only nation on earth to retain a birthright citizenship policy. The rest of the world has recognized the foolishness, enormous fiscal costs, and vast potential for cultural destruction of such policies. DACA would set a super-foolhardy precedent for demanding green cards and eventual citizenship for anyone brought to this country when 16-years-old or less by one or more illegal immigrants. In effect, any illegal immigrant who claimed to be brought to the U.S. before the age of 16 could claim a Green Card and path to citizenship.

Historically, amnesties have resulted in increasing illegal immigration by factors of two to three. Counting the additional amnesties given to supplement the initial 1986 amnesty, the multiple could be as high as six to one. President Reagan was persuaded despite his reservations to give amnesty to what he thought would be less than one million unlawful immigrants. It turned out to be 2.75 million, and additional supplemental amnesties brought the total to nearly 6.0 million.

They also result in more intense lobbying by ethnic and cheap labor special interests for more amnesties and looser immigration enforcement. According to his attorney general, Ed Meese, Reagan considered the 1986 amnesty the biggest mistake of his eight-years as president.

According to the 2013 Heritage Foundation Study on the costs of amnesty, the average unlawful immigrant household costs were $14,387 per year in government benefits and services more than the tax revenues they contributed (2010 data). Legal status does little to improve their income, because of their lower than average skill and education levels. Amnesty would add Medicare and Social Security retirement, increasing their average net deficit of government spending over tax revenues to $22,700 per year. Whether illegal or amnestied, these costs are essentially a subsidy benefiting the employers of cheap foreign labor. Business profits from hiring cheap legal or illegal foreign labor currently amount to approximately $548 billion per year. Even a very small fraction of that leaves enormous potential to lobby and to contribute to the political campaign funds of their vassals in Congress and state legislatures.

The proponents of DACA are now filling the internet and cable news programs with propaganda that DACA will be a popular act of compassion that will be good for Republican as well as Democrat politicians. Yet the vote of amnestied unlawful immigrants is likely to remain better than three to one for the Democrats. This could easily overturn any chance of Trump winning re-election again in 2020 and would not have a favorable impact on other Republican races.

But new Democrat voters might not be necessary to defeat Trump and the Republicans in 2020.

A Trump approval of DACA would likely be damaging to the previously intense loyalty of Trump supporters. A liberal oriented (Morning Consult) poll indicated that 73 percent of Trump voters would support “compassion” for “Dreamers” (DACA recipients). I do not doubt that many would support it, without being fully informed of the consequences. But the question is how many would fall away. Trump is by no means so popular that losing a faithful minority of his supporters, even a few percent, could easily spell defeat for both him and many other Republicans. The more informed voters are on DACA, the more likely they are to oppose it. The reality of DACA would soon have visible consequences. Embracing DACA and the Dreamers may sound “compassionate” and smart to some, but it could make the U.S. a Democrat dominated or Democrat-RINO minority dominated nation for the foreseeable future. All of Trump’s considerable progress on immigration, national security, and economic growth could be swept away in a few years.

According to Jessica Vaughan with CIS, research on Dreamers contradicts the glowing public image portrayed by DACA supporters. Vetting of DACA candidates has been poor or totally absent.

The DACA intrigue is shaping up much like the disastrous 1986 Amnesty. Senator Schumer, the current Democrat Leader in the Senate, was instrumental in undermining the enforcement measures promised to President Reagan as a U.S. House Representative in 1986 and 1987.

All the perfumed hopes, misleading arguments, and pleas for “compassion” are posted all over the internet.

DACA is now a trap set to discredit Trump with his own voters and limit him to at most one term. The trap will also make Republicans a permanent national minority, erase Trump’s formidable achievements, and impose the social agenda of Marxist Democrats and the economic agenda of globalist mega-corporations on unwary American voters and institutions. We should know Trump’s direction before this is published on September 6 and 7. Pray for divine wisdom and courage for President Trump, his Cabinet, Congress, and the American people.

Hosea: 4:6: “My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge.”

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