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An insider’s look at President Trump



McNabb was born near the coal fields of West Virginia according to his bio. The first in his family to attend college, going to Duke “…on a football scholarship where he was an All-American during his senior year. He served two combat flying tours in Viet Nam, where he was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross.” McNabb then went into the energy sector. “He founded Growth Capital Partners in the early 90’s selling it to Duff & Phelps, where he retired as Vice Chairman of Corporate Finance. Most recently, he served as the Chairman and CEO of Willbros Group, one of the largest energy contractors in the world.”

He also is involved in education. “He also serves as an Emeritus Board of Visitor Member at the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University. And most recently he served as Chairman of the Board of Visitors at the University of Houston, where he taught leadership both in the United States and overseas,” according to the bio. McNabb now lives in Asheville.

McNabb said they founded the Trump Leadership Council back in April of 2016 out of a concern for the country’s direction and to help advise then-candidate Donald Trump on economic matters. The Council consisted of some of the top American business leaders. The Council represented ten different disciplines including agriculture, energy, transportation, banking, finance, healthcare and defense.

The Trump leadership council met with candidate Trump in person at Trump Tower and presented him with economic feedback.

“I’m not sure there’s ever been such a candidate, especially in light of what Obama didn’t do with business. He could have cared less. He just didn’t…he wasn’t interested in business,” explained McNabb. “I’m just not sure a group like this has ever been put together, with the candidate sitting there and listening and taking notes and asking great questions.”

“The Donald Trump that I know is quiet, charming, thoughtful, bright as can be, funny at times, [a] great listener and as far as being a racist, sexist, and all that stuff that people throw on him, I have no evidence of that,” said McNabb. “It’s simply the media gone awry.”

McNabb became a mouth piece for the Trump campaign doing news television appearances and writing op/ed articles for newspapers. After the election McNabb said that he went dormant, but went on a bunch of college campuses just to “see what was going on and to find out what these young people are learning and what they think.”

What he found did not make him optimistic. “It’s a little shocking, frankly, what they’re being taught and sort of what they get fed. That’s what they spout back out,” McNabb told the Tribune.

Hamm contacted McNabb telling him he wanted to do something going forward to support the President’s economic agenda and to hold Congress accountable. That’s when the American Leadership Council was born, with those two purposes in mind. McNabb is vice-chairman of the council. McNabb says he plans on traveling to several states to verbalize the economic plan to the electorate and to elected officials.

Part of the American Leadership Council’s plan centers on tax reform. McNabb said some of the people involved in that effort include Steve Forbes, Steven Moore, Art Laffer, and Larry Kudlow. “They’ve put together a really comprehensive, simple tax reform bill, which I characterize as a job creation bill,” said McNabb. “It’s not going to do anything for the rich…We have the highest corporate tax rate of any developed country in the world. By far the highest tax rate. Part of that plan is to take it back…hopefully to 15%.”

McNabb points out that Republicans have the majority in both houses of Congress, and what is needed is leadership to pass such reform. He added, “Their thinking is an immediate tax cut for the middle and lower income. Nothing for the upper income; that will probably stay the same. And hopefully a repatriation of all this cash that’s oversea…it would really kick this economy forward!”

“I think tax reform is going to be a focal point for the mid-term election. This is simple; it makes sense. It isn’t weighted to the rich, the right or the left. It’s all about creating jobs…It will be interesting why someone wouldn’t vote for this,” said McNabb.

Along with the tax reform, McNabb would also like Congress to take another crack at healthcare reform.

Obama said that, “if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor; if you like your healthcare plan, you can keep your healthcare plan.” Of course, that didn’t happen. “I have a friend that’s had five health care plans,” McNabb said. He’s a senior executive with a pre-existing condition. “I wasn’t able to keep my doctor, and I wasn’t able to keep my health plan,” he said. “He’s had five different providers because they keep canceling him out.”

“It’s a mess, and it’s going to get worst. You’re going to end up with single providers in some states with huge increases in the premiums. So that needs to be dealt with,” explained McNabb. “That gets back to Republican leadership. I’d love to see some leadership from the Democrats, but I haven’t seen any. All I’ve seen is, ‘No’,” said the former democrat.

“When Congress comes back from break I’d love to see a renewed effort to bring unity to the party,” he said, “and start getting something done.”

McNabb believes Trump has already done a lot without Congress’s help. He cites naming the appointment of a new justice to the Supreme Court and killing $90 billion in bureaucratic regulation that McNabb said was stifling businesses and the economy. He said that the President’s rhetoric on the border enforcement has led to a 17-year low in illegal immigration.

“Household income is up. Consumer confidence has rebounded. He’s reducing the debt. He’s building cash in the treasury. The Trans Pacific Partnership has been cancelled, the stock market is way up” explained McNabb as he continued, “The Paris Accord, the US has pulled out of that. It made no sense. We were going to spend the most money and be more negatively impacted by the Paris Accord than anybody else.”

He then addresses the media’s coverage of President Trump stating, “I’ve never seen anything like this. I don’t think anybody has. I’m disappointed. I’m appalled and also shocked with the way the media has treated this President…he gets no credit for what he’s done.” McNabb then stated that this country is built on civil discourse and that he doesn’t see much of that coming out of the left and coming out of the media.

He believes that Obama was too quick to make a statement to the press about an incident before having the facts. Whereas Trump waits for more information and the press criticizes him for doing so. “Its interesting times!”

McNabb looks forward to working with the states to move forward this economic agenda. “The American Leadership Council has many senior leaders in the various states who are eager to move forward the President’s agenda, as well. It’s going to be busy for a while, and I’m probably going to stay off the golf course for some time, unfortunately,” he added. This President’s agenda will enable him to become the best economic president in history.

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