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Charlottesville: Freedom of Speech under Siege: The Mainstream Media’s Cultural Marxist Suppression of the Facts

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Violent events in Charlottesville on Aug. 12, took the place of what would have been a peaceful and lawful protest against the Charlottesville City Council’s removal of the city’s Robert E. Lee monument to Robert E. Lee.

Mike Scruggs – The tragic events in Charlottesville, Virginia, on August 12, took the place of what would have been a peaceful and lawful protest against the Charlottesville City Council’s purpose to remove the city’s monument to Robert E. Lee, long revered in the South and elsewhere.

Jefferson Davis remarked in a Memorial Speech following Lee’s death:

“This good citizen, this gallant soldier, this great general, this true patriot, had yet a higher praise than this or these; he was a true Christian.”

By the way, Lee released the slaves he had inherited in 1857 by 1862, long before the end of the war, when he was certain that each had the training and means to succeed economically on their own. He was not in favor of slavery but knew that their transition from slavery to freedom required thoughtful preparation.

The demonization of Lee, Confederate leaders, and the Confederate symbols is based on a false narrative of American history. How to handle the slavery question was an issue in the North-South conflict, but not in the inflated moral sense that most people assume. Yet the myth that the Civil War was a moral crusade against slavery persists because of past and current political agendas that should receive more penetrating public and academic scrutiny. The war was, as one Southern pastor remarked, about “Sectionalism,” which covers many breaches of regional trust. I do not want to digress, but the unwarranted demonization of all things Southern is a major cause of racial unrest that demands a more honest and courageous generation of politicians to correct. You may read more on this in my (Leonard M. Scruggs) book: The Un-Civil War: Shattering the Historical Truths, 2011. The demonization of the South is a prevalent Cultural Marxist narrative supporting Marxist agendas to suppress freedom of speech and destroy American social, cultural, and government traditions. The mainstream media response to the Charlottesville tragedy is essentially a Cultural Marxist narrative to discredit the presidency of Donald Trump, remove him from office, and shut down any resistance to Cultural Marxist narratives and agendas.

Demonization of political opposition was one of the strongest characteristics of Stalinist Communism and continues to be a strong characteristic of Cultural Marxism in the West today. The doctrines of Alinsky inspired American Marxism have no respect for truth, ethics, civil rights, or even human life.  Its lies and distortions are meant to confuse and deceive the unwary and enlist them in its propaganda campaigns. It makes extensive use of false narratives, infiltration, and false flags.

The Charlottesville-Lee Monument issue was written especially large, because most Americans are fed up with the sort of unwarranted politically correct erasure and distortion of history by those whose hateful agenda for America is to destroy and bury its Judeo-Christian based culture and freedoms.

It was, in fact, the Marxist inspired and endowed Antifa (“anti-fascist”) and Black Lives Matter bully-squads who made a peaceful rally or any speeches impossible and turned the day into street brawling. The Charlottesville Police made this almost inevitable by abandoning and exposing the lawful protestors to the wrath of Antifa and Black Lives Matter activists. Some of the lawful protestors on the “Right” were wearing protective headgear, carrying shields, and street-brawl type weapons, because of past police failures to protect citizens and public and private property, as hugely exemplified by the withdrawal of University of California at Berkeley Campus Police in the face of Antifa squads protesting the attempted speeches of conservative speakers Ann Coulter and Milo Yiannapoulos. The auto-ramming death of a young woman by a 20-year-old alleged Neo-Nazi was tragic, but eye-witnesses and a close look at videos indicate his motivation may have been fear of being trapped in his car by club-wielding Antifa rather than planned terrorism.

The original lawful protesters, about 500 in number, who have been generally accused of various mischievous “right-wing” motivations by the media, had a legal permit for their protest rally, and a Judge had rejected the Charlottesville Council attempt to deny their right to assemble. They were lawfully assembled in Emancipation (formerly Lee) Park and peaceful.

The political ideology that has captured Charlottesville government sheds important light on the Charlottesville tragedy. Earlier this year, Michael Signer, the Democrat Mayor of Charlottesville, declared that he wanted Charlottesville to be a center of resistance to Trump’s plan to enforce immigration law in sanctuary cities. Signer blames Trump for the violence in Charlottesville. Vice-Mayor Wes Bellamy is a Black Lives Matter supporter, who had to resign his Albemarle School District teaching job because of vulgar and racist tweets.

According to the ACLU, because some fighting had broken out in the streets surrounding the park, which were filled with anti-rally protestors, city or police authorities (allegedly Vice-Mayor Bellamy) proclaimed the rally to now be illegal and ordered the lawfully assembled group to disperse out of the park.  The police began to disperse the legal protestors into the vociferously hostile crowd of unlawful anti-rally protestors encircling them and blocking the streets.

It was the unlawful anti-rally protestors who initiated the violence against the lawful protestors leaving the park. In addition to bullying, shoving, punching, and wielding clubs against the dispersed lawful protestors, acid and bottles of urine were thrown, and one threatened them with a small flame-thrower.  The police and allied law enforcement agencies had manpower resources totaling near a thousand, but failed to intercede or separate the two opposing groups. As one lawful protestor claimed, the police essentially abandoned us to fend for ourselves against violent organized gangs. My own observation from news videos is that the street battle was not a black-white clash. Most of the violent Antifa combatants seemed to be white. My informed guess is that they were paid provocateurs sponsored by the usual Cultural Marxist supporters and foundations.

The white lawful protestors had various motivations. Most were honorable, but some were either deceitful or terribly ill-advised. I am personally not comfortable with some of the past rhetoric of one of the scheduled speakers, but opportunistic and shamelessly politically correct media and politicians have tended to lump all the white protestors into a basket of mean-spirited white supremacists. But free speech is free speech and shouldn’t be thwarted by self-righteous bullies and brick-throwers. Attorney General Sessions should open an objective truth-seeking investigation into the Charlottesville events, but the hysterical virtue signaling by politicians and the media, even Fox, does not portend well for the survival of free speech or even free thought against the incredible momentum of Cultural Marxist narratives in the U.S. and Europe.

The shallow media virtue signaling on Charlottesville continues, although few of them seem to know or care about the relevant facts and underlying causes to make a useful social or moral judgment. There was one bright spot on Fox Saturday evening, when Judge Jeanine interviewed Vanderbilt professor and author, Dr. Carol Swain, a black woman, who had a useful understanding of the social and political issues involved in “alt-right” and “white nationalist” movements. She clearly articulated that they are not motivated by white supremacy but had legitimate grievances against decades of increasingly heavy-handed politically correct social ideology and government, and this is going to have political and social consequences. On the extreme edge, it may have violent consequences, especially if politicians continue their self-righteous dismissal of their grievances and fail to encourage honest discussion of the issues. I strongly recommend her books, especially in this case: The New White Nationalism in America: Its Challenge to Integration.

Political correctness is one the most destructive of Cultural Marxism’s subversive narratives.

Political correctness, politiskoye korektnos, in Stalinist Russia, is a powerful weapon against reason and critical thought.  It is used for both subversion of Judeo-Christian values and democratic traditions and as an enforcement tool for totalitarian government. Marxist professor Herbert Marcuse admitted the double standard of Cultural Marxism in 1965, saying that tolerance should be extended to the Left but not to the Right. Marxist inspired forms of coerced diversity and multiculturalism may be socially and politically fashionable, but their objective is to confuse and undermine Western values and weaken social cohesion and legitimate government.

The solution to the Charlottesville violence is not political hysteria and more politically correct suppression of ordinary Americans who feel their rights, culture, freedom, and future are being crushed by Cultural Marxism and the blind, deaf, and unfeeling moral arrogance of establishment media and politicians.

A statue of a Confederate soldier was toppled and destroyed by a mob in Durham, North Carolina, on August 14.  The mob also showed their contempt by kicking and spitting on the debris. Two Durham law officers witnessed the vandalism but did not interfere. Durham authorities have now charged the leader with a felony. North Carolina’s Democrat Governor Roy Cooper, however, now wants to remove all public monuments to the Confederacy.

To suppress the heritage of one people to appease another is neither just nor wise. It will aggravate division and reap the whirlwind. Meanwhile, we have enshrined a destructive double standard for free speech.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR   –  Mike Scruggs, Author and Columnist

a.k.a. Leonard M. Scruggs

 Mike Scruggs is the author of two books: The Un-Civil War: Shattering the Historical Myths; and Lessons from the Vietnam War: Truths the Media Never Told You, and over 600 articles on military history, national security, intelligent design, genealogical genetics, immigration, current political affairs, Islam, and the Middle East.

He holds a BS degree from the University of Georgia and an MBA from Stanford University. A former USAF intelligence officer and Air Commando, he is a decorated combat veteran of the Vietnam War, and holds the Distinguished Flying Cross, Purple Heart, and Air Medal. He is a retired First Vice President for a major national financial services firm and former Chairman of the Board of a classical Christian school.

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