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Unique “Mission” Boutique opens for Saturday Business


Diane Cole wanted a means to help and contribute to her favorite organizations. As a strong believer that she had a calling from God which needed to be answered, she began building a store to raise money for her favorite organizations. This has been on her mind and in her heart for a number of years. A percentage of each item purchased at the boutique (sometimes as much as 90%, if the item was a donation) goes to one of five organizations: The Carpenter’s Heart, Brookstone Youth Culture, the Little Mount Zion Church, the Woodfin Community and specific disasters as they arise. And the purchaser gets to chose which organization will receive the funds from her purchase. He or she simply puts the receipt in a jar designating the organization that will receive the donation. This is certainly a unique concept.

The Carpenter’s Heart in Weaverville is a non-profit organization started by Doug Garrison to build relationships and win souls for Christ through missions at home and abroad. It is near and dear to Diane’s heart, and she is now the Vice President. She has taken a number of mission trips with them to spread the Gospel and help those in need with food, shelter and support. In 2008 she went with a group to San Francisco De Yojoa, Honduras, to build an orphanage there. By raising money through barbecues and many other fund raisers, the volunteers built a 6,000 square foot structure from the ground up for homeless young girls, ages 5-18. The land was purchased for $12,000; the foundation built, electrical, septic, roof, walls and rooms all put together by these local North Carolina mission volunteers over a number of working trips to Honduras. This was an amazing, and much needed, accomplishment as there is great poverty in the area and many homeless children.

Hondoran orphans

Some of the orphan girls at San Francisco De Yoyoa, Honduras, above, are being provided for by volunteers and mission work from Weaverville’s The Carpenter’s Heart and other volunteers throughout Western North Carolina. 

The orphanage that was built is independently operated and now a non-profit government certified orphanage that provides housing, clothing, 3 meals a day, education, as well as providing medical, dental and psychological care for these youth. For only $40 a month or just $480 a year, someone can sponsor an orphan. The organization is always looking for volunteers or donors. A sponsorship provides food, water, shelter, medical and dental needs, education and Christian teaching every day for one girl.

For more information, go to the Carpenter’s Heart Facebook page. Or you can contact Doug Garrison, the President at 828 747-2522 to find out more about becoming a volunteer or possibly donating. A donation can be made through PayPay or by sending a check directly to Carpenter’s Heart, P.O. Box 1220, Weaverville, NC. 28787. Another trip to Honduras is planned this October with volunteers from Trinity Church of Fairview (Adam Guice, their pastor has been a team member and supporter for many years), Swannanoa Church of God, Jupiter Baptist Church of Weaverville, and Bull Creek Baptist Church in Mars Hill. The Carpenter’s Heart is a mission organization that Diane Cole is supporting with a percentage of sales from her newly opened store, Heartfelt in Serving.

The Brookstone Youth Culture is a part of the Brookstone Church, which was once called the North Asheville Baptist Church and is transitioning to a new location in Weaverville. The money raised at Diane’s boutique will go specifically for youth travel on their mission trips. The new campus runs alongside a brook where the church has had gatherings and baptisms over the years. The Brookstone campus will offer a multi-use community park, featuring soccer fields, a dog park and walking trails.

The Little Mount Zion Church is a 104 year old Baptist church in need of renovation and a landmark church in the Weaverville community. Angelia Moore helps Diane in her efforts at Kaleidoscope Child Care, is a member of the Little Mount Zion Church, and is a notable gospel singer with CD’s to her credit.

The two other organizations that the “Mission” boutique purchases will be giving to are the Woodfin Community at large and specific disasters as they arise, such as someone’s house burning down or a flooding. These two, of course, are variable in nature depending on circumstances.

As the owner/director of Kaleidoscope Child Care Center in Asheville, Diane Cole has little time to keep her Heartfelt in Serving a “mission” boutique open for business. Perhaps later on that will change. She simply has to fit the store hours into her busy schedule. Currently the store is only open on Saturdays from 10 AM-4 PM. Stop by to shop and help Diane support these wonderful organizations. As she quotes from the Bible, James 1:22: But be ye doers of the world, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves.

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