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Arrest warrants issued for local auctioneer


These binders contain a month long investigation by Weaverville Police on allegations that Paul Blake Terry of Blake Terry Auctions embezzled some of his clients’ money and have now resulted in at least two warrants for Terry’s arrest.

By Clint Parker – Nearly two months after the Tribune first reported on complaints from clients of Blake Terry Auction, and a month long investigation by the Weaverville Police, the police are reporting this week that it has warrants for the arrest of Paul Blake Terry. The warrants were issued on Monday, May 1.

According to the press release, “Separate warrants have charged Terry with embezzlement of funds for incidents that occurred in January, and February 2017.  Paul Blake Terry has been the subject of a Weaverville Police Department investigation since March.”  The release also said that more warrants were expected.

The Tribune asked several questions of the Weaverville Police in relation to the case including whether or not they have been in contact with Terry? If there are any other persons involved in the crimes? How much money is involved? and How many warrants for arrest there are? Their response was that they could not say more at this time.

The Tribune tried to obtain copies of the warrants on Terry from the Buncombe County Courthouse, but were told they were not available as of press time.

A source close to the investigation said that there are currently two warrants for embezzlement of funds and that the police are in contact with Terry’s attorney, but not Terry himself. The source said that Terry’s attorney is Asheville Lawyer Thomas Amburgey who’s website says their areas of practice are theft, assault, domestic, violence, white-collar crime, weapons offense, alcohol offenses and probation violations.

The Tribune contacted Amburgey’s office for verification of his status as Terry’s attorney and any comment on the warrants that have been issued for Terry. He or his office did not respond as of press time.

The source close to the investigation also said that there was a total of about $150,000 involved in all of the cases that the district attorney will be presenting before the grand jury.

The Tribune was able to get in touch with Weaverville Police Chief Greg Stephens and he did said he was hopeful that more indictments would be handed down as the grand jury heard the cases.

A review of the allegations 

According to an April 3rd press release from the Weaverville Police Department here is a review of the case from the Weaverville Police:

The Weaverville Police Department has received 20 complaints of fraud involving Paul Blake Terry and Paul Blake Terry auctions. The complaints began on March 3rd 2017 which we have been actively investigating since that time.

An investigation of this magnitude involving a large number of victims and a large sum of money is very labor intensive. The Weaverville Police Department has obtained and assessed evidence, examined hundreds of account documents, interviewed witnesses, consulted with the Buncombe District Attorney’s Office and the North Carolina Auctioneer’s Licensing Board.

On April 3rd Detective Alan Wyatt met with the District Attorney’s Office and presented all the information surrounding the investigation of Paul Blake Terry. The Weaverville Police Department will be presenting their case to the Grand Jury for indictment in the coming weeks.

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